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Woh Apna Sa 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Nisha sits in car and leaves house, Adi sees her going, he hires cab and asks him to follow Nisha’s car, driver starts following Nisha’s car. Adi asks him to drive faster. Nisha’s car stop at a signal, Adi’s car stop beside her, Adi buys newspaper and hides his face behind it, he spies on Nisha, Nisha looks towards his car but Adi covers his face before she can see him. Adi keeps an eye on her. Signal turns green and cars move, Nisha’s car move, Adi sees her car gone and asks her to drive faster behidn her.
Adi comes to site and sees Nisha’s car parked there, he looks around for Nisha, Nisha comes from behind and says Adi? He is stunned to get caught, Nisha says what are doing here? were you following me? Adi says ofcourse not, weather is bad so I brought an umbrella for you, Nisha says how romantic, she hugs him and smirks, Adi looks on.

Jhanvi is at her home, Maa sees her in thoughts, Jhanvi recalls mysterious person attacking her and she hitting him in back, she recalls Raj being hurt in back too. Maa says how will you find out that Raj is that mysterious person? how can you blame him without proof? Jhanvi says you are right, I dont know why Adi is behaving like that, he is too nice with Nisha and accepting her, maybe she is blackmailing him with something, I need to know if Nisha is behind all this and how Raj is connected to all that, I really need to know truth.

In morning, mysterious person gives money to goon, goon says I will do as you said, he leaves. Mysterious person is covered in shawl, she takes off shawl and its Nisha. Nisha looks around and sits in car, she leaves from site.

Raj is at home, Jhanvi calls him and says I know your truth, he gets tensed. Jhanvi says I know how you got that wound, how much lie will you say? you cant lie to me, Raj asks which wound? I dont have any, Jhanvi says what about injury on your back? if you dont tell me then I will have to tell family that you are cheating them, she turns to leave but raj says I will tell you everything, he says I accept I did mistake, I made a big mistake but please dont tell anyone, Jhanvi says first tell me truth then I will decide. Raj says that night, I was with my friends, they made me drink wine, I got tipsy and hit another car, I got hurt on back, the car which I hit, I took that driver to hospital, he is fine, I was worried that if family gets to know that I got drunk and had an accident, Jhanvi says stop making stories and tell me the truth, Raj says I swear, you can see my car in garage, I have hospital bills too, Jhanvi says it means you didnt get hurt in house? Raj says you can talk to my friends too, they were with me, she says its okay, he leaves. Jhanvi thinks if Raj is not that person then who is? is Nisha behind all this? did she hire someone to attack Baba? how to find out? Nisha comes home, Jhanvi glares at her, she smirks at her and says Adi.. she passesby Jhanvi, Adi comes there, and Nisha goes to him. Jhanvi turns to leave but finds mud foot marks following Nisha, she thinks where Nisha is coming from that her feet are muddy? Nisha smirks at her and leaves, Jhanvi thinks her smile has poison, I have to find her truth.

Jhanvi says to Baba how to find truth? Baba says if Adi was not pretending to be with Nisha then he would be with us, Jhanvi says what you think Nisha must have said to Adi? did she threaten him with your and kids safety? Baba says if it was about my safety and kids safety then Adi would have thrown Nisha out of house, Jhanvi says maybe danger will not go away even after throwing Nisha out of house? Baba says I tried to talk to him but he didnt listen, Jhanvi thinks if Adi was with me then every problem would be solved.

Scene 2
Nisha comes to Binni with food and asks her to eat it. Jhanvi comes there too. Binni says to Nisha that you are bad, you fight with Adi in room and try to act nice infront of everyone, Nisha gets tensed and says you fight with Chinni too then be nice with her, mummy papa fight like kids, dont worry, she gets call and goes to take it, Jhanvi hears all that. Jhanvi comes to Binni and asks how is your school? she says its nice, Nisha hides there and hear them. Jhanvi asks Binni what happened with mummy and papa? were they fighting? Binni says at night they both.. Chinni comes there and says lets play Binni, binni leaves without answering Jhanvi, Nisha glares at Jhanvi and leaves. Jhanvi thinks that I am sure Nisha is blackmailing Adi but for what? is Nisha about to hurt kids? I have to find out.

Jhanvi brings milk for kids, she comes to their room and strikes with Adi, they share eyelock, Adi holds her arm to steady her, he looks at it and leaves her arm. Jhanvi comes to Binni and asks her to drink milk. Adi says to Jhanvi that its good you are taking care of kids too, I offered you this job before, Jhanvi says you are such nice businessman that you gauge everything with money and job offers. She says to Binni that we will talk later, Adi thinks what Jhanvi wants to talk to Binni? Binni says my friends have come, she leaves. Jhanvi says but our talk.. Adi eyes her suspiciously. Jhanvi says to that Adi tell me truly if Nisha is threatening you using kids? Adi eyes her and leaves without answering her.

Adi comes in his room. Adi sees Nisha’s bag on bed, he opens her purse and looks through her phone. Nisha comes there and throws towel at him, Adi says what the hell Nisha? why you are doing all this? Nisha says you are checking my bag and you are asking me? what were you finding? Adi says I was putting surprise in your bag sweetheart but you see it so i will plan something else, she says how sweet, she hugs him and says I am going to mandir with Kaki, she takes her bag and leaves. Adi recalls flashback that when Nisha and Adi were about to fight over bag checking, Jhanvi was spying on them hiding behind door so he said he was putting surprise in her bag.

Kaki asks Jhanvi why she is sending her to mandir with Nisha? Jhanvi says you trust me right? Kaki nods, Jhanvi says then please go. Nisha comes there and asks Nisha if binni wants to go with her to mandir, Jhanvi gets tensed and thinks I am sending Nisha outside so I can talk to Binni and find out truth so please say no binni. Binni thinks and is about to answer..


Woh Apna Sa 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Adi asks Jhanvi why you are involving my family matters? I just became your friend,not gave you a key of life that you can spy in my life whenever you want. Jhanvi says I care for you and I know you are lying and faking all this, so you keep faking and I will find out truth about your behavior, Adi looks on.