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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Taneja saying forgive me Raman. Raman says even if I forgive you, laws will not forgive you. Police arrests Taneja. Everyone waits outside the OT. Doctor comes. Raman asks how is Ishita. Doctor says you are lucky, you got her on right time, she is out of danger. Raman asks can we meet her. Doctor says yes, but she needs rest. Raman says we will make sure she gets some rest.

Raman holds Ishita’s hand. Ishita gets up. She says what happened, I m fine. Shagun says its because of me. Ishita says I m conscious now, don’t blame yourself, you all have to smile now, then I will smile too. Kiran says she is right. Amma asks Kiran to be quiet. Ishita says I wanted to thank Kiran, I got saved because of her, when I was breaking Matki, I have seen Amma fighting with Kiran, my attention was distracted and I moved, so I got saved, but I don’t like people fighting. Raman asks Ishita to rest. They all come out.

Raman says you all go home. Bala says you go home, I will stay here. Raman says just I will stay with Ishita, Simmi go home and spend time with Ananya. Simmi hugs Ananya and says I missed you a lot, I m so proud of you. Ananya says I missed you too. Ananya says you will feel proud of me, check this. Simmi checks the scholarship and says you got scholarship from school, I m so proud of you. Ananya says I m not taking this scholarship. Simmi asks why, you deserve it. Ananya says they want to take parents interview first, Papa is not with us, I m not feeling bad. Simmi says I love you a lot. She hugs her and cries. Mrs. Bhalla looks on and cries. Simmi sends Ananya to get water. Mrs. Bhalla gives her milk. She says why should Ananya get punished, go school and talk, maybe they agree to take your interview, I m going on yatra with Pammi, I will pray for you two. Simmi hugs her.

Simmi asks since when are you doing this yatra. Mrs. Bhalla says even big people bend in front of Lord for dear ones, I had mannat to go on yatra for Ishita. Simmi hugs and says I love you. Raman sleeps. Ishita tries to get up. Raman wakes up and asks do you want anything. Ishita says just some water. He feeds her. He asks her not to do this madness again, his life was gone when she got shot, if she does this again, he won’t talk to her. She smiles and says nurse is waiting. Nurse checks her. Raman asks is everything fine. Nurse nods. Raman thanks her. Nurse goes.

Ishita laughs. Raman asks what happened. She says I recalled something, nurse’s name was Kamakshi, you remember Matangi. They recall the moment. Raman says I don’t want to come hospital again. She asks him to rest. He says I m fine. She says come here. He asks what happened. She says I will not talk to you if you don’t rest, come. He lies beside her. They have a talk and laugh. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays….. He sleeps. She smiles seeing him and sleeps.

Mihika packs sweets for Mrs. Bhalla. She asks her to have healthy food, I want to come along. Mrs. Bhalla says stay here and take care of Raman and Ishita, I m still young and fit. Shagun comes and says I m going home, till when will I stay here. Aaliya says no, stay here with us. Shagun says its my daughter’s Sasural. They all insist and ask her not to go. Pihu says please mumma. Shagun says fine. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi to have breakfast and drop her.

Parmeet comes home. Mr. Bhalla asks why did you come here, leave. Simmi says stop, I called him here. Ananya comes and hugs Parmeet. Simmi asks her to go school. Simmi tells about Ananya’s scholarship. She says Parmeet will stay here for few days, I forced Ananya to accept scholarship, why should she bear punishment of our fights. Parmeet says I promise I will stay till interview and then leave, I have no other intention, I m doing this for my daughter. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe its Mata ji’s sign, I have to meet Ishita and then go to Pammi’s house.

Riya tells Pihu that her mom promised to celebrate her birthday well. She reminds Ruhi her promise and goes. Pihu asks Ruhi will she get Riya’s Papa. Ruhi says yes, I tried to get info about him, you don’t do anything, thank God Nikhil was there. She sends Pihu and thinks how to get Riya’s dad.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ishita says I m fine, I m resting since morning. Raman asks what shall I do to entertain you. She asks will my good days came that you will entertain me. She says I have to talk to you. Aaliya says Appa loved you a lot, he can’t do this. Shagun says whatever Ruhi has told, who was that woman, what’s all that. Aaliya says whatever is seen is not true.