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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Raman complimenting Adi. Adi says I will nervous. Raman says we all are with you, wow everyone is ready on time, your launch will be grand. Pihu says of course, how can we be late. Adi hugs her and compliments. Ishita asks for Roshni. Mihika says she is in clinic. Ishita says there was no appointment there, I will call her. Roshni sees her call and says what shall I tell her. She answers and says Dr. Batra called me to help, I will come there directly. Ishita says you come there, we will wait for you. Roshni recalls Aaliya’s words. She says sorry Ishi Maa for lying, I don’t want to upset Aaliya and Shagun, I can’t come in party.

Adi and Bhallas arrive in the launch party. Reporter congratulates him for his success. Adi thanks them. Ishita stops Shagun and says you are part of our family, sorry I was rude. Shagun says sorry, it was my mistake. They all pose for pics. Shagun asks about Roshni. Aaliya says she did not come. Shagun says its good.

Taneja comes. Raman looks on. Mr. Bhalla says Adi has all qualities of a businessman, he will get successful like Raman. Raman goes to Ishita and says Taneja got Roy here, I m feeling bad. Ishita asks when is Mr. Kiran coming. Raman says oh yes, Mr. Kiran will be coming. She asks him to give gift to him, he is supportive and successful, he would be aged around 50 years. Raman asks will he have beard. Raman talks to reporter and goes. Ishita collides with Kiran. Kiran says sorry. Ishita says my son gifted me this saree, what will happen by sorry. She goes and cleans her saree. Kiran looks for Raman.

Ishita comes back and sees Raman with Kiran. She says that’s same gift I got for Mr. Kiran, why is he giving it to that woman. She goes to Raman. Raman says she is my business partner, Kiran Bhatnagar. Ishita gets shocked. Kiran says sorry, hi, nice to meet you. Ishita stammers. Raman asks did you get too nervous, what happened. Ishita says I felt you are successful business woman and would be wearing suit in corporate world. Kiran says did you feel I m Mr. Kiran. Ishita says no, Kiran can be just girl. Raman says Kiran can be men’s name too, do you want to say something. Ishita says thanks for supporting Raman. Kiran says its fine, he is hardworking. Ishita says yes, he used to come home late. Raman asks her to say what she said about Kiran. Ishita changes her words. She asks Kiran to have a drink. She makes excuse and goes. Kiran says your wife is so cute, you are so naughty, why did you not say Kiran is a girl, not guy.

Raman says I like pulling her leg. Ishita tells Bala that Raman fooled her, he did not say Kiran is a girl, I gifted cufflinks and tie. Bala says maybe Raman did not say purposely. She says yes, he fooled me. He says no, look at them, is there anything. She says you say anything. He says what do you think, blind belief on husband is not good. She says I know Raavan Kumar is just mine, I m sure he can’t do this. Bala says this is called pure relation. He says you were testing me. He says your relation is one which has trust and freedom, even Vandu and my relation was same, we have love and trust, I made Vandu insecure once and tested her, she came after me to see who’s that other woman, I miss her. He gets sad. Ishita gets a call and goes.

Advay asks can I meet party organizer. Manager says he wanted to meet you Mam. Advay says I wanted to meet you and your husband. Ishita says sure, I will call him. She calls Raman and says someone wants to meet us, will you come at the reception. Raman says I m coming. Raman says what did she do, sorry from her side. Advay says I saw you coming in party, I just wanted to compliment you, I recalled my parents seeing you, they are no more. Ishita says so sorry. Advay says I have come back to India after 16 years for family. Ishita says family’s love gets us back. Advay says sometimes love and sometimes hatred, I have to complete a story. Ishita says we want to know it, meet me when you come next time. Advay says sure, I m going to Allahabad now. He leaves.

Ruhi looks for Adi. Mihika requests all couples to come on stage. Adi prepares his speech. Ruhi hears him and smiles. She goes and looks for Raman and Ishita. She says Adi is cutely practicing, I have to find Papa. Mihika says we will have a dance performance, I will call Adi and Aaliya first, dim the lights please. Adi and Aaliya dance on inna sona….Everyone clap. Ruhi asks Raman does he remember speech. Raman asks what speech. She says Adi is going to call you on stage and make you launch the drink, get ready. Raman asks did Adi tell you. She says no, I heard you when he was preparing speech. Raman says what will I say. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma suggest him. Raman smiles and thinks Papa will make you proud Adi.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ishita introduces Bala to Kiran. She asks them to talk and dance if they want. Bala feels odd. Ishita says I trust you, do it today, find out if she is interested in Raman or not. She goes.