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Woh Apna Sa 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Adi says to Jhanvi that I thought to do something that will clear Nisha’s doubt and think that Avi, your husband exists and its not easy for kids to do all this, I am sure after this Nisha believes that you and kids have a different life from me. Jhanvi says I have to go home to continue my pag phera ritual. Adi fine, go but you have to give me bribe, Jhanvi smiles at him. Adi cups her face and leans in, he is about to kiss her. Nisha is passingby from there and heads towards kitchen where Adi and Jhanvi are getting cozy. Nisha comes in kitchen but Adi has already moved away from Jhanvi. She sees Adi eating an apple and Jhanvi cooking. Nisha says to Adi that you still eat in kitchen? what would Jhanvi think? Adi says that I cant leave my habits easily, Nisha says my God, what do you mean? Adi says nothing, Nisha says I will cut an apple for you, come with me, she leaves, Adi smiles at Jhanvi and gives her a flying kiss, she blushes,

Nisha comes to Jhanvi’s Maa house. Maa is stunned to see her there. Nisha greets her and says you must know Aditya? I am his wife, Maa says yes? Nisha says does Avi live here? Jhanvi’s husband?

Jhanvi is in rickshaw and calls Kaki, she says I am going to Maa’s house, my phone’s battery is dying, I will call later, she ends call and her battery dies.

Nisha says to Maa that Avi sent courier and I saw this address on gift box so I came here to meet Avi (Nisha saw address on courier which was sent to their house from Adi, Courier had Jhanvi’s Maa’s address as Adi sent gift to Jhanvi through Survi and Survi wrote her house address). Nisha asks Maa if Avi is here? I want to talk to him, I am a wife and I understand Jhanvi’s pain, no wife wants to live in someone else’s house, Jhanvi is not happy, I know it, you are her mother in law? I want to talk to Avi and want to know why he is paining Jhanvi, why cant he keep Jhanvi and kids with him? she comes in house and says Avi can you come out, I want to talk. Maa gets tensed and says he is not home, he was on rent here, he used to not even give rent on time, Nisha says I am sorry, I thought you are Avi’s mother, did you throw him out? he gave this address on courier. Maa messages Jhanvi that Nisha is here so dont come now. Nisha sees jhanvi’s saree there and says I have seen this saree somewhere.

Jhanvi asks rickshaw driver to drive faster.
Jhanvi’s Maa says this is my saree and you are in my house. Nisha says I am sorry, I will get Jhanvi’s husband’s Avi’s number from courier company. Maa thinks that if Jhanvi arrives right now then Nisha will catch our lie, please dont come right now, Jhanvi. Maa asks Nisha to leave as she has work. Jhanvi arrives outside. Bell rings, Maa opens door to find laundry man, Nisha says sorry for wasting your time, she leaves. Jhanvi is hiding outside and sees Nisha leaving. Jhanvi comes in house and says Nisha came here? Maa says she found Avi’s address that Adi gave as our address and came here, Nisha is very clever, she can harm you, if you keep this up then you will get caught in your own trap, Jhanvi looks on.

Nisha comes home, Adi asks where you went? Nisha hugs him from behind, Adi moves away and says I have work, he works on laptop, Nisha hugs him again and says I am very lucky that you are with me, there are people who get married but dont get love of their partners, see Jhanvi, she has to keep herself happy with gifts and letters only, I feel lucky. Adi moves away and I have a meeting, he leaves, Nisha looks on.

Kids are sleeping in their room. Nisha comes there and sees them sleeping, she says they will get happy if I give them chocolate. She asks kids to open eyes, see chocolate fairy have come, please wake up. Chinni wakes up and gets scared seeing her, she screams to save us, kids get up and runs away from there. Kids come to Adi and Jhanvi and cries saying papa she scared u, Adi asks what happened? Jhanvi asks who was scaring them? kids point at Nisha and says she. All glare at Nisha. Nisha gets tensed. Adi says what are you doing with kids? Nisha says stop questioning me, tell me that they didnt call you papa right now and my doubt was wrong? what is going on? Neha takes kids and leave. Adi and Jhanvi gets tensed and Nisha storms off.

Scene 2
Nisha comes to her room and cries. Adi and Jhanvi comes there. Nisha says dont say that everything is lie and its all my doubt, I am tired, you are all hiding, nobody is telling me truth, Chinni and Binni called you papa, whats going on? Jhanvi says I think its time to tell you truth, what you heard and saw was not your doubt but truth, Nisha says what are you saying? Jhanvi says truth is that Chinni and Binni have never seen good family, they have seen their parents fighting only thats why they are scared of mingling with people, Nisha says I understand but why they were calling Adi as papa? Jhanvi gets tensed. Jhanvi says the kids who have emptiness, they give names to other relations, Adi smiled at them and they started calling him papa, its Adi’s goodness that he didnt deny them, Adi is really nice so dont doubt him, think how Adi can be father to such big girls? dont doubt him please. Adi gives water to Nisha, she drinks it and calms down.

Nisha says I am sorry, Jhanvi says I hope you understand, please dont doubt Adi, he did good deed. Adi says Jhanvi its okay, kids can call me papa and their papa is always with them, Jhanvi says good night and leaves. Nisha looks on. Adi makes her sit down. Nisha asks if Jhanvi was saying truth? he says yes, Nisha says I am sorry, I dont know what I was doing. Adi says its okay, Jhanvi is just worried about kids. Nisha says I am happy that you help others but please dont forget me in all this, I love you a lot, if you dont love me back then I might do some mistake, Adi thinks that Nisha your love destroyed my family, I will make sure to bring every happiness back to them and not let you hurt them anymore.

Jhanvi calls her Maa and says Nisha heard kids calling Adi as papa and her doubt increased, its getting risky, we cleared her doubt but still its dangerous and we cant keep this up, Maa asks her to be careful, Jhanvi says yes and ends call. Jhanvi looks up and is shocked to see Nisha standing in doorway. Nisha looks at her confused. Nisha says I am sorry for not knocking, I wanted to talk to you. Jhanvi says its okay. Nisha says I am seeing things from somedays and I have realized that I am wrong, I am overthinking everything and I wanted to say sorry incase I have hurt you? Jhanvi says dont say sorry, dont worry about anything. Nisha says how can I not take tension?

I feel I can share with you that I am very possessive about Adi and you know I have kept my relation intact with him, like flowers glow in vase, I have kept Adi glow in my heart, his relation with me is most important for me, I hate when Adi gives attention to anyone, I cant share Adi with anyone, I know your daughter.. they are so sweet but I am telling you what I feel, I hate when Adi spends time and gives them attention, you know some things are so valuable to you that you dont want to share with anyone, Adi is that for me, Jhanvi thinks that how can Nisha compare Adi to some thing?


Woh Apna Sa 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raj calls Adi and says there was bomb blast in mall and there is curfew in whole city. Adi ends call and looks around for Jhanvi, he says to family that Jhanvi and Nisha are not present in house, Kaki says I dont know where they went, Adi says they didnt even inform anything, I am worried.