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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Gagan saying you understood my plan, I was keeping an eye on you all. Raman and Bala get into a fight with Gagan and his men. Gagan and his men run out and lock the door. Raman says they locked the door, we have to break it. Gagan says I will show them what I can do, I will see how they get saved. Raman says they are standing out, we can get trapped if we break the door. Gagan’s men pour kerosene. Mihika says I m getting kerosene smell. Bala asks are they burning house. Raman says burn the house, they should burn to ashes. Raman hears him and asks them to run upstairs. They find a door. Bala goes to get a rod. Gagan says Adi killed my brother Chandan, my revenge will get fulfilled by killing them. Bala and Raman open the door. They leave.

Gagan goes to ignite fire. The man says they are running by back door. Gagan asks his men to catch them. Gagan catches them and points gun. He asks Raman to fight like a man if he has courage. He throws gun. Bala says you were locking us in house and burning it, we will show what’s a real man. Raman, Bala, Mihika and Roshni fight with the goons. They all run. Gagan asks his men to catch them. Bala punctures the tyres of Jagan’s jeep. Raman asks Bala to come fast. They all leave in their car. Gagan sees the tyre punctured, and gets angry.

Roshni tells inspector that Gagan threatened her about her sister. She says I had to lie, Adi and I annulled our marriage, save my sister, Gagan is a bad man. Raman says arrest Gagan, he blackmailed Roshni. Mihika says yes, arrest him. Inspector says we will take action against Gagan. Roshni worries for his mum. Bala asks her to sign, police will get her mum. Police reaches Khandpur. Gagan hides and calls Ashok. He says police got after me. Ashok says how did you miss Roshni and her sister. He thinks if police catches Gagan, they will know who killed Chandan, I can’t let this reach me. Gagan says relax, you run from Khandpur, don’t get caught by police, don’t contact me, I will help when right time comes, don’t say anything to police. Gagan says fine. Police arrests Gagan.

Court hearing begins. Gagan says I did this to take revenge from Adi, he killed my brother. Lawyer says its not proved, Gagan has made Roshni lie. Roshni says marriage was annulled, and points to lawyer Shukla who filed the papers. Laywer asks Shukla did he file annulment papers. Baweja signs no. Shukla says yes, I filed annulment papers. Lawyer says it means Baweja is lying. Baweja says they are blaming me, I did not get annulment documents. Shukla says I did not submit papers in court, I burnt the papers on Gagan’s saying, he gave me papers. Judge says Adi and Roshni were forcibly married, he has annulled his first marriage, Shukla’s license is cancelled, Adi and Aaliya’s marriage is legal, Shukla is arrested for his illegal work. Shukla recalls Ashok meeting him and saying Roshni said truth to police. Shukla says its Baweja’s marriage, I lied to save him. Ashok says just we know Baweja has burnt papers, you have to take blame on your head, I know you want to send your son abroad, I will do this, maybe your license gets cancelled, I will get that back also, it will be good you take blame on you, trust me, its good for you. FB ends. Adi is declared innocent. Everyone smile.

Gagan is arrested. The case gets closed. Roshni hugs Rajjo. Raman thinks Baweja saved himself, but good thing is Adi got saved. Ishita thanks Roshni. Roshni says I was feeling bad, sorry. Ishita thanks Bala. Bala says Adi and Aaliya are our children too, I had fun, how is Pihu. Ishita says she is fine now. Aaliya says Adi and I are husband and wife legally, sorry Roshni. Roshni says its fine. Ishita thanks Rajjo. Rajjo thanks her for keeping Roshni so well. Ishita says she has shown good courage, Prabjot will also get inspired, till Roshni’s IAS education completes, can she stay with us. Rajjo says yes, she is your daughter too. Raman says Roshni said you stopped her education, we want to admit Prabjot in boarding school for safety. Prabjot gets excited. Rajjo thanks them. Ishita says your daughters are getting what’s written in their fate, we are just a medium.

Mrs. Bhalla does tika to Roshni and says you won a war for yourself and us, I will do your aarti. She does her aarti. Roshni takes her blessings. Mihika says I have an announcement, Adi and Aaliya go and spend time today, we booked honeymoon suite for you. Mihika asks Aaliya to tell her if she needs help in packing things. Adi says I will help her. Raman and Ishita talk. Raman flirts. Roshni says I m going to Amma’s house, my books are there, I have to start studying. Ishita says I will help you. Raman says she is not a kid, she will manage. Ishita says she is a kid, good teacher helps. Raman jokes on her. They smile.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ishita says Adi will not tell Aaliya, I will tell her, Aaliya should know what surprise Adi planned for her. Raman says they both will discuss, will we always guide them, they both can take decisions. Aaliya thanks Shagun and Ishita for their care.