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Woh Apna Sa 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Jhanvi sees Nisha in her room. Nisha says to Jhanvi that I came to tell that I am going for shopping, I will bring flowers for you. Jhanvi says can I come with you? Nisha says why not, Adi will pick up your kids from school, all family members will come till lunch so we will comeback till then, Jhanvi nods, Nisha goes to change.

Nisha and Jhanvi comes to mall, Nisha says when did this mall open? Jhanvi says its new. Nisha says I want to buy gifts for kids as then they might like me.

All family members comeback home from hospital. Neha says to Baba that we got Kaki to take tests, she has to be careful and exercise. Adi comes there with kids. chinni shows balloons to Asha. Kaki asks Adi why he took kids for hangout? Nisha might doubt. Adi says dont worry, I talked to Jhanvi and she said she will handle Nisha. Raj calls Adi and says there was bomb blast in mall and there is curfew in whole city. Adi ends call and looks around for Jhanvi, he says to family that Jhanvi and Nisha are not present in house, Kaki says I dont know where they went, Adi says they didnt even inform anything, I am worried.

In mall, Nisha asks Jhanvi what are Chinni and Binni’s dress sizes? Jhanvi gets tensed. Nisha says you are their mom, you dont know their sizes? Jhanvi asks seller to show dresses for year 7 and 8. Nisha looks at dresses and asks what colors they like? Jhanvi says Chinni likes bright colors and Binni follows Chinni only, Nisha says how cute. Nisha asks Jhanvi to help her, Jhanvi says you can buy what you like, Nisha says yes if I pick some dresses then maybe we will know if we like same things. Jhanvi says we like same things. Nisha says what? Jhanvi says nothing, you buy what you want. Nisha buys dresses for kids. Jhanvi thinks that Nisha has come to point where she doesnt even know identity of her kids but atleast now kids will get love of their mother.

Adi calls Jhanvi but she is not picking up. Adi says networks are jam, she is not picking up.

In mall, Nisha says to Jhanvi that I will pay for dresses. Jhanvi gets Adi’s call but doesnt take it because Nisha is with her. Jhanvi messages Adi that she is with Nisha, her message is not sending, she thinks why its not going? Jhanvi says to Nisha that we should leave, Nisha says I just want to buy something for Adi.

Adi says to family that I will go and find them, Kaki says call Nisha first. Adi calls her but she is not picking up too. Adi says they are not taking call, I am going. Kids says no you are not going anywhere. Adi says to kids that I will bring your mama back, dont worry. Kaki asks where will you find them? Adi says let me call Jhanvi’s maa. He calls her Maa but she is not picking up too. Adi says I have to go and see, what if Nisha did something? Kaki asks him to be careful. Adi says I will comeback soon, he leaves.

Jhanvi and Nisha are in mall. Nisha looks at Jhanvi and smirks.

Adi is driving to mall, policeman stops him and says there is curfew. Adi requests him to let him go, he lets him go.

Nisha is buying shirts for Adi, Jhanvi says Adi doesnt like grey color.. Nisha glares at her. Jhanvi says Adi was playing with kids but he didnt allow them to use grey color so I think he doesnt like it, Nisha says thank God your explained otherwise I was thinking how you know more about my husband. Jhanvi and Nisha come in lobby of mall. Nisha goes to some shop. Jhanvi sees people running here and there.

Adi is driving to mall and says Jhanvi where are you? please pick my call.

In mall, Jhanvi asks one man what happened? man says there was a bomb blast in city and there will be curfew soon. Jhanvi says oh God I have to find Nisha and leave soon, maybe thats why Adi was calling me. Jhanvi turns to leave but strikes with her father. Father says we came to Mumbai yesterday only, he makes Jhanvi meet his son, Son sweetly greets Jhanvi. Father says Jhanvi you got married? Jhanvi says it happened suddenly and I forgot to tell you. Jhanvi thinks that if Nisha saw papa then there will be problem. Jhanvi sees Nisha coming, she says you call me later.

Adi calls Jhanvi’s Maa and asks if Jhanvi is there? she says no what happened? he says nothing, I am finding her, he ends call and says oh God Jhanvi where are you?

In mall, father says to Jhanvi that be happy with your husband. Jhanvi says go home, just call when you reach there. Nisah comes there, father says Nisha? how are you ma’am? how is Adi? Nisha is confused to see him. Jhanvi says he used to work at your house, lets leave, we should go. She drags Nisha with her.

Adi is driving but his car gets stopped by angry people who are breaking things on road. They gather around Adi’s car and bang on it. Adi gets tensed.

Jhanvi and Nisha are leaving mall. Nisha gets mobbed in mall and gets jittery. Jhanvi gets cornered and looks on.


Woh Apna Sa 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Adi sees people running and breaking things in curfew. He sees one woman running with her kids. Adi opens his car and asks them to sit inside, he sees goons coming towards him.

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Woh Apna Sa Details

Woh Apna Sa is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which premiered on 23 January 2017 and is broadcast on Zee TV at 7:00 PM (IST) (earlier 10:00 PM (IST)) & 7:30PM (UK). The show has recently taken a 20 year leap. The series is produced by Rashmi Sharma famous for her show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.


Kinshuk Vaidya
Manasi Salvi (Nisha Samar Shukla)
Riddhi Dogra (Nisha Aditya Jindal)
Sara Khan
Sudeep Sahir (Anurag)
Tanya Sharma
Alka Kaushal
Ashish Kapoor
Buneet Kapoor
Disha Parmar (Jia Mehra)

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min