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Woh Apna Sa 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Adi is in tears, he thinks that I need to speak to Jhanvi, he says I am in pain, I want to share everything with you Jhanvi, I will tell you everything today, I will share everything, he is about to call her but recalls Nisha’s threat that if he shares anything with Jhanvi then he wont be able to see his mother forever, he is frustrated. Jhanvi comes there, Adi says thank God you came, I needed you, Jhanvi says I know you are in trouble and pain, tell me what is the problem, you remember telling me that I am ver special for you then why you are not sharing what is wrong with you? what is the problem, Adi says my mother, she is alive but Nisha has kidnapped her and she is blackmailing me, he hugs her and says I am sorry, when I insult you, I feel going away from myslf, I die slowly when I am not able to talk to you, I am sorry I couldnt tell you, I need you really, Jhanvi says I am with you always, Adi says promise to never go away from me, she says I promise. Adi says now I know why this friendship is special, why I feel incomplete without you, why I get restless when you go away from me because.. I love you Jhanvi, I really love you, he hugs her… this all turns out to be Adi’s dream and it hits him now that he has feelings for her, he wipes his tears and murmurs Jhanvi..

Door bell rings, Jhanvi opens door and its Adi in totally drunk state, she is stunned and asks what he is doing here? and in this condition? Adi says I am okay, he says I miss you Jhanvi, I called you so much but you didnt take my call, I wanted to say something, you know.. he falls in Jhanvi’s arm being drunk, Adi hugs her and says you.. for me.. he passes out.
Jhanvi brings Adi in room and lies him on bed. Adi’s mother is sitting on bed across from him.

Baba is sleeping his room. Nisha comes to him and says wake up, she wakes him, Baba says go away from here, he shouts for Adi, Nisha throws him on bed and says I just wanted to know if you met your wife? did she come here? Baba says what are you saying? she is dead for years, Nisha says then why were you saying that you saw her in lounge? Baba says when did I say that? Nisha says I feel your illness is drama, you are making us all mad, fine.. I will remove all your and your wife’s memories then you will tell me. Nisha brings out Asha’s photo and asks if he met her? did she come here? Baba says dont do anything to this photo, its her last memory, Nisha says did she come here? Nisha tears and throws photo away, Baba searches for it. Someone is outside window and keeping an eye on them, Nisha looks at that person in tension, Nisha leaves, Baba sees photo torn, he says Nisha you destroyed her last memory, he cries. Nisha calls Adi but he doesnt pick up, she says where is he?

Nisha calls Adi, Jhanvi’s Maa takes call, Nisha says you are taking someone’s call too? you must have called my husband forcefully to your house, Maa says he came here himself, Nisha says let me talk to him, Maa says he is sleeping, he came to Jhanvi when he was drunk and couldnt pretend and lie so he came to Jhanvi, she ends call, Nisha is tensed. Jhanvi hugs Maa, Maa says that woman should know that she cant force Adi to love her, Adi has you in his heart, Jhanvi smiles. They hear some old music playing. They come in room and sees Adi’s mother singing, Adi lying his head on her lap and sleeping peacefully while she sings to him, all smile seeing the sight. Adi’s mother covers him with blanket, Jhanvi smiles.

Scene 2
Nisha comes to Jhanvi’s house. She asks Jhanvi are you flying in happiness thinking that Adi loves you, he is my husband. Jhanvi says I didnt say anything, you doubt your own love, Nisha says Jhanvi! Jhanvi says I know my name but soon I will make you sleepless when I bring your truth out and you dont have any relation like marriage with Adi, he is in room. Nisha goes.
Nisha comes to Adi in Jhanvi’s room, Adi’s mother is not there. Nisha asks Adi to wake up, he wakes up. Jhanvi comes there, she sees noise from washroom and says aunty went to washroom. Adi pushes Nisha away. Jhanvi comes to Adi and says wake up, Baba needs you, Nisha huffs and leaves. Jhanvi makes Adit get up. Adi’s mother comes out of washroom and sits on other side of bed, Adi doesnt see her in his daze. Jhanvi brings Adi in lounge. Jhanvi says to Adi that we will solve this problem together, Adi nods. Nisha rolls her eyes and takes Adi away.

Baba is sleeping in his room. Someone comes there with injection. Mysterious person gives injection to Baba, he calls Nisha and says when you comeback then inform me, we will talk.

Jhanvi says to Adi’s mother that you must have liked meeting Adi, he has lost his mother in childhood, he was in peace in your lap, you must miss your family too, tell me where they are? they must be worried for you, I will help you find your family, tell me where they are? Adi’s mother doesnt answer her, Jhanvi says go to sleep, she lies her in bed and leaves.

Nisha comes home. She comes in kitchen, Nisha meets mysterious person and says whats your plan? if we keep up like this then our plan will not work, I dont know what Baba wants to do, he said to everyone that he saw his wife but when I talked to him then he denied, if I get caught and stuck in this mess then I will bring your truth out too, you wont be saved, I will tell everything.


Woh Apna Sa 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nisha and mysterious person are leaving kitchen when Kaki comes there. Kaki gets scared seeing someone in rain coat and hoodie, Nisha gets tensed. Mysterious person starts taking of his/her hoddie, Kaki looks on.