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Waaris 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Waaris 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts Raj hugging Sakshi. Inspector comes with manager. Raj asks how are you doing this, what happened. Sakshi says leave me. Inspector says you have to come with us to police station, we got news about prostitution racket. Raj says no, I m from decent family. Inspector calls Mannu and asks is she your wife. Raj gets shocked. Amba sees godown door open and looks for Simran. She recalls Simran’s words and goes to find her.

Harjeet and Mohini look for Kalgi. Nihaal and Pammi say its nowhere. Harjeet asks how did it disappear. Rohan says one who needs money will steal it. Nihaal says right, but who will need money here. Harjeet thinks of Rohan. Amba looks for Simran. Raj asks Sakshi to wait and goes to talk to inspector. Inspector asks him to prove his marriage, else just sit. Mannu comes and gives water to them. Harjeet looks for Kalgi in Rohan’s cupboard. He gets the kalgi and asks Rohan about it. Rohan says its kalgi, what else.

Harjeet asks how did this reach your cupboard, you started stealing for wine. Amrit comes. Rohan says I did not steal, I don’t know. Harjeet slaps him. Jagan asks Amba where is she going. Amba says I just came to godown. Jagan asks her to come home, my guests are coming, I want you to cook food. She thinks I have to find Simran. He insists and takes her. Rohan is thrown out of the house. He falls on car. Simran is inside the car. He says I did not steal kalgi, this is my house soon. Harjeet pushes him and says now you have to work hard to come close to me. Amrit holds Rohan and says where will he go, making him leave house is not a solution. Rohan says I don’t need anyone’s favor. Mohini asks Harjeet to forgive Rohan. Harjeet says see what he did by his drinking habit, he is arguing, see his attitude, tell me one reason to keep him at home. Mohini says he is your son. Harjeet says he has to do something, see Raj, he married enemy’s daughter for us, Rohan can come back if he does anything for family.

Mannu says inspector is right, one should not romance anyone in hotel room when he already has wife, tell inspector I m your wife, then I will save you, promise. Raj says I will never say you are my wife. Mannu says lets see what police does with you. A man comes to file report. He sees Raj and says he is Harjeet Bajwa’s son. Mannu signs the man. The man says Raj is big man’s son, he would not do crime that police catches him. Inspector asks Raj did he know about his marriage. Raj says please try to understand. Inspector says put him in lockup. Sakshi asks what do you mean. Inspector scolds them. They put Raj in lockup. Mannu comes and says I will give you proof, he is my husband, I m his wife, Raj made me wear this mangalsutra. She asks Raj to say. Raaj says yes, Preet is my wife.


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