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Woh Apna Sa 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nisha meets Kaka and says I am happy that Jhanvi has gone away from Adi, thank you so much. Kaka says dont be so happy, what if Adi gets treatment for Asha? she will tell our truth then.
Baba calls Adi and asks what are doctors saying? Adi says doctor said she will become fine with treatment, Baba says then she will also remember who kept her away from us for years and who this with her, Adi says you bring Asha here, Baba says I am coming, he ends call.
Kaka says to Nisha that I have to do what I didnt want to, Kaki has to die, it should look like accident, Baba and Asha cant be happy together, it shouldnt happen, I didnt want to Asha to die, I wanted to keep her alive and she would see pain of being away from her family, from her own. Nisha says why you did all this? Kaka says I had one daughter Mahi, she was three years old. There was function.

Asha and sharda took her to market but Asha left her hand and Mahi went missing, we never got Mahi back after that. Sharda was in pain but she started seeing Adi as her son and forgot Mahi but I didnt, I promised myself to let Asha know the pain of being away from her own son, being in pain for life that you are alive but away from family. Kaka says I arranged accident and all thought Asha died in that accident, Baba was half mad in losing her, I kept Asha in my abduction and she was in senses, she used to cry and I used to remind her what pain is to be separated from my family, I kept that for 7 years then I gave her injections which I am giving to Baba. Nisha says if all was according to your plan then why did you start giving injections to Baba, all are doubting now. Kaka says reason is Jhanvi, she brought happiness back in his life and she used to check his medicine so I couldnt give me injections thats why I changed my plan and started giving him injection at night as mysterious person. Kaka calls someone and says I am sending details os someone, you have to kidnap that person too. He says to Nisha lets go, we have preparation to do, Nisha is stunned and looks on. Kaka leaves. Nisha is scared.

Baba makes Asha sit in car, he goes to bring her pris

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