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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amma saying I will go and ask for sugar. Aaliya and Ruhi stop her. Pihu comes to call Ruhi. Aaliya and Amma ask Ruhi to go school along Pihu. Amma says Ishita’s phone is not reachable. Ishita comes. Amma asks how are you, did Ashok trouble you. Ishita says I m in hurry, I want Mani’s house keys, Aaliya you gave me singing song but she does not remember anything, I can get anything she remembers. Aaliya says I will come along. Ishita says no, you be here, Ashok is already troubling. Raman tells Mrs. Bhalla that a parcel will come for Ishita’s name, but Shagun should receive it, there is no time to explain.

Ashok hears him and thinks to do something. Guard stops Ishita from entering Mani’s building. She says I m going to Mani’s house. He says police sealed the house. She says I m his family member. He says you are murderer’s husband. She asks him not to say all this and better let me go, its little work, I have come to take something for his wife. The guard asks for some money. She asks are you asking bribe. He says I won’t let you go without money. She thinks to win his trust and take help. She pays him money. He says fine, pay money later, I can help you more.

He says I can make anyone dance, good days have come in my life, I will use this. She goes. Ashok comes to Shagun and gives breakfast. He asks her not to worry for anything, whatever you have seen, you would be troubled. He says Raman is paying for Ishita’s car insurance, maybe he will lose everything and not give you alimony when your divorce happens. She says why will Raman pay her insurance, you can try and find out Raman’s bank statement to clearly know whats happening. He agrees and thinks to play a game.

Ishita comes to Mani’s house and cries recalling him. She says I feel so bad for you. Ashok shows Raman’s bank statement and says he paid for Ishita’s car insurance. Shagun says when did Raman get so successful to pay so much, I m getting headache, you go now. Ishita thinks what to take from Mani’s house. Raman talks to her on phone. She says I came to Mani’s house to make Shagun remember something. He says she does not remember Mani, find something shocking that reminds her everything. She says I m trying to find, there are some bangles, what can be close to her heart, her mangalsutra. He says maybe she can remember by it. She gets the mangalsutra and says I hope this does our work, what about that courier. He says don’t worry, it will reach home.

Ruhi asks why did Ishita go to Mani’s house, police said none can go there. Aaliya and Amma ask her to relax. Ruhi calls Ishita. Ishita sees guard talking to someone and asking for more money. She sees the man giving money to watchman. She asks watchman who was that man who gave you money. The guard lies that man was paying loan, are you a policeman to ask me. She says I can prove my husband innocent, help me. He says I told you to give me money and get info, else go. She says I don’t have cash now, I will get it from ATM, you tell me info then. He agrees.

Neelu comes to Shagun and says this is Ishita’s packet, Kiran has sent it. She keeps it and goes. Shagun thinks of Ashok’s words. She checks the parcel. Neelu looks on and goes to tell Mrs. Bhalla. Shagun says its Ashok’s financial papers, he just has 20000rs, how is this possible, he kept his house mortgaged, he is bankrupt. She gets tensed and says how can Ashok go poor, I can’t leave Raman, what will be my financial security. Ishita comes home and sees the guard’s place messed. She gets shocked and says what happened here, that guard, I could have reached truth only through him. Shagun says Raman is still my husband, he still loves me, I know what to do to get him.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ishita shows Shagun’s mangalsutra and says when Mani gave it to her, she was very happy, this was very close to her heart, she will get some memories back. Ashok says you insisted me to get something authentic for you, so I got a mangalsutra to propose you.