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Woohoo Waikiki: Episode 13


During cleaning time, Dong-gu, Joon-ki, and Doo-shik pretend to be curling with mops and the automatic vacuum until Seo-jin catches them fooling around. She fusses at them, but when Doo-shik blames Joon-ki for starting it, she flips and gripes at Doo-shik for tattling. She runs upstairs while Joon-ki escapes to a script reading, and Dong-gu wonders what’s going on between those two.

Later, Soo-ah shows Doo-shik her plan to create an online shopping mall. She’s named it “Soorgio Armhany Mall,” a play on her name. She informs Doo-shik that he’s working for her now, at half minimum wage, and she has to literally drag him by the neck to make him get to work (Doo-shik: “I don’t need an evil boss!”).

Dong-gu catches Yoon-ah on the phone with chef Hyun-joon, making plans to borrow his bakery again. He tries to forbid her to leave, thinking up random household chores, but she’s already finished them all. She goes, and Dong-gu wonders when she became a cleaning expert.

On their way home from a date, Joon-ki (who seems over his concerns about dating Seo-jin) tells Seo-jin that he’s changing her nickname to ‘Bacca, since Chewbacca isn’t something to call your girlfriend. Seo-jin wants to tell Dong-gu they’re dating, but Joon-ki is scared to get beaten to death.

Seo-jin gives in, but she aegyos for some kissyface before they go home. Joon-ki us happy to comply, but as soon as their lips meet, Dong-gu spots them from a short distance away. He yells to Seo-jin, but he can’t tell who she’s kissing. Joon-ki runs, but he darts in front of a car in his panic. It hits him and shoots him high into the air, but when he lands he keeps going, though with a noticeable limp.

Dong-gu recognizes his red coat, and once home, he accuses Seo-jin of kissing Joon-ki in the park. She insists it was a new boyfriend, and that he only ran because Dong-gu’s yelling scared him.

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Joon-ki comes home pretending he just left drama rehearsals, and when Dong-gu asks if it was him kissing Seo-jin, he swears he wouldn’t go out with someone with a bad temper and a mustache, earning a scowl from Seo-jin. Still suspicious, Dong-gu orders Seo-jin to bring her so-called new boyfriend to meet him.

Seo-jin finds Dong-gu in the laundry room later, spitting blood from his car accident (“I’m okay, I’m okay!” LOL). He gasps that at least Dong-gu didn’t discover them, and Seo-jin argues again for telling the truth. But Joon-ki snaps that he wouldn’t let his sister date a guy like him, either.

He promises to get an actor friend of his to play her boyfriend, hoping that Dong-gu will meet him and stop suspecting them. He reaches out to smooth Seo-jin’s hair, which is when Dong-gu walks in. Joon-ki quickly grabs two handfuls of her hair and starts yelling about how ugly she is, ha.

He tries to leave, but Dong-gu stops him with a hand on his arm. He says in a deceptively mild voice that if there’s anything between Joon-ki and Seo-jin, he’ll make sure Joon-ki doesn’t survive. Joon-ki gulps and assures him that that won’t happen.

Yoon-ah has plans again to practice at Hyun-joon’s bakery, and again she tells him that she’s finished all the chores and then some. He lets her go, but he growls Hyun-joon’s name in frustration.

Soo-ah wakes Doo-shik from a nap to ask if they’ve had any orders on the website he designed for her online mall. He says that they haven’t advertised so nobody knows about it, and they try to think of ways to inexpensively get the word out.

They call in to a radio show (cameo by Seo Yu-ri as herself) during a segment where callers are asked to sing. Doo-shik mentions Soorgio Armhany Mall’s name, which is against the rules, then as he’s singing his song (Lim Jae-bum’s “Confession”) he starts to insert Soo-ah’s name into the lyrics. As soon as Seo Yu-ri figures out what’s happening, she cuts him off the air.

Soo-ah calls next, and she decides to sing “Crooked” by G-Dragon. She and Doo-shik rock out to the song, but she also slips in the name of her online mall and gets kicked off the air. Still, they congratulate each other on their awesome singing, ha.

