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Woh Apna Sa 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Baba says to Adi that you told me you have no place for anyone except your kids, Baba says to Adi that you have whole life infront of you, you cant live life alone, you have Chinni and Binni to raise, you should think about settling again, Adi says my answer is still no. Baba says even for Jhanvi? Adi looks on stunned. Adi says its nothing like that, Jhanvi is my friend, she has given support to me at every step, Baba says doesnt that mean life partner? she always took your side and always helped you with clear heart, from the time she has come in your life, she stands infront of your problems, she solves everything, she has accepted your family as her own, Adi recalls how Jhanvi helped Baba and kids, Baba says this is duty of a life partner, who does this for any stranger or friend in this era? Adi gets tensed and says Baba what you are thinking is wrong, she is important for me, I can do anything for her, we are friends, more than friends, she was by my side when I was alone, there is nothing more between us, its nothing like that all, go to sleep, tomorrow is important, Baba is disappointed but leaves. Adi recalls Baba’s words, he recalls pleading Jhanvi to not leave him, how Jhanvi decided to not leave him. Adi looks on.

In morning, Adi gets Sameer’s call and says I am coming. Jhanvi comes there, Adi says I have to go meet Sameer, can you be with Baba? she nods, Adi thanks her and leaves. Jhanvi asks Neha if they use kerosene oil in any lamp at their house? Neha says no we have LED lights only. Jhanvi thinks that means Nisha brought kerosene from somewhere and there must be some clue for it. Nisha comes there and says I thought Adi might have thrown you from consultant’s job, you gave him suggestion to do pooja? all family members are in trouble because of it. Jhanvi says you can never hide truth. Nisha says these dialogues dont work in real life. Jhanvi says beware anything bad can happen with you too, Nisha says aww.. you cant do much, she leaves. Jhanvi says I have to do something. Jhanvi sees dog Jimmy barking. She sees him clawing at trashcan. Jhanvi asks Neha where they put trash of house? she says backside of house. Jhanvi comes to backside and says I have to find some clue. Jimmy comes there, he barks and pushes things away, fire breaks out there, Jhanvi shouts Jimmy to move away. Jhanvi dozes off fire with sand. She holds Jimmy, Jimmy runs away and finds kerosene can. Jhanvi sees this, she calls Adi and asks where Nisha’s parents live? Adi says near Malad west why? Jhanvi looks on.

Baba is singing old song. Nisha comes there and says why dont you go to much show? where is your swiss army woman? where is she? Baba says you mean Jhanvi? she has gone to bring handcuffs for you, Nisha says stop rubbish, Baba says you wont get diet food in jail, take Jimmy’s biscuits there, use them there. Nisha grabs his collar and says how dare you.. Baba says wanna kill me? if I have to die to send you to jail away from Adi then I am ready, Nisha says you think its easy to send me jail? Baba says its easy for Jhanvi as you have left proofs behind, she will send you to jail and your tricks are going to end, Nisha thinks what Jhanvi might have got? Raj comes there and says police is calling at station, go there else they will come here themselves, Nisha gets tensed.

Scene 2
Nisha comes to police station, her parents are there too. Inspector says we want your statement. Nisha says my inlaws have tortured me and my family a lot. Adi comes there with his family. Nisha’s father asks Kaka to forgive them, Nisha says what? see they are still blackmailing my parents. Nisha’s father says no Nisha, they are angels, the money you accused them of taking as dowry, it was FD of your kids Nisha, I wanted money so Kaka gave it to me and didnt ask for it, Nisha’s father asks Nisha to come with him, they leaves. Adi recalls flashback of meeting Nisha’s parents with Jhanvi, Adi says I have receipt of kerosene can that you bought and gave to your daughter? she also broke kids FD to use them as dowry, how much money does Nisha give you? 1 lac? he shows them 11crores cheque and says this money can be yours if you take case back otherwise I will send you to jail these proofs. Nisha’s parents eyes bulge out seeing cheque.
Nisha’s father says to her that he offered us 11 crores so how could we say no to him? Nisha is stunned. Nisha says Adi gave you cheque and you forgot everything? her mother says that they have proofs against me, they know everything, they would have sent us to jail, father says whats wrong to get this money. Father comes to inspector and says we take case back. Inspector asks Nisha if she wants to take case back? Nisha reluctantly nods.
Father says to Nisha that we have got so much money because of you. Nisha checks cheque and says date is of 3017 instead of 2017, he fooled you both, you couldnt even check it? Adi comes out of station with his family and glares Nisha.

Adi says to Nisha that that if you try to do something with my family this time then fraud will happen with you. He takes Jhanvi’s hand and leaves from there holding her hand, Jhanvi is stunned seeing him holding her hand.

Woh Apna Sa 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baba says to Jhanvi that you saved this house from big trouble today, he gives her shagun, Jhanvi is stunned.