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Woh Apna Sa 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Baba asks Jhanvi to light diya in Asha’s sharad. Nisha is there too. Jhanvi tries to light diya but matchstick doesnt burn, Baba says why diya is not lightening? its bad omen. Jhanvi looks on, someone moves away from infront of Asha’s photo, Jhanvi looks up and her eyes fall on the photo, she is shocked to see who is Adi’s mother, she recalls meeting her and taking her home, she recalls Adi forcing her to not let sharad happen, she is frozen knowing truth, diya lights up but falls from Jhanvi’s hands, Kaki is stunned, Baba says this is very bad omen, what is happening? Baba says to Nisha that this bad omen is happening because of you, you wont let this sharad happen. Jhanvi thinks that Adi hid about his mother being alive from me that means her life is in danger and I have to remain silent, where are you Adi? Nisha leaves.

Adi is driving and thinks that I challenged Nisha that I will bring Maa back home but what if she does something with Asha Maa? Jhanvi calls him, he takes call and says I dont want to talk, Jhanvi says but its urgent, she tells him the truth, he is stunned and says what?

Jhanvi comes outside her house. Adi arrives there too. Adi asks Jhanvi where is she? Jhanvi says she is in my house, she is staying here for two days, I didnt know she is your mother, Adi says please make me meet her. Adi and Jhanvi comes to Jhanvi’s house, they are shocked to see everything broken there, Jhanvi calls out for Survi and Maa no one is home. Jhanvi says did Nisha find out that I have your mother? Adi says why didnt you tell me before that she was with you? Jhanvi says I didnt know she is your mother, please trust me, Adi says I trust you, Maa was so close to me.. dont worry, Nisha will give all answers now.

Adi and Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house. They are shocked to see Adi’s mother Asha sitting there. Kaki asks where was she for years? Baba comes to Adi and says sees I told you your mother is alive. Kaka and Nisha smirks. Police is there too. Adi is in tears seeing his mother, he sits infront of her, Baba says Asha see its your son Adi. Adi touches her feet, he holds her hands and is emotional, abhi mujh mein kahin plays, Adi kisses her hands and cries, Asha sits there blank. Adi says Maa? where were you? he pulls her in tight embrace and cries, Jhanvi is in tears seeing all that. Adi composes himself and says Nisha..

Kaka stops him and says what are you doing? Nisha brought her home, she is fine because of Nisha, someone called Nisha and told her that Jhanvi had kidnapped Asha in her house, Jhanvi says its nothing like that. Kaka says enough, its good that Nisha called police and they brought Asha here. Jhanvi says I didnt kidnap her, I didnt even know that she is Adi’s mother. Adi says why would Jhanvi lie? you remember my changed behavior? because Nisha told me that Maa is alive and she has kidnapped, she blackmailed using Maa. Jhanvi says I found her on road, Kaka says noboy brings strangers in their house these days, you could have brought her here, Baba gave you her photo too, how you not see her photo when you made it enlarged, Jhanvi says as soon as I got to know about the truth, I called Adi.

Adi says Jhanvi cant lie. Nisha says why cant she lie? Kaka do you believe Jhanvi’s story? Kaka says not at all, Jhanvi is a liar, tell me Adi why anyone keep stranger in their house? Jhanvi says she was ill so I took her home, Kaka says did you file her complaint in police station? Jhanvi says I didnt get time. Adi says I told you all people that Sharad cant happen because Nisha told me that Maa is alive and she has kidnapped her, she was blackmailing me, Nisha says Adi dont blame, its clear that Jhanvi kidnapped your mother. Jhanvi says if I kidnapped her then why would I brought her here? I brought Asha aunty here, Neha says yes she brought some woman but I didnt see her face.

Baba says I saw Asha that day in house. Adi says to Kaka that even Baba didnt want this sharad happen, Kaka says baba says anything, Neha didnt see her face, maybe Jhanvi brought someone else to fool us? now let me meet you someone that will shock you more Adi. Survi comes there, she is tensed. Jhanvi says Survi? are you okay? its goo that you are here, just tell them how we found aunty. Survi says its okay, tell them the truth, Jhanvi says what are you saying? Survi says I know you wanted to bring aunty infront of Adi on right to keep his trust intact but its over, Adi is confused, Jhanvi is hurt. Survi says they all know truth, aunty was found from our house, Jhanvi says please say truth, its important right now, she asks to call her mother, she will tell truth. Nisha says she is your real sister, she is liar too for you? Adi looks on.

Inspector says we have to arrest Jhanvi and she has to go with us for further investigations, Kaka smirks. Jhanvi says I wont go when I have done nothing wrong, Jhanvi says to Baba that do you think I can do something like that? Baba says no, I trust Jhanvi, she is saying truth, inspector says all proofs are against her. Jhanvi says to Adi do you think I will stop you from meeting your mother? Kaka says enough of your bullshit, take her inspector, Baba says this is wrong, Kaka says she has played with our trust, she has cheated us, Jhanvi says call my mother first, Inspector says we will call in police station, come with me. Adi says to inspector that I dont care who is wrong or right, whoever complained about her, I take that complaint back, Jhanvi didnt kidnap my mother. Kaka says I wont forgive her ever, I will get her arrested if you dont, Jhanvi says to Kaka why you are not believing me, I didnt kidnap her, she asks Asha to say something but she remains silent. Kaka asks inspector to take her away. Inspector arrests Jhanvi and takes her away. Survi rushes to her. Kaka smirks at Nisha, she is impressed.
Inspector brings Jhanvi out of house, Survi and Adi comes there too. Adi says to Jhanvi that I know you have done nothing wrong, I wont let anything happen to you, I think I know why Survi did that, I trust you okay? Survi looks down in shame. Adi holds Jhanvi’s hand to show her his support, Jhanvi leaves it, she sits in jeep and sadly looks at Adi, they take her away. Survi cries, Adi looks on.

Adi comes in house and says to Kaka that how can you trust this Nisha? Kaka says Nisha have favor on us by bringing Asha back, Adi says she was trapped in her own trap thats why she brought her home, Kaka says forget past and see present, Kaki says you are trusting Nisha again? Kaka says I am just telling whats infront of us, Baba says you are wrong Kaka, Kaka says you are ill, dont think about all that, she is ill so take care of her, Kaka asks Nisha to go to her room, she smiles and leaves. Baba asks Adi to go and free Jhanvi as soon as he can, Adi looks on.


Woh Apna Sa 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nisha asks Jhanvi what you want from us? Kaka says yes tell us how much money do you want? why you are behind us, you have left all your work and everything to solve our problems? what do you need from Adi? Nisha says yes Jhanvi tell us why you are behind my husband.. tell us.. tell us.. Jhanvi is unable to bear anymore and shouts infront of everyone that I love him.. I do it because I love him! Adi is stunned to hear her confession.