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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Mihika seeing Mrs. Bhalla and Amma murmuring. Roshni calls Ishita and says exams went well, I passed. Ishita congratulates her and asks when to pay the fees. Roshni says I want to pay fees myself. Ishita asks her to come home and talk. Mrs. Bhalla says Roshni is a smart girl, we can take her help, she can tell us about fight between Mr. Bhalla and Appa. Amma says I was thinking the same, I have work, I will go. Adi comes home and greets Ishita. He says this envelop has my new project’s launch date. Ishita says I m so happy for you. He asks her to reveal the launch date and bless me. Ishita blesses him. Adi says you are my lucky charm, so I got this first to you.

Ishita keeps the envelope and tells the date 22nd june. She blesses him. Shagun comes and looks on. Ruhi tells Raman that she spoke to Kiran and he agreed for the launch date. Raman asks what’s that date. Ruhi says its not far, 22nd June. Raman asks her to do good preparations, the launch should be grand. She asks him not to take tension. He asks her to call Kiran to Delhi. Ruhi says I will manage everything.

Shagun says I know you are annoyed with me, I came to meet my daughter, I got gifts for you and Adi. Aaliya asks her to have coffee. Shagun asks her what envelop did Adi ask Ishita to open, you are his wife and lucky charm. Aaliya says you started again, stop it, Ishita is his mum. Shagun says I think I should leave. She goes. Ishita asks Adi did he tell Raman. He says no. She says I will tell Raman. Raman thinks to tell Ishita.

She calls him and tells Adi’s project launch date has come, 22nd June, he got the envelop to me and asked me to announce it, as I m his lucky mascot, its his first project, he needs that morale booster, I want everything to get fine, get a new suit now, what were you saying. He says my project launch date also came, nothing to worry, its in July. She says very nice, its good dates did not clash, congrats again. Raman ends call and says same launch date, doesn’t matter, I will push my date. He calls for Ruhi. He leaves for home.

Appa gets to know Mr. Bhalla and Sukhdev are bribing Goyal. He hits the bin and sees non veg junk. He scolds Mr. Bhalla. Ishita asks what happened. Appa and Mr. Bhalla argue. Ishita says junk was inside, it fell down by someone’s hit. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma worry and think what to do. Mrs. Bhalla says we will talk to Goyal about the matter. They meet the lady and says fine, we will come later to meet Goyal. Lady says its good, your husbands are fighting for contractors, you both are still together.

Ishita says don’t know what happened to Mr. Bhalla and Appa, Mr. Bhalla’s birthday is in few days, we have less time. Aaliya says we will hire someone. Ishita asks her to organize the event, as she has handled the work in Raman’s company. Aaliya agrees and asks her to help her. Ishita says I was thinking you start working again. Aaliya says I want to enjoy this phase, I like cooking food and spending time. Ishita says its also a talent, house management is not easy, if women don’t use talent on time, they realize they wasted time, you should not regret, do part time. Aaliya says I know, but we have no time now, we will talk this later.

Adi asks the manager to invite everyone, the project launch should be big. Taneja comes and asks what’s the use, when someone else wants to flop our project. Adi asks who. Taneja says your Papa, Raman Bhalla. Adi says you are mistaken. Taneja says I got to know Raman is launching a health drink on same launch date. Adi says no, launch date will not clash. Taneja says what about product, market will get divided. Adi says nothing such will happen. Taneja says I invested in this project, I will not let it get waste. Adi calls Shweta and asks about Raman, tell me when he comes office.

Raman comes home. Ishita asks Neelu to make coffee for Raman. She tells Raman about Mr. Bhalla’s birthday. He says I will inform Shweta. She says no need, Aaliya is managing, everything is sorted. Aaliya comes and tells what all she planned. She asks Raman not to tell Mr. Bhalla, its a surprise for him. Raman says what shall we give him. Aaliya shows world’s best father trophy, he deserves this. Adi looks on and says Mr. Bhalla is a perfect father, he always kept his family ahead, he never had competition with children. Raman smiles. Adi says he deserves this trophy. Raman goes.

Ishita asks what are you saying. Adi asks what wrong did I say, why are you offended. Ishita says you were saying this to Raman. Ruhi comes and says guess what, our launch date is fixed, 22nd June is the date. Ishita and Aaliya get shocked. Adi asks what is he getting competing with me, he launched same project and then same launch date. Ruhi asks what, is your launch date 22nd June. Adi asks what, did you not know this.

Ishita asks Adi not to doubt on Raman. She thinks Raman lied and changed date. She goes to ask. Aaliya says Adi, Raman is your dad, he won’t do this with you.

Mrs. Bhalla asks how will I hide this, Aaliya said Mr. Bhalla should not know anything, since we married, we share everything. Amma says but he did not tell contract matter. Mrs. Bhalla says it was not imp, even Appa has hidden it. Amma says its a small thing, I m liberal. Mrs. Bhalla says they are hiding this. Amma says we have to find out why they are hiding it. Ishita asks Raman why did he lie about launch date. Raman says I have postponed the date, I can do this for Adi, its his first project. Ishita says you should have told this to Adi, he thinks you are having a competition with him. He smiles and says he will understand when launch happens. She hugs him and gives him the best father trophy. He says credit goes to best mum. They hug. She says I wish Adi understands.


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