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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Ishita saying its time bomb, time starts now. Shagun says you have 10 mins, what’s your plan, pick that paper and write confession letter, come on hurry up. Ishita says your sister will shatter in 10mins, are you writing confession or not. Suhail looks at them and asks what will happen, I will see. Niddhi gets shocked. Ishita thinks he doubts that bomb is fake, I have to make him believe bomb is real, else how will I get Ruhi from remand home. Suhail says I know you both have no guts. Ishita says what relation do you have, we get ready to do anything for relations, we are ready to die for Ruhi, you know I can do anything for my daughter, you are not ready to help your sister. She asks Niddhi what type of brother does she raise, you know I can do anything, I have beaten

Niddhi with hunter, I m ready to die, will Suhail not save you, I really pity you, fine if you thought of suicide, talk to him for final time.

Niddhi asks Suhail are you mad, they are dangerous, you think they are joking, just sign. Suhail asks what are you saying. Niddhi says I don’t want to die, just do what they are saying.

Mrs. Bhalla prays for Ishita and Ruhi. She prays minister does not take action against Raman. Mr. Bhalla says Raman lost sense to make Ruhi away from remand home, he was making Ruhi criminal. Mrs. Bhalla says he is our son, if he does mistake, will you not support him. Raman hears them. Mr. Bhalla says you spoiled him, I can’t support him in wrong things. Raman asks what’s happening. Simmi says Parmeet came, minister called you to meet, he wants to take action against you. Raman says so what? Mr. Bhalla asks did you not think before doing this. Raman says I did not think, I m mad father to do anything to free my daughter, minister can punish me, Lord gave all sense to your Devi bahu, where is she, where is Ruhi.

Mr. Bhalla says I m sure she will get Ruhi. Door bell rings. Adi checks and sees Ruhi. He smiles and hugs Ruhi. Everyone get happily shocked seeing Ruhi. Ruhi hugs Raman. They all smile. Everyone hug Ruhi. Raman asks how did you come here. Ruhi says Ishi Maa got me freed. Ishita, Shagun, Mani and Abhishek walk in. Abhishek says Raman, your daughter came back to you, congrats, but Ruhi, you have to be careful, we all make friends, but its imp to know background and intentions. Raman thanks Abhishek. Abhishek says its because of Ishita, not me, Ishita and Shagun made plan to make Suhail confess crime, thanks to them, Niddhi and Suhail are behind bars.

Shagun says we did not involve you knowing minister wants to meet you, Mani spoke to minister, on humanity basis, they released Ruhi today itself. Mani says yes Raman, now its fine, I told minister you are not involved. Abhishek says Niddhi is back now, minister thought it was counting mistake. Mr. Bhalla thanks Abhishek. Abhishek says I was doing my duty, what Raman did was wrong, laws are made for you, think what lesson are you giving to children, I hope you realized mistake. Raman says sorry. Mani says Ruhi came home, special permission is till matter gets sorted out completely. Abhishek says Ruhi has to come police station for formalities. Mr. Bhalla asks them to have sweets. Ruhi says sorry Ishi maa. Ishita says its over now and hugs her. She sees Raman.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to serve badam halwa, which she made for Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla gets hot kachoris for everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi will be happy, Ishita is sleeping, I did not disturb her. Ishita, Ruhi and Pihu come with their bags. Mr. Bhalla asks what’s this. Ishita says I m leaving the house. Mrs. Bhalla asks what, you are taking Ruhi and Pihu along. Ishita says yes, I m taking my daughters, whatever problem comes, Raman behaves irrationally, he always blames and can’t control, this is not good for my daughters, I have to take them away, sorry, I have to go. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to give food to kids in room, till then I will talk to Ishita.

Ruhi and Pihu go to room. Mrs. Bhalla asks what are you doing, I know Raman did mistake, you also did mistake, you took Ruhi to jail to meet Suhail, when everything got fine, you are taking kids. Raman comes and hears them. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to see, Ishita is leaving home. Ishita cries and says he will not say anything, my husband can just blame me, whatever wrong happens, Ishita, he breaks all relations and asks me to forget children, he makes me realize I m a baanch, sorry its out of my patience limits, I can’t bear this more.

Mihika says leave your bag, we can sit and talk, come with me, everything will get sort, why are you overreacting, Raman always gets anger, he realizes later. Ishita says why should I leave this, so that it repeats again, nothing is changing, when big problem comes, I m blamed, not that we will face things together, Raman gets angry, he is my husband, I love him a lot, even though he doubts on my love, its about my daughters now, he is ready to make Ruhi run away, he thought her life will get simple, if she get caught, she would have been called a criminal, if anyone shot her then… till when would she hide, she would have got caught some day, I don’t want such life for my daughters, I want their father to set good examples, else their lives will get ruined, I don’t want them to stay here.

Mrs. Bhalla says we agree Raman did mistake, he is father and did mistake in emotions, its not good you leave home. Mihika says yes, Raman is Ruhi’s Papa, he did not understand right and wrong, so he made that plan. Ishita says every person does what they think right, Ruhi was going to cut her wrist, so I took her to meet Suhail, I did that feeling that was right, Raman was making Ruhi do criminal activity, that was not right, he forced Ruhi to run away, Ruhi was scared, you be quiet, I m shocked you are saying this Mihika, what will I explain others then, no one can understand a mother. Mr. Bhalla says no, I m understanding, you are saying right, sometimes strict steps are needed to teach lesson to someone, Raman did mistake.

Amma comes and hears them. Mr. Bhalla says Raman is father, it does not mean he can do anything, he behaves badly and raised hand on Ishita in court, is this right, his sense is not getting high, just anger is getting high, if I did this with you, you would have not bear this, just Ishita is bearing Raman, I thought he will understand, but he did not. He supports Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks do you want Ishita to leave Raman and take our grandchildren too. Mr. Bhalla says why not, i m ready to leave home with Ishita.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Romi says I will leave with Ishita, this time she is right. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to get lost. Mr. Bhalla says I will get my bags. Mrs. Bhalla says great Ishita, you broke the family. Ishita cries.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Details

Ye Hai Mohabbatein is an Indian soap opera which first aired on Star Plus on 3 December 2013. It was created by Ekta Kapoor and is produced by her production company Balaji Telefilms. The show stars Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel.

The story is partially based on Manju Kapur’s novel, Custody.Set in Delhi, the show follows the love story of Tamil dentist Dr. Ishita Iyer and Punjabi CEO Raman Kumar Bhalla.


Gautam Ahuja
Kanisha Malhotra
Karan Patel
Kaushal Kapoor
Mihika Verma
Neena Kulkarni
Raj Singh Arora
Ruhanika Dhawan
Shahnaz Rizwan
Shruti Bapna
Abhay Bhargav
Abhishek Verma
Aditi Bhatia
Aly Goni
Anita Hassanandani
Anurag Sharma
Avantika Hundal
Divyanka Tripathi
Gaurav Nanda

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min