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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking everyone are they ready or not. Everyone comes. Raman compliments Mrs. Bhalla. He asks Ishita about Mr. Bhalla’s suit, he has to change clothes before he comes for party. Ishita says Aaliya has sent the suit at spa. Adi asks for Aaliya. He says Aaliya has given me wrong suit. Aaliya comes and says its Dadu’s suit, I have sent your suit to him by mistake. Raman asks Ishita to look into things. Adi says relax, humans do mistakes, Aaliya is managing alone, its not a big deal, Dadu will change there. Raman says its a big deal, Papa will come in spa clothes, will we give surprise and ask him to change. Ishita says relax, Appa is also coming there, they will change clothes, we will manage, control please, don’t taunt Adi. Raman says I will just talk like this, and goes. Ishita asks them to come.

Appa and Mr. Bhalla reach hotel and sit in lobby. Mr. Bhalla says why did they not come, did you had to meet anyone here. Appa calls Amma and asks him why did they not reach till now. Mr. Bhalla says I will see if he planned any surprise. Appa says our plan will fail, come soon. Guard stops Mr. Bhalla and says its kids party going on. Mr. Bhalla asks how can you stop me, what’s this misbehavior. Guard says there is dress code, you can’t do this way. Appa takes guard aside and says its Mr. Bhalla’s birthday, try to understand. Guard says I said kids party is going on. Raman comes and scolds the guard. He says we have a booking here. Guard says I m explaining about kids party going on, talk to manager.

Raman asks manager about booking by Mr. Bhalla’s name. Manager says there is no booking by this name. Raman says we have sent invites as well. He asks Aaliya. Aaliya says I have done the booking, please check again. Raman says guests maybe coming in. Manager says booking is there, but for tomorrow. Aaliya says no, I remember I did booking by call. She recalls getting busy in work and thinking to ask Adi for booking the venue. She thinks Adi has done tomorrow’s booking. Aaliya says sorry, it was some confusion. Raman scolds her.

He says none can forgive such a big mistake, wrong suit, wrong venue, you do mistakes perfectly. Ishita asks why are you shouting on her. Adi comes and asks what happened. Raman says your wife changed my dad’s birthday, she booked venue for tomorrow. Adi says its my mistake, I did booking. Raman says it was her responsibility, its her fault. He scolds them. Ishita says we have to find a solution, calm down, Ruhi give the suits to Mr. Bhalla and Appa, ask them to come in lounge. Adi asks Aaliya not to do their work from today. Ruhi gives the suits to Mr. Bhalla and Appa. She asks them to wait in lounge, then they will go for dinner.

Adi says really sorry Aaliya, don’t know how I forgot. Aaliya asks him not to say anything in anger, Dadu’s birthday is imp than our ego. Ishita says banquet is arranged, but not here. Raman says who will inform guests. Ishita says venue is far, we can’t tell them on short notice, we can arrange van and take them along. Ruhi says Dadu and Appa are ready. Ishita asks Romi and Mihika to stay here and manage. Aaliya asks about food. Raman says you have done enough damage. Ishita says Aaliya will manage, she has food menu, Aaliya ask your husband to come and help if he wants.

Adi and Aaliya are on the way. Aaliya orders the food on call. Adi asks what’s the need to take food responsibility, Papa scolded so much, I don’t want to go in party. Aaliya asks him to accept mistake and not get angry, its fine Raman is your dad, we will go in party for Dadu’s sake please. Adi says fine.

Ruhi says you are superwoman Ishimaa, you always have a solution, how. Ishita says we couldn’t let the party spoil. Ruhi says you are best mum, I m so happy. They see the decorations, its kiddish and girl’s theme. The man greets Ishita and says I think you did not like the hall. Ruhi says no, its good, this decoration looks like its a kid’s birthday. He says sorry, its decorations of a kid’s party, I could not change it in short notice. Ishita says its fine, we will manage. She says I hope Papa ji likes everything. Raman comes. Ruhi says Dadu will be happy seeing this. Raman says Papa did not get born now and smiles. Ishita asks him to control anger.

Mihika says all guests came. Ishita asks did you check list. Mihika says yes. Ishita says Papa ji is happy, he loves pink color. Aaliya says its so pink, will Dadu feel strange. Raman asks Ishita to check if food will come tomorrow. Adi gets miffed. Aaliya asks him to be quiet for Mr. Bhalla’s sake. Ishita asks Aaliya about food. Aaliya says yes, I arranged everything, sorry for the trouble, Dadu has to celebrate in such theme. Ishita says its cute, see he is enjoying a lot, elders turn kids after certain age, so its perfect decorations, thanks for getting Adi here, he went on Raman, he knows its his mistake, but he won’t accept. Aaliya asks Ishita not to worry for food. Ishita says now we will enjoy this party.

Ishita asks Romi about guests. Romi says I think everyone came. Mrs. Bhalla says I want to say something, I m happy to get a husband like Mr. Bhalla, he gave me much love and happiness, he has turned 70 years today, even then his heart is like 17 years guy, sweet seventeen Bhalla ji. Appa says I got a gift for him. He shows the collage and hugs Mr. Bhalla. Ishita asks Neelu to get guest list, I feel someone is missing, Shagun… Ruhi asks Raman to give speech. Raman says I will just say, we are proud of you Papa, we learnt a lot from you, family comes first, wish you a very happy birthday. He hugs Mr. Bhalla. Adi looks on.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mr. Bhalla says Adi will say something for me. Adi says you are world’s best Dadu, your nature, how you handle situation calmly, I want to learn this from you, I love you a lot and want to become like you, wish you a very happy birthday.