Yoon-ah asks Hyun-joon try try a new muffin recipe she created, and he declares them delicious. She tells him that she’s named the recipe “Sol Sol Green Sol’s Muffin” after her daughter, and he seems impressed as he reads her recipe.

Joon-ki’s actor friend pretends to be Seo-jin’s boyfriend, but Dong-gu eyeballs him when he’s overly dramatic, so Seo-jin explains that he’s a musical actor. Dong-gu asks how he met his sister, so the guy gets up and begins acting it out.

He tells a dramatic story of Seo-jin coming to his theater for work, and how his heart pounded when he saw her. HA, even Seo-jin is looking at the guy like he’s a whacko. Suddenly the lights go out and he bursts into song (“This is the Moment” from Jekyll and Hyde), PWAHAHA.

He excuses himself to the restroom, and Dong-gu grumbles that the guy is weird, but he’d rather him date Seo-jin than Joon-ki. He tells Joon-ki again that he’s dead meat if he dates his sister, and Joon-ki stammers for him to stop talking like the grim reaper.

The next morning, Dong-gu is woken by Soo-ah and Doo-shik’s bickering. He’s startled to see them sitting at the computer, Soo-ah with a fake five o’clock shadow and Doo-shik sitting in front of a couple of cow’s legs. Soo-ah explains that they’re going to do a webcast, and they’ve decided to capitalize on the popularity of Seo-jin’s accidental shaving video and Joon-ki’s bone-eating escapade.

Joon-ki and Seo-jin end up in the same park after another date, where Seo-jin begs for more kisses. Joon-ki is scared they’ll be caught by Dong-gu, but he caves to Seo-jin’s adorable oppa-pout-wiggle. Of course, Dong-gu catches them again, so Joon-ki runs off at top speed.

Dong-gu is sure this time that it was Joon-ki, but Seo-jin says it was another boyfriend, forced to say she’s a twotimer. When Joon-ki comes home, Dong-gu still thinks the back of his head looks like the guy Seo-jin was kissing, so Joon-ki tries to deflect by chastising Seo-jin like a proper oppa for kissing guys in public.

Dong-gu demands to meet the new guy right this instant, and a short while later, there’s an actor in full sageuk soldier’s garb, complete with beard and tangled man of glory, sitting on the couch. Wait… that’s Mutant Man! He confirms that he’s Seo-jin’s boyfriend (after getting her name wrong, hee) then asks if he can go, as he’s scheduled to be poisoned soon.

Dong-gu thinks that he’s pretty strange, but he’s still better than Joon-ki. He fusses at Seo-jin for kissing on the first date, and she apologizes for being so easy while glowering at Joon-ki.

The online mall still hasn’t had any visitors, so Soo-ah drags Doo-shik along to pass out flyers. People just toss them on the ground, so Doo-shik tries to convince Soo-ah to stop. She refuses to leave, but when the very next person crumples a flyer and drops it, she wilts.

She crouches to flatten out the flyer, and Doo-shik says again that they should stop. With tears in her eyes, Soo-ah asks Doo-shik, “What’s wrong with me? I can’t do anything right. I really worked hard on this. I really wanted to do it right this time.”

He takes her wrist and pulls her to a convenience store, saying he needs to eat before they finish passing out the flyers. Awww. As they’re eating, a man bursts into the store, waving a gun and ordering everyone on the floor. Well, crap.

Hyun-joon calls Yoon-ah to his bakery to show her that he’s displayed her Sol Sol Green Sol’s Muffins for sale. He offers his bakery to make and sell them, and share the profits equally with her. Yoon-ah is overcome, and she thanks him tearfully.

The convenience story robbery ends up as a hostage situation with cops and reporters gathering outside. Soo-ah realizes that it’s being broadcast on TV and gets a stupid idea to promote her mall. Doo-shik begs her to stay put, but she stands to face the window, displaying her t-shirt with the mall’s name and web address for the cameras.

The gunman orders her to get down, pointing the gun at her. Instead, she turns to face him and says that he’s not the only one having a hard time. She tells him that she was conned, lost her money, and is forced to live with her ex-boyfriend who now likes another woman and asks her for dating advice.

She whines that her online mall was her last chance, but it’s about to close, and she just wants to stand in front of the window to advertise it. She bursts into tears, so the gunman begs her to stop crying or people will think he did something to her. Quick as a flash, Soo-ah leaps at him, grabs his waist, and flips him over her head to the floor.

