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Woh Apna Sa 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Adi comes home with his family. Kids apply tikka to everyone, all smile. Kids run to Jhanvi and Adi and hugs them together, Chinni thanks Adi and Jhanvi for bringing their grandparents back home, Nisha huffs seeing it.

Jhanvi brings Kids to room, Adi comes too. Jhanvi says Jimmy helped me to find that clue, Adi says thank you Jimmy and big thanks to you Jhanvi, if you were not here then dont know what I would do.. Jhanvi says why you are being formal? it was my duty, I am your.. friend. Jhanvi sees Adi’s hand injured and asks how he got wounded? Adi says its nothing, Jhanvi looks at it and says oh God. She brings first aid box and asks him to sit infront of her, Adi does. Jhanvi tends to his wound and blows air on it, Adi smiles seeing concern on her face. Jhanvi applies ointment. Baba comes there and sees Jhanvi taking care of Adi. Adi sees wound on Jhanvi’s hand and asks how she got hurt? she says dont know, Adi says please take care of yourself first then others. Jhanvi thinks you are more than myself for me now, how can I not care of you first? Adi takes ointment and applies it on her wound, Jhanvi lovingly looks at him, Tu bin btaye plays. Baba sees them taking care of each other and smiles. Adi asks Jhanvi if its okay now? I will go and meet Kaka and Kaki. He turns and sees Baba on door, Baba nods at him, Adi looks at Jhanvi, understands Baba’s hint and leaves shyly. Jhanvi blushes. Baba comes to her and blesses her. Baba says you saved this house from big trouble today, you always help us. Nisha comes there and hear them, Baba says I dont have words to thank you. Baba gives coin to Jhanvi and says this is my blessing, what you have done today is what a daughter in law of this house would do, Nisha evilly glares at them and murmurs daughter in law? right.. she smirks and leaves.

Nisha is drinking wine and is drunk. Nisha says why Baba irritate me? Nisha hides in Baba’s room, Baba comes there, she puts stick in his way, Baba stumbles and falls on bed. Nisha ass if he didnt get hurt? dont forget I am your daughter in law so how can you call someone else as your daughter in law? very bad, Baba says I dont remember anything. Nisha says your disease is convenient, when I am with you, you forget everything, listen to me carefully, let me remind you that I am daughter in law of this house, I am Adi’s wife and no one else. Baba says but Adi is giving you divorce then you.. Nisha says you remember this? now you remember everything? I am telling you last time that I am Adi’s wife and no one can become his wife, good night, she leaves. Baba says Adi is of someone else now, Nisha or anyone else cant stop Adi from being of Jhanvi’s.

Adi and Jhanvi comes to pav bhaji stall. Adi goes to order, Jhanvi admires him, moh moh ke dhaage plays. Jhanvi sees her banded hand and recalls how Adi tended to her wound, she smiles broadly. Adi comes to her and sees her smiling to herself, Adi says is this beautiful smile because of me? I am noticing that you have changed a lot, there is something else in your heart and something else on your lips.. Jhanvi stammers and says nothing like that. Adi says lie, I can see something else in your eyes, you used to talk so much and now you are lost for words? this is not normal, whats your plan? you want to win me? Jhanvi looks at him dumbfounded, Adi smiles at her sweetly.. it all turns out to be Jhanvi’s dream. Adi asks Jhanvi shall we leave? I have packed pav bhaji, Jhanvi says yes. They try to go in opposite directions but keep stumbling, Adi says one minute, you go first. Jhanvi goes and sits in car. Adi says its good food here. Jhanvi thinks oh yes food, I think I should use food to reach Adi’s heart.

Scene 2
In morning, Jhanvi comes to Baba. She is wearing nice colorful suit, Baba says someone is looking different today, you are looking really nice, you keep listening to me and keep making way, destination is not far away. Jhanvi asks what Adi.. likes in food.. I mean what you like in food? Baba says I like karela (bitter gourd) in food, Jhanvi thinks I cant make karela, she gulps. Baba laughs and says halwa puri, make that. Nisha hides behind door and hears them talking. She gets angry.

Jhanvi comes to Kaki and asks if I can cook in your kitchen? Kaki says sure, for whom you are cooking? Jhanvi says I want to make breakfast for kids, Neha says i am making breakfast for everyone, Jhanvi says let me make for kids, Kaki says okay go and cook. Baba comes to Kaki and says I have called breakfast from restaurant, dont make anything, Kaki nods and leaves. Nisha observes all this.

Jhanvi comes in kitchen and starts cooking. Baba comes there and asks what happened? Jhanvi says I dont know how to cook much, Baba says I will teach you, Jhanvi says thank you so much. Baba starts cooking with Jhanvi, she guides Jhanvi and she makes halwa first then they make puris. Baba says now you cook, I am leaving, he leaves. Adi comes in kitchen. Jhanvi is working in kitchen, her hands are filled with flour, she turns and strikes with Adi, her hands catch on Adi’s blazer and flour gets smeared all over his blazer, he looks at it and then at her. Jhanvi says i am so sorry, I will clean it, she tries to clean it, he says its okay, calm down, I will dry clean it, statue now. Jhanvi says its not my fault, Adi asks what she is doing in kitchen? Jhanvi says I was making food for kids, Adi says okay, I came to drink water, he takes jug and leaves.

Jhanvi comes out of kitchen, Baba says you have cooked food in this house for first time, serve food to God first. Jhanvi brings food in mandir and presents to Lord. Baba says I see daughter in law in you from now on, with the love with which you have cooked it, Adi will feel same love for you after eating it, Jhanvi touches his feet and takes his blessing. Nisha hears all this and fumes in anger.


Woh Apna Sa 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jhanvi is in her room. She reads Adi’s message “Jhanvi my feelings are changing for you, I feel you have same feelings for me, my feelings are more than just being your friend now,

I feel a lot for you, if you feel same then come and meet me at 1.” Jhanvi is confused.