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Woh Apna Sa 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Nisha falls to her knees and is in tears. Adi hugs Chinni and asks if she is fine? Nisha sees them distracted and pulls out a gun, she points it at Adi, they are stunned. Nisha points gun at Adi and says I loved you a lot but you have broken my trust, give my daughter to me, I have to protect myself, Adi says put gun down Nisha. Jhanvi sees Nisha looking at Adi and is distracted, she grabs gun and tries to snatch it from Nisha. Chinni falls unconscious seeing all that, Adi rushes to her. Jhanvi and Nisha are fighting for gun. Chinni is unconscious and Adi is trying to wake her up. They both try to forcefully take the gun from the other, Adi says Nisha please someone can get hurt. Nisha tries to take gun from Jhanvi and Jhanvi tries to snatch it from her but mistakenly gun shoots, Adi screams Jhanvi! thinking Jhanvi got shot but Jhanvi looks at pale Nisha in horror. Adi is frozen on its place seeing Nisha looking on and Jhanvi in tears. Nisha goes blank and suddenly falls background, she is shot by the bullet and lie on ground, Adi shouts Nisha! Jhanvi sees gun in her hands and cant believe what happened. Nisha is shot in stomach, Jhanvi sees her blood on her hands and hyperventilates. Jhanvi drops gun, and falls to her knees infront of Nisha. Nisha is wincing in pain and bleeds.

Nisha is brought to hospital. Adi and Jhanvi are there. Jhanvi is in daze looking at unconscious as they take her to operation theatre. Operation starts, doctor takes out the bullet. Outside theatre, Adi asks Chinni to not cry, mama will be fine. He says to Jhanvi that what happened was not your fault so dont blame yourself, everything will be fine. Kaka and Raj comes there. Raj hugs Chinni and says mama will be fine, Chinni is hiccuping still in shock.
Jhanvi comes to mandir in hospital, she recalls gunshot, she looks at her blood stained hands and says how could I do this? how? she hyperventilates. Adi comes there. Jhanvi says I killed Nisha, its all my fault, I have killed her, she is in this condition because of me, she screams that I killed her. Adi shouts that you didnt kill her, she caresses her face and says stop blaming yourself, you just saved me and yourself, look in my eyes, I wont let anything happen to you and nothing will happen to Nisha. Jhanvi hugs him. Adi wipes his tears. Chinni sees them hugging and crying, she has heard Jhanvi screaming that she killed Nisha too.

Doctor comes out of operation theatre and says Nisha’s condition is very critical thats why she went in coma, its very difficult to save her now. All are dejected, Adi is tensed and sees Jhanvi crying profusely. Adi says I will drop Jhanvi and Chinni home. He takes Chinni and Jhanvi and leaves. Kaka thinks that I have to send Nisha to God then I will be free from her threats and Jhanvi will go to jail for killing her and I will live in peace.

Scene 2
Adi tucks kids in bed. Binni says what happened with bad mama? Adi says dont talk like this, you are nice kid, she nods. Adi comes to Kaki and Baba, Adi says Nisha’s condition is critical, anything can happen. Jhanvi is very tensed, she is blaming herself, I am going to meet her, she is in trauma that gun was in her hands and this happened, she needs me, Baba says yes, dont leave her alone, she needs you a lot, she has taken care of us a lot, take care of her. Kaki says you are right Baba, as soon as this matter is solved, we will get Adi and Jhanvi married, Baba agrees. Kids hear it and looks at each other with blank faces.

Jhanvi is sleeping but recalls incident with Nisha, she tosses and turns in her sleep recalling flashbacks of shooting Nisha, she wakes up with start and starts crying. Maa comes there and hugs her, she says nothing happened to you, you are fine. Jhanvi cries.

Adi is searching for kids in his house. He doesnt find them in lounge. Kaki calls Raj and asks about Nisha? he says operation is still going on, she nods and ends call. Adi comes there and asks about kids? she says they were here, they both search for kids. Adi says they are not in house, Kaki says where they must be? Adi looks on.

Door bell rings, Survi opens door and sees Chinni and Binni standing outside door. Jhanvi is in her room, Maa brings Chinni and binni there, she is surprised to see them there in middle of night. Maa says they have come to talk to you. Jhanvi makes them sit and asks if they came alone? they nod.Jhanvi asks Maa to call Adi and inform. Jhanvi says I will drop you both home. Chinni says dadu was talking about you and Adi getting married, Jhanvi aunty please marry our papa and then live with us forever, Binni says please Jhanvi aunty marry our papa, please. Jhanvi is elated to hear them and says we will talk about that later, we should focus on your mama getting fine, pray for her and I am always with you both, lets go home now, papa must be worried, Survi takes kids in lounge. Maa says Jhanvi? Jhanvi says I dont want to talk about it right now please.

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s place. Adi says to kids that you shouldnt have left alone, kids nod and leave. Adi asks what did they say to you? Jhanvi says they heard you people and asked me to marry Adi, Kaki says thats great they have accepted you. Baba says now everything is fine and we should think about marriage. Jhanvi says no, I cant be their mother knowing what I did, I am not even sure if I want to move ahead in this relation. Adi says there is no pressure from my side but what you did was self defense, you didnt do anything wrong. Baba says he is right, you didnt do anything wrong, what if Nisha fired and bullet had hit Chinni? you did the right thing, dont worry, Jhanvi says to Adi’s family that bullet was shot from my hands and it hit, it was wrong, I didnt want to take her place by hurting her, all look on.


Woh Apna Sa 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaka thinks that Nisha has to die today and my secret will die with her too. He sees Jhanvi standing in the hospital near a window. He thinks that I have to clear my path from this Jhanvi too. Kaka stealthily pushes stretcher in Jhanvi’s direction, Jhanvi doesnt see it coming towards her. Adi sees it from far and shouts Jhanvi stretcher! Jhanvi turns to see but stretcher hits her and she falls out of window. Adi is stunned to see her falling down.