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Woh Apna Sa 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Adi and Jhanvi brings Asha back home. Kaki says to Adi that thank God Nisha’s problem is solved and you are free from her mess but how did you both reach Nisha? what if anything happened? Adi says I wont let anything happen to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says I wont let anything happen to Adi, they both turn and share eyelock. Adi says Nisha is in police custody and now she has to tell truth, now we just have to know who this mystery shadow is and who is helping Nisha.. Jhanvi looks at Kaka and says Kaka.. all are shocked that Jhanvi is saying Kaka is helping Nisha. Kaka says what? jhanvi says I mean to say Kaka reached there first,did you see anyone with Nisha? Kaka says no otherwise I would have told, Adi says dont worry, Nisha is in police custody and she will have to tell.

Kaki says thank God we are free from Nisha, family leaves. Jhanvi says um.. I will leave, he says okay, she turns to leave but he says one minute.. actually. Kaki, Raj, Baba and Neha hides and listen. Adi says do you have to leave? Jhanvi asks if you have any work? Adi says no. Kaki whispers to Baba that Adi might love Jhanvi, Baba says yes I am happy. Jhanvi turns to leave but Adi stops her and says actually.. you and me.. I mean.. we.. if.. she asks what? Adi nervously laughs. Kaki says Adi say it, dont make her wait. Jhanvi blushes seeing family there. Adi asks Jhanvi to stay for dinner, all are disappointed. Jhanvi says no I am not hungry, Adi asks why? you didnt eat anything so please stay, Jhanvi says no I should leave, Adi says I will see you off, they leave, all laugh. Jhanvi says bye to Adi and leaves. Baba comes to him and says you love her so much? Kaka comes there too. Baba says we can talk with her mother to bring her here permanently. Kaka says yes Adi is happy, Jhanvi is a good girl, I should have known Nisha’s true face before, Adi says dont blame yourself, I trust you more than myself, why would you want bad for me? Kaka says then we should talk to Jhanvi’s mother about marriage proposal for you. Adi says not now, I havent divorced Nisha till now, I am going to police station to give an offer to Nisha, when this is solved then you can do want. Kaka thinks Adi cant meet Nisha alone, she can say anything against me, Kaka says I will go with you, Adi says okay lets go.

Survi says to Jhanvi that everything is on track so move ahead, she asks Maa to get her married, if Nisha comes back then their love story will be stuck too. Jhanvi says she wants to rule this house thats why saying all this. Survi says I am just saying that Nisha is in jail and you both remain happy without her. Jhanvi says but we still dont know about shadow. Maa says but how much more we have to wait? Adi should know that you are of age to get married, if Adi’s family initiates this talk then it will be great and without divorcing Nisha.. Jhanvi says Adi thinks about me more than himself, he will come to you and talk on right time, I dont want to pressurize him. Survi says he wouldnt wait, he would come running here for Jhanvi, Jhanvi says I wont spare her.

Sameer, Kaka and Adi are in police station. Nisha is brought there. Nisha says to Adi that you sent me to jail, what else do you want? Adi glares at her and says I have come to help you, I can bring you out, I will drop all charges, I have an offer, sign divorce papers and I will give you everything. Nisha says we promised to live together for lives, I didnt forget it, your family members are responsible for my condition so I wont leave you. Adi says I will give property and money to you, just sign divorce papers and tell me who is the shadow? who is helping you? Nisha says I told you truth before too, I am tell truth now too, that person who used to give injections to Baba is Kaka. Kaka gets tensed. Nisha says believe me Adi. Adi looks at Kaka and says stop your rubbish and stop blaming him, I am telling you last time to think. Sameer gets call and gives it to Adi. Adi takes call and says hello? he goes out. Kaka says to Nisha that stop being a fool, if court charges you guilty then Adi wouldnt need your consent for divorce, its useless to blame me and try to trap me, just take Adi’s offer. Nisha says I am in this condition because of you, I didnt want to divorce you, you will pay for this, she strangles his neck. Adi comes there and pushes her away, Adi says think last time, do you accept this offer? Nisha says fine, I want 50% share in property, business and wealth, Adi says done but stay away from my family, Nisha says and I want kids, Adi says no kids will stay with me, its my condition. Nisha asks policewoman to leave her hand, she wont her hurt husband, she leaves her hand. Nisha puts her hands around Adi’s neck and says you are great businessman, doing business with your wife too.. fine.. fine.. I accept your terms, just let meet kids one last time, she folds her hands begging, Adi looks at Kaka, Kaka nods at him, Adi says okay. Nisha thanks him. Adi and Kaka leaves. Nisha thinks that Adi made Jhanvi his life and Kaka saved his life, they played nice game with me but tomorrow I will end this game.

Scene 2
Door bell rings, Survi opens it to find Adi there. She brings him inside. Maa is putting on wall, Adi asks if she wants help? Jhanvi comes out of room. Maa asks Adi if he has some work? Adi says I came to ask for Jhanvi’s hand for marriage, Jhanvi blushes and hides behind door. Adi says to Maa that I am divorcing Nisha and i want to close that chapter of my life and start new one, I have just come as a common man that is asking for your daughter’s hand, I will always keep her happy, I love her and want to be with her if you give permission. Maa goes and brings Jhanvi there, they smile at each other, Adi asks Jhanvi will you marry me? Survi says dont reply Jhanvi, Adi says propose in filmy hero style, go ahead. Adi goes down in his knees and asks Jhanvi will you marry me? Maa says Jhanvi was waiting for you, she is lucky to get a life partner like you. She gives Jhanvi’s hand in Adi’s hand. Jhanvi says yes in tears. Adi says to Maa that dont worry, we will take things officially ahead after divorce, Maa says I am so happy, I will bring sweets. Adi and Jhanvi share loving eyelock.

In morning, Adi and Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house and takes blessing of elders. Kaki says to Jhanvi that you were always with Adi as true life partner, I hope you remain happy for life, all smile. Nisha comes there, all glare at her. Nisha comes to Adi, Adi says to Nisha that I did as you asked, I have given half of my property to you, divorce papers are here too so sign them, Nisha looks on

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