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Woh Apna Sa 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
(some parts missing, will be updated soon)
Jhanvi comes behind Adi and blindfolds him, she tries to compose herself but blindfold falls from her trembling hands, Adi holds her hands and makes her tie blindfolds over his eyes, Jhanvi is mesmerized by him, thori dair aur ther jaa plays, Jhanvi smiles at him as he cant see her. Jhanvi gives him bindi and turns him around. Adi smiles and tries to locate Jhanvi, kids guide him, Adi moves closer to Jhanvi and puts bindi on her forehead with blindfolds, Adi takes off blindfolds, he smiles at Jhanvi and hints that she is looking perfect, Jhanvi blushes. She looks in mirror and touches bindi Adi put there, she smiles shyly.

Jhanvi comes home. Maa says bindi is looking good on you but you dont apply it? Jhanvi says kids applied it. Jhanvi says i want to talk to you, Maa asks her to say it, Jhanvi asks Maa to promise to not break after hearing this news, Maa says after your father left me, nothing broke me after that, she asks her to tell her, Jhanvi says papa is doing caretaker job at Adi’s home. Maa is stunned to hear it, Jhanvi says Nisha’s mother came here as NGO worker, Maa recalls it, Jhanvi tells her how Nisha hired father as caretaker and how she asked him to follow Jhanvi’s orders, how she insulted Jhanvi, that father will do things which she couldnt, how father had to clean dog’s potty. Jhanvi says i dont understand what to do? i cant see him humiliated everyday, if i tell Kaki then she wont father to work there but father’s financial condition is bad and he needs this job, Nisha is using this against me to put me down but going there everyday and seeing him get humiliated.. what to do? Maa says let him get humiliated, Jhanvi is stunned. Maa says you do your work there, he took his decisions all life and we didnt get affected by it, our past will come infront of us and try to break us but we cant, after separating from him, i broke all relations with him, let him do what he wants to do but you cant become weak. Jhanvi hugs her and says i get strength after talking to you, how you get so much strength, Maa laughs. Survi comes there and says Jhanvi your bindi is looking good, give it to me, Jhanvi says no, you can take anything but not this bindi, she leaves.

Nisha comes to Kaki and asks what are you making? Kaki says i am making chips, Nisha says let me help you, Kaki says i dont need your help. Nisha says we used to do all work together, you are that much miffed with me? you trust a girl that is outsider to us? Kaki says not that girl but i trust my son, his pain which he kept inside.


Woh Apna Sa 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nisha puts box over Jhanvi’s father’s head and makes scarecrow, she says now you will stand here like this whole day and make sure that no crow comes near spices that are spread in garden to get dry. Jhanvi sees this and is hurt, Nisha comes to Jhanvi and says feeling bad? you are torturing so I am torturing you, if you have so much problem then leave from here, leave my family and home alone, just go, Jhanvi looks one.