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Woh Apna Sa 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Arjun Marries Nisha


Woh Apna Sa 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Woh Apna Sa 13th December 2017 Episode start With Jia says to Arjun says stop this don’t do this. Chini says this woman has always given us pain. Jia says please stop. Arjun says pandit ji please start the mantras. I will marry Nisha. Chiragh comes and says mom he is half of your age. How can you marry him. Jia says age has nothing to do with love. Arjun says to Nisha let me do this. Kaki ma says I wont let you do this. Everyone is worried. Sharma ji starts mantras. Kaki ma is crying. Chinin hugs her. The pheray are completed. Arjun asks Jia do you have lipstick? He is about to fill Nisha’s hairline. Nisha says stop. he fills. Arjun says we are married now. He says you were adi’s wife and now of Arjun. No one will speak ill words about my wife now. He says kaki ma this jia is fooling you. Inspector says I am leaving today. don’t waste police’s time today.

Police leaves. Jia slaps arjun. She says you have ashamed us all. she leaves. Nisha slaps arjun. She says how dare you take advantage of my problem. I am embarrassed in front of my son. What will I say to media? I don’t accept this wedding. he says I did this to save you from police and you slapped me. For you this wedding might not matter but for me it does. Was jia right? Are you controlling my mind? nisha says all meds are consulted from doctors. And you are doubting me. How dare you. That Jia will ruin your life. She leaves. Arjun says I have won half of the game. My last step is left now. Her half property is my now.

Kaki ma packs her stuff. She says We wont live here. I can’t see my son destroying his life. Once again bad won and right lost. She came to his life again. She will ruin his life and I can’t see that. I don’t wanna live here. I will go to my house. Jia says nisha wont let babasa go from here. SHe will force him. We can’t give up like this. Chini says she safe herself again. Jia says why did Arjun do this. Jia says to Kaki ma don’t worry. i will fix everything I promise you. Give me one more chance. Kaki ma says I know you are efforts but I have given up now. My hope has died. Jia says you can’t leave your son if he is doing wrong. We have to bring him on right path. We wont go from here. We will prove Nisha wrong. Babasa needs us. Nisha says Arjun has gotten me in more trouble.
Priya texts arjun come to the temple and meet me. I will tell your secret to everyone. Nisha reads the text and says what secret is she talking about? Priya says I love you and I can’t see her with you.


Woh Apna Sa 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun mixes something in the water. he says to kaki ma if you don’t accept my wife I will drink this. He drinks it and falls down. Priya says his life in danger.

  1. Nsb says

    Whats wrong with script writer..serial become bad to worse..jia n gang shud leave d house n go..let nisha kick greedy arjun out..

  2. teleupdate says

    yes you are right

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