Seo-jin is angry with Joon-ki the next time they’re at the park, upset that he’s going to such lengths to hide their relationship. He admits that he’s terrified of Dong-gu, so Seo-jin snaps that they should just break up. Joon-ki hugs her, refusing to let her do it, so naturally Dong-gu sees them. With an apology to Seo-jin, Joon-ki runs again.

Soo-ah is called a hero by the reporters, and as she makes a statement for the news, she mentions the mall’s name as often as possible. HAHA, the reporter tries to take his microphone back, but she has a death-grip on it.

Seo-jin is so frustrated that she tells Dong-gu that she was just hugging some random stranger. He calms down, and she asks if he hates Joon-ki. Dong-gu says that he loves Joon-ki because he’s kind-hearted and thoughtful, but he still doesn’t want her to date him.

Heartened, Seo-jin asks what Dong-gu would do if she did date Joon-ki. He says he wouldn’t really hurt Joon-ki, but that he would shave her head and send her off to be a Buddhist nun. Well, that’s sufficiently terrifying.

Joon-ki comes home stinking drunk and decides it’s a dandy time to confess to dating Seo-jin. She realizes what he’s planning to do, and just before he says the words, she cracks him over the head with Dong-gu’s cane, knocking him unconscious. LOL, that finally convinces Dong-gu that there’s nothing to worry about.

In the morning, Joon-ki complains to Seo-jin that he blacked out. He promises to tell Dong-gu, even if he gets beaten to death, but she says she’s changed her mind and wants to keep it a secret. He’s leaving for rehearsal, excited about working with a famous actor today, so Seo-jin gives him a kiss on the cheek for energy.

Dong-gu learns from Soo-ah (whose online mall is finally taking off) that Hyun-joon is selling Yoon-ah’s muffins. Doo-shik talks about a book he’s reading where a man fakes illness to be near the woman he loves, and Dong-gu scoffs that it’s cowardly, not sad.

It’s the first day of Joon-ki’s drama shooting, and he’s introduced to veteran actor Min Ki-young (cameo by Kim Ki-hyun). He introduces himself, then fights not to laugh when Actor Min speaks with an odd lisp. The director notices Joon-ki’s face contorting, and he tells him that Actor Min recently had surgery on his tongue, but that it will heal soon.

Joon-ki tries to stay professional, but Actor Min keeps pronouncing his character’s name, Song Joon-seok, as “Dong Doon-duck.” He finally cracks up, offending Actor Min and causing him to walk off the set. The director gives Joon-ki a warning, but he can’t stop giggling.

During another planning meeting for his movie, Dong-gu is fixated on Yoon-ah and Hyun-joon when the director asks him a question, and he yells out, “Bread!” The director works bread into the plot, thinking by now that Dong-gu is a genius, and the colleague who keeps throwing out used ideas snarls at him.

Dong-gu goes to Hyun-joon’s bakery looking for Yoon-ah, and an amused Hyun-joon shows him where he’s displayed her muffins. Dong-gu calls it a cheap way to win Yoon-ah’s affections, then orders twenty loaves of bread big enough to hide an air rifle for his movie.

When Yoon-ah comes out, Dong-gu greets her, then leans over to Hyun-joon to pat him and tell him condescendingly to be a man. Well, that was even more odd than usual.

As he leaves the bakery, congratulating himself on not being as cheap as Hyun-joon, a worker accidentally knocks over some heavy bags full of flour. Several of them fall on Dong-gu and land on his legs, and he lies there screaming as Yoon-ah and Hyun-joon run to help.

Seo-jin finds Joon-ki sitting on the stairs clutching a stuffed elephant, depressed because he laughed at a famous actor. They’re distracted when Yoon-ah pushes Dong-gu into the house in a wheelchair, both of his legs bandaged. They tuck Dong-gu into bed, and when Yoon-ah says that she’s going to stay home to take care of him for a few days, Dong-gu’s gloomy expression lightens for a second before he remembers he’s supposed to be upset.

