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Waaris 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Waaris 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Mannu doing ghatbandhan of Raman and Simran. Pandit says groom and bride take the wedding rounds. Raman and Simran start taking the rounds. Amba, Jagan, Harjeet, and everyone are on the way. Pandit says now bride will walk ahead, three rounds are left. Simran walks ahead. Pandit says this is last round, then you will become one for many births. Jagan and Amba come there. Jagan shoots in air. Raman, Mannu and Simran get shocked. Jagan and his men come running. Harjeet and his men also reach there. They all aim gun at each other. Simran says this marriage will happen today. Harjeet says we won’t let this pheras happen. Raman says it will happen.

Mohini comes there and says I reached on right time. Amba says it was decided that we will not shoot children, and they will not marry as decided. Harjeet asks Raman and Simran to go to their homes. Raman stands in front of Simran. He says fine, shoot me, we don’t like anyone else dying. Jagan says fine, we will fulfill your wish. Mannu asks Amba to stop them. Amba asks Simran to come home. Simran refuses. Mohini aims the gun at Simran, and thinks whom to shoot, Simran or Mannu, there should be such storm, that their enmity never ends. Harjeet asks Raman to move. Raman says bullet will be shot on me. Harjeet recalls Amrit’s words. He gets his gun down. Simran asks Amba what are you doing this, what will you get separating us, do you want to see my doli or arthi. Raj is on the way.

Harjeet threatens Raman to come and holds him. Raman gets away. Harjeet asks Raman to come. Mannu takes gun from a gun and stops Harjeet. Raj comes there and sees Mannu aiming gun at Harjeet.

Mohini sees this. Mannu says leave Raman here. Amba asks Mannu to stop. Raj says what is Mannu doing. Harjeet asks Raman to come and pulls his hand. Raman sees Mannu. Mohini shoots Raman. Everyone get shocked. Raman falls down. Simran, Harjeet, Mannu and Raj shout Raman. Jagan says Mannu….. Harjeet angrily shoots Simran. Amba, Jagan, and Mannu shout. Mohini smiles. Simran falls down. Jagan says kill them. Mannu stops them. Harjeet drops the gun. Amba gets in shock. Mannu holds Amba and cries. Raj looks on shocked.

Raman and Simran see each other. They recall their love journey. Ranjha mera ranjha……plays………..They are rushed to hospital. Mannu asks about Simran. Doctor says she is fighting with death. Raman dies and is taken by ward boy. Raj hears Pavaniyas killed Raman. He thinks of Raman. Raj and Mannu see Raman. Harjeet sees Raman and cries. He holds Raman.

Mohini comes there and stops Mannu from going to Raj. She says you shot Raman and now you came to show friendship. Mannu says I did not shoot anyone, you are saying wrong, why will I kill Raman, someone else shot Raman. Raj cries and goes. Mannu asks Raj to listen. Mannu runs. Mohini smiles.

Mannu asks Raj to stop. Amba stops Mannu and asks him to come home. Mannu says I did not shoot, I can’t go home, else misunderstanding will never end. Mohini says I have seen you have shot Raman, you had gun in hand. She thinks how she shot Raman. Mannu says I will tell everyone that I did not shoot. Amba says I know, but there is no one to hear you, stop this drama. Mohini says you snatched Raman from us. Amba says you sister is fighting with life and death. Mannu says Raj lost Raman. He shows them locket and says we made this for our friendship. Amba says enough, I m going with my family, you are my heir, you got this enmity , you decide will you come with me or not. Mannu says I can’t leave you, even if you are wrong, I will always be there to support you. Waaris…..plays……….


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