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Woh Apna Sa 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Police takes Nisha away, kids cry.
Nisha is in police jeep, she says to policemen that I am from a nice family, I will give you money, house, whatever you need, just free me, policeman asks her to shut up.

Adi comes home, kids say we want mama, bring her back. Adi says she will comeback, Chinni says we wont eat or drink anything, Binni says we will lock ourselves in room, bring mama back. Adi says papa is doing everything for good of this house, go and eat with Neha, Binni says papa you are bad, Neha takes them away. Adi comes to Nisha’s room and starts searching her cupboard.

Nisha says to policeman that let me go, I have kids, please let me leave, policeman doesnt listen to her.

Adi searches Nisha’s room, he takes out files and everything.He tries to open her locker but cant. He breaks it with hammer.

Policemen bring Nisha to come isolated site, Nisha says why did you bring me here? what does this mean? Policeman points gun at her, she asks what are you doing? Policeman says your encounter, she is shocked. Nisha says please dont do this, I am a good woman, please forgive me, please, she cries.

Jhanvi says to her Maa that your health is much better now. Jhanvi thinks that I hope Adi finds what he is searching for, dont know what situation is there.

Adi breaks locker and finds papers inside, Adi smirks and says I got it.

Policeman says to Nisha that you finally got tongue? look at your face, they laugh at her and leaves her on some isolated place. Nisha shouts Adi why did you do this with me? Adi!!!

Jhanvi is waiting for Adi’s call. Maa says Jhanvi you should be with Adi, you go, my reports are better too, Jhanvi says you need me more, Adi will call me and tell me everything, you dont worry and become fine soon.

Adi is sitting in room. Nisha comes there in anger. Adi sees her distraught state and says you cameback so soon from isolated place? did you run from there? Nisha says how dare you torture me. Nisha is stunned to see her terrified and pleading pictures on walls, they are when policeman pointed gun at her. Adi asks how was your joy ride? Nisha throws pictures away and says what is all this? are you finding some proof against me? Adi says you can search everywhere, what you kept in cupboards, is that there anymore? Nisha says stop it, Adi says stop it, I will file domestic violence on you if you dont stop, there should be law against women like you who torture their family. I have kept these terrified pictures of yours here so you will know how it feels to get punished without any crime, he leaves. Nisha smirks.

Scene 2
Adi shows file to Jhanvi, he says Nisha broke kids FD, she got money from that FD and gave it to her father then put that money in Kaka’s cupboard and told police that its dowry’s money but it was FD money.

Kids come to Nisha and says lets play, Nisha says leave me alone for now, we will play later. Kids leave. Nisha calls her mother but she cuts call, Nisha is worried.

Adi comes to Jhanvi’s maa and asks how she is now? Maa says better, Jhanvi worry about you people a lot. Adi nods and says you take care, if you need anything then tell me.
Adi stands in Jhanvi’s house lounge, Jhanvi brings food for Adi and says have something, you must have not eaten anything. Adi is sad, Jhanvi says please eat something, Adi says I am not hungry, Jhanvi says if you dont care about yourself then who will take care of Kaka and Kaki? and dont worry, I will take food for them myself, now come and eat, Adi nods. Adi and Jhanvi sit around dining table, Jhanvi serves Adi, Adi lovingly looks at her, mein phir tumko chahungi plays. Adi and Jhanvi share eyelock but looks away. Adi eats dinner and thanks Jhanvi, he says I should leave, he leaves. Jhanvi emotionally looks at him.

Adi tucks kids in bed, kids ask if he wont sleep with them? Adi says I will, he lies in bed with kids. Adi sings to kids. Baba comes there and sees Adi singing, Adi wipes his tears and sees kids asleep. Adi sees Baba and says you didnt sleep till now? Baba says no, where are you going? Adi says to sleep outside, Kaka and Kaki are my parents, they are in jail so how can I sleep peacefully? I am the reason behind what is happening, I should get punished too, Adi leaves.

Adi comes to gazebo and is about to lie down but Jhanvi calls him. Jhanvi asks if he found any way? Adi says not now. Adi says to Jhanvi that hopefully tomorrow Kaka and Kaki will be bailed, I cant let them stay there anymore. Adi talks with Jhanvi. Baba sees it and thinks I should tell Adi that Jhanvi loves him dearly and he should accept her too. Adi ends call.


Woh Apna Sa 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baba says to Adi that you have whole life infront of you, you cant live life alone, you have Chinni and Binni to raise, you should think about settling again, Adi says my answer is still no. Baba says even for Jhanvi? Adi looks on stunned.