In the morning Dong-gu hops out of bed and realizes that his legs are better. He’s thrilled when Yoon-ah comes in, and he tells her he’s fine, so she says she’s going to the bakery. Dong-gu gracefully crumples to the floor, yelling that he’s in excruciating pain, and he grins when Yoon-ah puts her arms around him to help him back to bed. PFFT.

Actor Min is clearly annoyed with Joon-ki on the set today, but he accepts Joon-ki’s apology. He offers Joon-ki some of his sandwich and apple juice (which he pronounces “dandwich” and “dapple doose”) and off Joon-ki goes again. He scrunches up his face and pinches his leg, and barely makes it out of the room before collapsing with laughter.

While he’s out there, the director brings him some script changes, and Joon-ki is horrified to see how many times Actor Min will have to say his character’s name. During filming, he pinches his leg whenever Actor Min says ”Dong Doon-duck,” but he still busts out laughing, to his dismay. Actor Min yells at him and walks off the set again, and the director warns Joon-ki that if Actor Min quits, he’s fired.

At the guesthouse, Dong-gu grows bored from lying around in bed, but he figures it’s worth it if it keeps Yoon-ah and Hyun-joon apart. He exercises in bed, but whenever Yoon-ah comes into his room, he moans about his pain and wonders loudly if he’ll ever walk again.

He lights up like a Christmas tree when she offers to help him bathe, and he happily submits to her shampooing his hair on the dining room table. Hyun-joon walks in while Dong-gu is still all soapy, presumably to check on him. Yoon-ah gets a call from Seo-jin asking her to bring her a document she left at home, so Hyun-joon offers to take care of Dong-gu while she’s gone. Oh, I love this reversal.

Hyun-joon tries to rinse Dong-gu’s hair, but he insists that he doesn’t need it (ha, his head is covered in suds). Dong-gu grabs Hyun-joon’s arm to stop him, causing him to dump the bowl of soapy water in Dong-gu’s lap. He tosses Dong-gu over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and lugs him to his room, dumping him on his bed.

He tries to pull off Dong-gu’s soaking wet shorts and underwear, and when Dong-gu says he can do it himself, Hyun-joon asks if he’s faking his injury. Dong-gu stammers that he’s most definitely not faking, so Hyun-joon yanks down his pants then, leaves him stark naked while he goes looking for dry undies. Okay, I swear he’s just doing this for revenge.

Seo-jin calls Joon-ki to see how the shoot is going, and Joon-ki confesses that he got in trouble for laughing again. She gives him an idea to try, and the next time they film the scene and Joon-ki starts to laugh, he thinks about the one thing that scares him most — Dong-gu as the grim reaper, standing right behind Actor Min. It works and he makes it through the scene, and Actor Min even praises his acting.

Dong-gu is still humiliated and glaring at Hyun-joon when Yoon-ah comes home. But Hyun-joon tells her that nothing at all happened while she was gone, and he prepares to leave. Dong-gu offers to see Hyun-joon out, refusing any help with his wheelchair as he says they need to talk.

He says that now that they’ve each seen the other’s… little buddies, they should just keep the whole thing a secret. Hyun-joon laughs, but he agrees. He says that he really did come here because he was worried about Dong-gu and wants to see him get better, but he adds that it’s because he got to see Yoon-ah again.

Dong-gu yelps that Hyun-joon really did come for Yoon-ah, calling him unmanly, but Hyun-joon points out that faking an injury for attention isn’t very manly, either. Dong-gu goes all defensive, so Hyun-joon gives him this hilarious, Okay, whatever dude dirty look, and leaves.

Frustrated, Dong-gu realizes that if Hyun-joon knows he’s faking, then he did pants him on purpose. He doesn’t see Yoon-ah coming outside, and he throws his drink can, which ricochets off the wall to ping into Yoon-ah’s head.

Dong-gu leaps out of his wheelchair and runs to Yoon-ah, so worried about her that he forgets he’s supposed to be too injured to walk. She gasps to see him standing, and he slowly collapses again, wailing that his legs hurt. Yoon-ah asks if he’s been faking it, but he swears he just had momentary superhuman powers.

She tells him to knock it off and sails back inside, leaving Dong-gu sprawled on the pavement. Once he can’t see her face, she breaks into a huge grin.

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