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Woh Apna Sa 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Nisha calls cable stattion and says only one channel is working? The call is diverting to Jia and chini. Samar comes and says what happened? She says you are doing all this to prove me mad. He says shut up. Enough I didn’t do anything. Jia and Chini look in the screen and smile.
Arjun and Bablu are on bike. Diwali celebrations are going on road. Arjun says lets join them. He goes in the people and dances with them.

Jia comes therre and says to policemen why is there so much crowd? He says that is how we celebrate here. Not by cutting cakes in house. Shee says do your work or I will.
Kaki saays my Jhanvi is back. thank God. bring adi back too. Give us some signal. A flower falls. Kaki says I am sure Adi will come back too.
Jia asks people to move aside. She looks at Adi dancing in the crowd. Jia is dazed. Jia says Adi.. She looks at him shocked. Arjun is dancing. Jia recalls her time with Adi. She looks at him shocked. Suddenly he disappears in the crowd. Jia looks for him everywhere. Adi is dancing in front of idol. Jia says adi.. but it some other man. She says sorry. Chini comes and says what happened? She says I saw Adi here. He was here? Chini says papa? jia says yes look for him.

Scene 2
Chini and Jia come home. Jia says to Kaki I saw adi. Kaki says I just prayed today.
Adi is having food with bablu. Bablu says find a job please that is respectable or I will go on food strike. Arjun says okay then start it. Bablu says you are not going to do anything. Arjun says let me eat. He eats it. Arjun says I havee work already.
the driver of Nisha calls driver and says the job is done. Arjun says now I will do a big game. Bablu says she might get you jaailed you because you did drama in front of her house. Arjun says I have to go there. Lets see what happens.

Jia says he was there and dancing. He was Adi. Kaki saays God is doing all this. Chini says ma papa both are back. Kaki says i am sure adi will come back. God has written this for Nisha.
The driver comes to Nisha and says the nephew I talked about for job is here. Nisha says ask him to sit in waiting area.
Arjun comes to the waiting area.
Samar is taking Nisha somewhere. She says where are you taking me? He says sit here. I know you wont trust me. I have cctv footage of yesterday. She says its a sheer wait of time. Arjun sees Samar. He says what should i do now. Its the same guy.

Samar shows Nisha cctv. It has Arjun in it. Nisha says this is impossible. Adi can’t come back. Samar says you didn’t trust me trust your eyes now. Nisha says adi is dead. This can’t happen. She picks her knife. Arjun is scared. Nisha stabs the curtain repeatedly in anger and says this can’t happen. The curtain falls down. She looks behind. Adi is there. Nisha is dazed to see him. Arjun waves. She recalls Adi. Nisha is shocked. Adi is in front of her. Arjun says madam I am nephew of driver. I am sorry. Nisha says stay away from me. He says why are you scared madam? Nishs shows him knife and says stay away. Arjun says I am here for job. Nisha says go from here. She falls on sofa and faints.


Woh Apna Sa 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jia says you always increase my problems. She falls on Arjun. Jia opens eyes and its Adi. She is dazed.

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Woh Apna Sa Details

Woh Apna Sa is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which premiered on 23 January 2017 and is broadcast on Zee TV at 7:00 PM (IST) (earlier 10:00 PM (IST)) & 7:30PM (UK). The show has recently taken a 20 year leap. The series is produced by Rashmi Sharma famous for her show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.


Kinshuk Vaidya
Manasi Salvi (Nisha Samar Shukla)
Riddhi Dogra (Nisha Aditya Jindal)
Sara Khan
Sudeep Sahir (Anurag)
Tanya Sharma
Alka Kaushal
Ashish Kapoor
Buneet Kapoor
Disha Parmar (Jia Mehra)

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min