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Woh Apna Sa 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Jhanvi and Nisha are leaving mall, Jhanvi gets stuck in mob and Nisha is left behind. Nisha feels dizzy, she tries to come downstairs but is losing balance, people are bumping into her, Jhanvi sees Nisha going down from stairs, she runs to her and catches Nisha before she can fall down, she calls for help as Nisha is dizzy, people come there and takes Nisha out of mall.
Adi is in car, he sees people breaking things on road. He sees one mother with her kids running away from angry goons and calling out for help. Adi stops car and ask them to sit inside, mother and kids pile inside car, Adi drives away before goons can reach him.

Nisha has fainted, Jhanvi calls for help and ask to call doctor, one man says I am doctor, he sprinkles water on her face, she wakes up, doctor asks Jhanvi to take her home, he leaves. Nisha thanks Jhanvi for saving her life, you know you saved Adi’s happiness too, Jhanvi says I know Adi cares for you, I am happy you are safe. Nisha says no I mean to say that you saved our baby to born. Jhanvi says what? Nisha says yes I am pregnant, I was pregnant for three months when I went in coma but now its fourth month, Adi didnt want to tell anyone before but now I will tell everyone, Jhanvi gets tensed hearing it. Nisha says you have saved me and my baby so I hope you get all happiness. Police arrive at mall and takes Jhanvi and Nisha to their car.

Adi sees angry people about to attack his car, she takes of mother and kids, he runs away with them before goons can catch them. Adi hides in bushes with them and sees angry mob leaving.

Kaki says to family that I pray Adi and Jhanvi are safe, nobody’s evil eye should cast on them, Neha says Raj is in office, we dont even know if Adi found Jhanvi or not. Baba asks her to call Jhanvi or Adi, Neha says they are not picking up. Police comes home with Jhanvi and Nisha, inspector says we are taking people to their homes in this curfew, remain home till peace comes back, Jhanvi thanks inspector for dropping them off. Kaki says thank God you are fine. Nisha asks where is Raj and Adi? neha says Raj is in office, Kaki says Adi went to find you both, Nisha says what? tell me where he went? why did you let him go? I will go and search him, Kaki says no dont leave house, Nisha says I am worried for him. Jhanvi gets worried hearing that Adi has not comeback home till now. Nisha goes to her room. Jhanvi says to kids that I will comeback, you stay with Kaki. Kids says no. Kaki says where will you go? its danger outside, where will you find him in this big city? Jhanvi says I dont know but my heart is saying that I will find Adi. Kaki says okay, Adi said that he will go to your Maa’s home to search you, dont take scooty, take car and tie seat belt, Jhanvi nods and leave.

Scene 2
Adi brings mother and kids to some shelter. He looks around and sees tyres on fire on roads. Adi says to mother that you stay here, I am going to bring car, if I dont comeback then leave only when you feel safe.
Adi comes to car, he gets Jhanvi’s message that she and Nisha are home, Adi says thank God. Adi sees angry mob gathering around his car. They have weapons and hockery sticks.
Jhanvi drives away in car and is searching for Adi, she says where to find him? Jhanvi’s car tyre punctures near Adi’s location. Jhanvi looks around for mechanic, she doesnt know that Adi is near her. Adi is trying to tackle goons. Jhanvi feels his presence and looks around. Goons try to attack Adi but Adi starts beating them.

In house, Nisha does aarti, all family members pray for Adi. Otherside Adi is beating them. Jhanvi is searching for Adi, she sees a rickshaw in parking, she starts it and drives away in it to search for Adi. Adi tries to beat all goons but they overpower him and beats him too. Jhanvi is driving rickshaw in city searching for Adi.

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Woh Apna Sa Details

Woh Apna Sa is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which premiered on 23 January 2017 and is broadcast on Zee TV at 7:00 PM (IST) (earlier 10:00 PM (IST)) & 7:30PM (UK). The show has recently taken a 20 year leap. The series is produced by Rashmi Sharma famous for her show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.


Kinshuk Vaidya
Manasi Salvi (Nisha Samar Shukla)
Riddhi Dogra (Nisha Aditya Jindal)
Sara Khan
Sudeep Sahir (Anurag)
Tanya Sharma
Alka Kaushal
Ashish Kapoor
Buneet Kapoor
Disha Parmar (Jia Mehra)

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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