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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Adi sees Ashok and asks what he’s doing. Ashok says his mother doesn’t recognize him, he will remind her. Old time is back. He used to be his dad in past as well. Adi gets angry. Amma calms Adi. Ashok leaves. Amma goes back inside. A gloves drops from Adi’s pocket. He gets scared and quickly puts it back in his pocket. Other side, Neelu finds another pair of that gloves. Ruhi gets scared. She snatches it back from Neelu and asks her to go do other work. She hides it in her cupboard.

Kiran comes to pick girls from school. Pihu is not there. The girls inform she went with Tisha’s mum as she had to finish her project. Kiran says, there must be Shagun.. and Pihu doesn’t even know anything. She says she will have to stop her.

Amma and Toshiji discuss that good Ashok didn’t meet Shagun. Shagun hears it. She asks Toshiji why she didn’t tell her. She goes to find Ashok.

Kiran informs Ishita to stop Pihu, do something. Ishita was coming out of her home, but stops seeing Shagun. Pihu comes there with Raman. Shagun gets happy seeing Pihu. Pihu wonders how come Shagun is there. Ishita thinks Shagun thinks it’s Ruhi. If Pihu says anything, then..

Shagun hugs Pihu and says she missed Ruhi so much. Pihu says she also missed her a lot. Ruhi loves her a lot. Ishita is confused. Raman is relived.

Ishita is worried. Amma tells her everything will be fine. Raman is there. Ishita says she doesn’t get anything. How Pihu acted like Ruhi.. what must be going on in her mind. She’s a kid. Kiran comes worriedly and says sorry to Ishita. Ishita tells her not to worry, everything is under control. Pihu took care of everything. Pihu comes there. Ishita asks her whether Shagun knows she came here. Pihu says she’s with Raman. Ishita asks how she handled everything. Pihu says she heard Ishita and Kiran’s conversation about Shagun forgetting everything except Ruhi. She knew Shagun was at home, so she put black mole above her lips, so she looks same as Ruhi. Amma says their Pihu has grown up. Ishita hugs her and asks whether she will be able to handle in future too. Pihu says she will handle. She asks Ishita why she’s hearing such clothes. She has to wear clothes that she used to wear years ago. Ishita says Pihu has become so smart and agrees she will also have to go in her past.

Aaliya recalls Mahi’s death and cries as she opens her house. Adi comes there. Aaliya asks why he came there. He says he doesn’t want to leave her alone in this condition. She asks him to stop showing fake sympathy, she doesn’t need it. He says he won’t go. If she has problem, then she can talk to Ishita, she has sent him there. He opens door for her. She goes inside. Adi slowly walks inside and gets scared seeing mark where Mahi’s dead body was found.

Ishita is talking with Kiran. Ruhi comes there. Kiran says she thought she was busy, so she went to get girls from school. Ruhi says she got call from factory manager saying there is some problem, so she went there. Kiran says she was there too, but manager didn’t tell her anything. Ruhi says a different manager called her. Ishita asks what she was doing at Raman’s house. Ruhi says she went to get her clothes. Ishita feels Ruhi is acting weird. She goes inside. Raman comes and asks Ishita to go with him.

They are with doctor. They tell doctor Shagun is just like how she was years ago. Doctor says sometimes it can take long time for memory to be back. Sometimes it’s quick. They will have to be patient. They ask doctor if there are any ways to try to bring Shagun’s memory back such as repeating same incident. Doctor says, they can, but not now. Shagun will have to be mentally stable first.

Aaliya is struggling with her bags. Adi goes to help her, but she refuses and says it would have been better had she called Nikhil. Adi says he will call. Aaliya loses her balance. Adi catches her. Both have eyelock. She gets a call from Nikhil. Adi takes her bags outside.

Raman is angry as Shagun is in that house and Ishita got separate from him. Ishita tries to calm him down. He is angry on Ashok as well. Ishita says even Pihu understands this situation, why can’t him. He will have to calm down and let Ashok not do anything bad. Raman says how he can be calm.. Ishita is away from him. He feels like his life is snatched away when Ishita is not around. Ishita says she is with him only. They are connected with heart, always together. Raman finally calms down.

Adi is putting bags in car. A guard sees him and says that day.. Adi asks him to be quiet and gives money. Aaliya sees them and asks what happened. The guard says he was just helping Adi with bags. They leave. The guard says this is the chance to become rich.

Toshiji is not letting Shagun go outside. Raman comes there. Shagun asks why he was not picking up her calls. Toshiji is trying to control her as always. She wants to go to spa, kitty party. Raman asks did she talk with any of her friends? She says how.. she doesn’t remember any numbers. She asks whether he brought a phone for her. Where all her belongings are? Ashok comes and says here are all your belongings.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ashok says he knows everything. Raman is charged with Mani’s murder and it’s very important for him that Shagun regains her memory. Ashok further says, he will make sure Shagun doesn’t regain her memory and if he says or does anything against him, then he will tell everything to Shagun.