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Woh Apna Sa 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Nisha meets mysterious person and says whats your plan? if we keep up like this then our plan will not work, I dont know what Baba wants to do, he said to everyone that he saw his wife but when I talked to him then he denied, if I get caught and stuck in this mess then I will bring your truth out too, you wont be saved, I will tell everything. Nisha hears someong coming, she says leave. Nisha and mysterious person starts leaving kitchen when Kaki comes there. Kaki gets scared seeing someone in rain coat and hoodie, Nisha gets tensed. Mysterious person starts taking of his/her hoddie, Kaki looks on. he takes off his hoodie and its Kaka, Kaki is stunned and says you are the mysterious shadow? Kaka says no I am your Dharmesh, Nisha says I understand you are worried about house’s situation but we were doing this tto catch the shadow, Kaki says but these clothes? what are you hiding? Kaka says this was our plan, I was hiding from shadow to catch him, you swtiched on lights and he ranaway, Kaki says I dont understand anything, I want to talk to Adi. Kaka says you are doubting me? you doubt my intentions? would I want to hurt my brother? I am your husband for years and you dont recognize me? lets go and take rest, dont think too much, Kaki glares at him and leaves. Kaka is tensed. Nisha looks at him and shrugs, he looks on and leaves. Nisha laughs and says Kaki dont know anything and reacting like this, when Adi will know that his Baba’s enemy and the one who wants to kill his Baba is his own favorite Kaka then he will be so sad.

In morning, Jhanvi receives Adi’s mother’s bigger photo, Jhanvi says its her sharad thats why I have received it, Delivery person sees Adi’s mother sitting there and thinks her sharad? she is alive, he is about to say it but Maa asks him to leave as he is useless in working, he leaves. Baba calls Jhanvi and says come here soon, its Asha’s sharad today, Jhanvi says Adi’s mother’s name was Asha? he says yes, she was so stubborn and picky, I used to tease her. Jhanvi says then who Adi has gone too that he is so angry all the time? Baba says he has taken that from Nisha, they laugh, she ends call. Asha hears all the talk and thinks about her name and Adi and Jhanvi’s call conversation.

Kaki does aarti, all leave. Kakai gives aarti to Kaka and glares at him, he is about to kill her forehead with sindoor but she moves away recalling how he was the one wearing mask, Kaka says trust is base of every relation, if you dont trust me even after 30 years of marriage then I have no right to fill your forehead, Kaki says but what I saw last night? Kaka says it was nothing, you think I am involved with Nisha? Kaki says this is the girl who brought us on streets, who destroyed our honor, you made us cry all the time, you might have been under influence of her words, Kaka says I am doing all this for Baba, Baba is so worried about thsi shadow so I tried to catch that shadow, I involved Nisha in all this so that I know she is not othe shadow or involved with it but if you dont trust me then I have stooped in my eyes, I cant live like this, she says dont say like this, I trust you, you are the strongest pillar of this house and till you are here, nothing can happen to this family, he nods and applies sindoor on her forehead, she leaves. Nisha sees all this and says unbelievable, he has been acting for many years, Kaki doesnt know that this strongest pillar is python of this house, he teaches lesson about morals and one day he is going to eat everyone alive, Kaka looks at her, he wipes his glasses, smirks and leaves. Nisha is amused and says Adi’s family is weird.

Jhanvi comes to Baba’s room with Adi’s mother’s wrapped photo. Adi comes there and looks at her, he recalls confessing his love to her in his dream. Jhanvi recalls he coming to her house in drunk state and saying he missed her, they longingly look at each other. Jhanvi moves but slips, she is about to fall but Adi catches her, they share eyelock, Adi leaves her hand and says sorry. Jhanvi says to Baba that I have made photo frame and I am going to prepare for pooja, Adi says dont you understand? I asked you to not do it, Jhanvi says your anger and frustration is all fake, Adi says i am doing everything rightly, go away from me, Jhanvi says I will go away from you but how will you go away from me? he says what rubbish? Jhanvi says if I am not important to you and you dont think me as your friend then why did you come to my house in drunk state? now i am sure this is all facade, Adi says you dont know anything, Jhanvi says then tell me, Adi says do anything but my mother’s sharad will not happen and if you listen to me then you will have to bear the burnt, he glares at her and leaves. Jhanvi asks why is worried about sharad? is it because of Nisha, or that shadow or his mother?

Adi throws money at Nisha’s face and says you want money right? take it all but give me my mother, i cant ldo her sharad. Nisha says you know me well, I want money, money is everyone’s need but you are my fire and passion, I want money but with your togetherness, I have got you so I wont leave you for this small sum of money, you know I like cats as when there is chaos around them, the close their eyes and pretend its not happening, this sharad is same for you, you close your eyes and ignore this sharad, this sharad wont kill your mother again, Adi grabs her jaw and says I will find my mother, you think what you will say to justify yourself infront of family, he leaves.

Scene 2
Maa prays to lord and says Adi is a nice guy, Jhanvi wants to help him, they should have gotten together but how will they get together with all these problems? Survi comes there and says with the help of God, they will get together with his blessing, Maa says yes everything happens with his orders.

All family members sit in sharad. Asha’s photo is put on stand by Baba, Baba asks Jhanvi to come and bring garland. Jhanvi bringd garland there, she still hasnt seen Adi’s mother’s photo. Baba asks Jhanvi to light diya. Nisha comes there and says Adi said he will tell truth to family but where is he? Jhanvi tries to light diya but matchstick doesnt burn, Baba says why diya is not lightening? its bad omen. Jhanvi looks on, someone moves away from infront of Asha’s photo, Jhanvi looks up and her eyes fall on the photo, she is shocked to see who is Adi’s mother, she recalls meeting her and taking her home, she recalls Adi forcing her to not let sharad happen, she is frozen knowing truth.


Woh Apna Sa 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Adi asks Jhanvi where is she? Jhanvi says she is in my house, she is staying here for two days, I didnt know she is your mother, Adi says please make me meet her. Adi and Jhanvi comes to Jhanvi’s house, they are shocked to see something there.