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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi telling Mrs. Bhalla that she came to pick kids from school. She sees Pihu coming and asks how was the day, why did you wear sweater. Pihu says I feel cold. Ruhi asks where is Ananya. Pihu says she will come. Ruhi says fine, we will talk. She asks did you show the new things to friends. Pihu sits sad. Ruhi asks what happened. Pihu says I got tired, I will rest. Ruhi says fine, remove this sweater. She sees Pihu’s shirt torn and asks what happened. Pihu says I fell down and this got torn. She sleeps.

Neelu tells Ruhi that Pihu did not have anything. Ruhi says its fine, it was school’s first day. Neelu says she never leaves milkshake, is it unwell today. Ruhi says I will see, don’t tell Ishimaa. She thinks to find out the matter, before telling Ishimaa. Ishita and Aaliya talk about party. Adi gets a dress for Aaliya. They like it. Adi says I got something special for Ishita. Mihika comes with shopping bags. She says he was eager to get Aaliya’s gift first. Ishita likes the saree.

Adi says I got gifts for everyone. Raman comes home and looks on. Adi sees Raman and stops him. He says I got gifts for everyone, how could I forget to get one for you. He gives the gift to Raman. Everyone smile. Adi says I can’t tell you, how imp you are in my life, I love you, you are my mentor, you are my hero. Raman gets emotional. Adi says I m lucky that I m your son, Ishimaa says one we love, we should express love to him, I love you a lot. Raman cries and hugs him.

Raman asks did you get clothes that fits me. Adi says you got biceps, so I thought to get waistcoat. They laugh and hug. Raman says did you hear what Adi said, I m so happy, he said I m his mentor and he loves me, its best feeling. Ishita says he keeps saying that to me, I m glad he said this to you, I did not tell him, he has realized this, we are surrounded by positive people. He says yes, Kiran did not back out from project, thanks you are so perfect, I m lucky that you are my wife. Mihika comes and sees them. She asks did I come on wrong time. Raman asks her to not ruin his romance and leave. Mihika says I will take Akka, I have imp work. Raman asks what work. Mihika says Ishita have to come and help me. Raman says I need romance. They go. He smiles.

Aaliya asks how do I look, your choice is good. Adi says yes, and hugs her. He compliments her. She says I did not know you will get gifts for all. He says I have right to do this, come we will go. She asks what’s this, tell me. He asks her to have patience. Ruhi sits by Pihu’s side and thinks what happened to her. Pihu talks in sleep and says no…. Ruhi sees the bruises on her hand and applies ointment. She says who did all this, why was she hiding this, what happened.

Ishita gets a gift for Kiran and tells Raman. She says you should take Kiran out and party. Raman asks will it work for you. She says you should do this for Mr. Kiran. He says she feels he is a man and laughs. She asks what’s so funny. Raman asks her what should he do to increase friendship. She says I don’t know. He says I m serious. She says spend time with him, show Delhi, he will be glad, invite him in Adi’s launch party. She shows the tie and cufflink she got. Raman says yes, this will suit you, get this packed. She goes. Raman says when she knows Mr. Kiran is Ms. Kiran, it will be fun.

Mani asks Shagun why is her mood off. Shagun says nothing, I m fine. He says you should buy a new saree for yourself, we have to go in Adi’s launch. She says I won’t go, when Ishita and I argue, Aaliya always takes Ishita’s side, I will not bother her, maybe she does not regard me mum and just calls me mum, I will not interfere in her life. Mani gets thinking. Aaliya and Adi come there. Aaliya asks why did we come here, did Appa or mumma say something. Adi says no, I got gifts for them, I know Shagun’s mood was bad.

Adi and Aaliya greet Mani and ask for Shagun. Shagun comes to them. Adi says we got gifts for you, please wear this, we want to thank you, for always supporting us, we love you a lot, its party tomorrow, will you come to give blessings. Mani says we will come. Aaliya says sorry mumma, will you come. Shagun says its my children’s party, I will surely come, love you. They smile.

Its morning, Raman gets ready and asks everyone to get ready fast. Ruhi asks Neelu for her sandals. Mihika asks Neelu for her clutch. Aaliya asks Neelu for her phone. Pihu asks Neelu to help her. Mr. Bhalla asks Neelu for his watch. Raman asks Neelu to go to dad first. Adi comes. Raman smiles seeing him and compliments. Raman says you used to roam in shorts, you grew up and going to launch independent business. Adi says thanks, I m nervous, its my first launch. Raman says hardwork never goes waste and smiles.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ishita asks for Roshni. Mihika says she is in clinic. Ishita calls Roshni. Roshni sees her call and says I know why she is calling, what shall I tell her.