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Woh Apna Sa 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Wedding starts. Adi comes to wedding venues dressed as groom, he is holding Chinni and Binni’s hand. Kids bring him up to mandap and sits with him. Priest asks to call bride. Survi and Maa brings Jhanvi dressed in nice red lehnga. Adi smiles. Kaka glares at her. Jhanvi sits in mandap. Adi and Jhanvi are lost in each others eyes. They imagine no one around. Adi offers his hand to her, she holds it. Adi says I fully submit myself to make our relation stronger, Jhanvi says I promise to fulfill my duties and always be with you, Adi says I will always protect you and wont see anyone else but you as life partner, Jhanvi says my love and respect for your will never be less, Adi says just cook food and I will give you everything, Jhanvi says I dont know how to cook, Adi says I will help you then, she smiles and says okay.. it turns out to be their imagination, they both smile as priest continues wedding. Adi whispers to Jhanvi that kids will call you mother from now on, kids do their gadh bandhan.

Doctor checks Nisha’s condition.

Adi and Jhanvi exchange garlands. They take pheras, all are happy for them. Jhanvi holds Adi’s hand while taking pheras. After pheras, Adi fills her forehead with vermilion(sindoor) and makes her wear mangalsutra. All clap for them, they take elders blessings. chinni says Jhanvi aunty I brought gift for you, Adi says she is not your aunty anymore, Jhanvi says they can call me what they want, I am their friend. Raj takes selfie with them. Jhanvi hugs her Maa and cries. Survi says dont cry, you can come to us anytime you want. Jhanvi starts leaving with Adi, she throws rice behind her and leaves with Adi.

Scene 2
Jhanvi and Adi comes to Adi’s home. Kaki does their aarti. Kaki asks Jhanvi to kick rice kalash(pot) and enter their house. Jhanvi kicks it and comes in house while printing her footsteps. Adi and Jhanvi comes in mandir and takes God’s blessing for their new life. Kaki asks them to put their fingerprints on wall, they do it.

Doctor checks Nisha’s machines and worriedly looks at nurse.

Adi is standing alone in lounge. Adi is tensed. Raj comes to him and asks why he is tensed? Adi says nothing. Neha brings Jhanvi there dressed as bride, she blushes looking at him who is admiring at her, Raj says she is your bride, no need to be shy. Adi smiles at her. Raj says are you not going to take her away? Adi offers his hand to Jhanvi, she takes it. Raj and Neha leaves them alone. Adi says finally we are together, nobody can come between us, never now. He comes closer and lifts her bridal style. She smiles.. someone calls Adi’s name.. they turn around and are shocked to see Nisha standing there in hospital gown and getting dizzy. She looks at them dressed as bride and groom and is confused. Kaki and Kaka comes there too. Nisha slowly comes there but falls down, Jhanvi rushes to her and asks her to wake up but she faints, Adi looks on, Kaka is tensed. Jhanvi asks Adi to do something, he comes to her and takes her.

Nisha is brought to hospital. She wakes up and sees Adi’s family there. Nisha have headache, she winces in pain? she says Kaka.. Kaki.. I cant take your blessing, I am feeling very weak. Kaka thinks that first Adi got saved and now I am in trouble because of this Nisha. Nisha says why am I here? Adi says I saw a bad dream, I saw that you were marrying someone else and it was looking true then suddenly I woke up.. Adi, you wont ever leave me right? I know it was just a dream, we have just got married afterall, all are confused. Nisha smiles sweetly at Adi.


Woh Apna Sa 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Adi says to doctor that why Nisha was saying that we got married one year back only? Doctor says Nisha have forgotten memory of her last few years, she only remember till one year of marriage.