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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with nurse helping Ishita. She asks did you have food. Ishita says yes, why. Nurse says I thought Sir will come to have lunch with you. Ishita says oh, my husband, yes, I was thinking to call him, you call him and ask him did he had food or not. Nurse asks what. Ishita says I heard you guys talking my husband is handsome, you tell this to him, he will be glad. Nurse says sorry. Ishita says its good, I m proud of him, he is handsome, call him, I m liberal. Raman is busy and ends call. She calls again. Nurse asks Raman did you had food, I wanted to say you are very handsome and look SRK. Raman says shut up, did you call to say this. He ends call. Nurse says he is very angry. Ishita says I know, person has to become strong wife to manage such husband, I really hope you get some good husband, go and have food. Ishita laughs and says Raavan Kumar is predictable, I knew he will give such reaction.

Roshni comes and asks for Aaliya. Neelu says she went out with friends, I was going to tell this to Mrs. Bhalla. Roshni says I will tell her. She looks for Mrs. Bhalla. She sees her fallen on ground and shouts to Neelu for help. They make Mrs. Bhalla lie on the bed. Roshni calls Ishita and says Mrs. Bhalla is having difficulty in breathing. Ishita asks her to feed a tablet to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita guides Roshni. Roshni takes care of her. Mr. Bhalla, Amma and Appa come home. Neelu tells about Mrs. Bhalla. They rush and see. Roshni says I gave her medicines, we will take her to hospital. Mr. Bhalla looks for car keys. Neelu says Aaliya took the car. Appa says even my car is not here.

Ishita and Raman are on the way and talk. Ishita says maybe she had dust allergy, Romi and Adi are not at home. Raman says I m stuck in traffic. Mr. Bhalla calls them. He says we have no car at home, there is taxi strike and ambulance will take much time to come. Raman says I will get doctor home. Ishita says I m coming home. She thinks where did Aaliya go, why is her phone off. Aaliya says I had enough, I will leave now. Her friend asks her to stay back, as she said her inlaws are cool. Aaliya says I have to go and prepare dinner, my inlaws are good, its fun to stay in joint family.

Aaliya likes the icecream and says I will just call home to inform, my phone got dead. Her friend says you informed your maid, chill. Ishita reaches home. Raman goes to meet doctor. Guard says he is leaving for marriage function. Raman asks doctor to come with him, his mum got asthma attack. Ishita says its about mummy’s life, your anger will ruin everything, what are you doing. Raman apologizes and requests doctor to check his mum well. Doctor says calm down, but we doctors have a life too, its home minister’s son’s marriage. Raman says please come with me, you can apologize to minister. Doctor agrees. Raman says I m getting the doctor.

Doctor checks Mrs. Bhalla. He says I gave her injection, she had some allergy, its good you gave tablets on time. Ishita thanks Roshni for managing everything. Raman tells Appa that Mrs. Bhalla is fine. Raman thanks doctor and apologizes. Doctor says thanks for reminding me my duty. Ishita thanks doctor. Raman goes to drop doctor. He sees Mr. Bhalla sitting in compound. Mr. Bhalla says I got worried seeing your mum, if anything happened to her, I would have…. we did not stay away since marriage, when you were young, she used to take you all to her dad’s house, she used to come back in few days knowing I can’t stay without her, I did not know when did all these years passed. Raman says nothing will happen to her, come, be with her.

Mihika says I feel so bad, I went for yoga camp today, it was good Roshni was at home. Ishita asks her not to blame herself. Raman gets Mr. Bhalla home. Ishita asks Mr. Bhalla to feed soup to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman says yes, he will feed her. Aaliya comes home and says surprise, I got icecream for everyone, I think we should have it after dinner, I went there with my friends. She sees everyone upset. She asks what happened, why are you all seeing me this way. Raman asks did you go, where was your phone, why did you not answer the call. Aaliya asks why are you angry, I went out, did I do any mistake. She asks Ishita what happened to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman scolds her. Ishita asks why are you shouting on her. Aaliya asks Mihika why is Raman so angry. Mihika tells about Mrs. Bhalla’s critical state, you took the car, everyone called me many time, you did not answer, its good Raman got doctor home, Roshni arranged first aid for Mrs. Bhalla. Aaliya says sorry, I did not have charger, I did not know all this will happen because of me. She cries.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Mrs. Bhalla says its not anyone’s mistake, I m fine. Raman thanks Roshni for saving Mrs. Bhalla’s life. Roshni says it was good fate. He says you care for people, some people don’t understand there can be emergency at home. Aaliya gets sad.