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What happen on – Dhhai Kilo Prem 6th June 2017 Written Update

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on Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th June 2017 Written Update you had read Suddenly a car hits him and he falls down on the road. Deepu sees peoplegathering there and taking him to the hospital, but didn’t see his face.

Deepu gets tensed and thinks why she is feeling worried.

Deepu comes to Madhuri’s house and says sorry for coming without informing.

Pragya says not yet and asks if she told her father that she is coming here.

Madhuri says it is late and asks Amit to drop her home.

Ragini is shocked and asks if he got hurt on his head. She sees Rukministanding out and hearing them and closes the door.

Rukmini is hearing them and phone falls from her head. Ragini hears the soundand gives promise to Mishra ji not to tell anything to Deepu.

Ragini comes out of room and snatches phone from Rukmini’s hand as herphone rings.

Deepu thanks him and says she wants to know what is going on in Piyush’sheart.

Deepu says she is excited and thinks to dance with Piyush.

Amit rings the door bell and tells deepu that he will leave.

Deepu asks Ragini why they were fighting? Rukmini asks her to ask Ragini andthinks she will break the marriage.

Piyush comes to know through Amit that it seems they will break the marriage, and that Ragini’s eyes were like red like crying.

Piyush asks what did Deepika say? Tushar comes and teases him taking Deepu’sname.

Ragini thinks about Mishra ji’s words and asks why did this happen with ourDeepu? Deepu comes and asks why you are crying? Ragini says she got tearsas she is cutting onion.

Deepu tells her that she went to give designer kurta to Piyush and says Madhuriscolded her and asked her to call her mummy ji.

Mishra ji checks Deepu and Piyush’s roka pics and thinks now they aredemanding, don’t know what they will do after marriage.

Deepu comes there and asks why is he sitting in dark and switches on lights.

She is shocked to see his wound and asks what happened? Mishra ji saysnothing.

Mishra ji says we have to tell everything to our daughter.

On Dhhai Kilo Prem 6th June 2017 Written Update you will read about Mishra family in Sharma’s house. Deepu tells Mishra ji that she will go and can’t give him more pain, and cuts her veins with the knife. Everyone is shocked. Keep watching our website to get Latest updates about Dhhai Kilo Prem.