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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th March 2017 video watch online on

Niddhi was shocked to see the police. Shagun comes out, police tells her to verify her servants and new appointments to police as thered has been a stealing event in the apartment above.
Ishita was elated to see the restaurant decorated. Raman says he has done it all by himself. He switches both their phones for no disturbance, then asks her to shut the eyes and calls a band of musicians behind. Both dance on Bol na Mahi Bol na. Raman finally stops the musicians, and requests Ishita to come to his house. Ishita was thoughtful.
At night, Nidhi brings milk for Shagun and asks about placing her books correctly. She shares with Shagun this police is doing a right job, and suggests to take the documents of all servants and maids. Shagun says Mani has documents of all, Nidhi takes her attention to Gulabo who is new. Shagun says she would ask Gulabo’s documents tomorrow morning.
The next morning, Mr. Bhalla brings a drink to Tulsi. She was angry and lay for rest. Mr. Bhalla asks her to be clear. She complains why he called Karan here. Mr. Bhalla says he is concerned about Gaurav, he doesn’t trust Gaurav. Karan is Ananya’s father after all, he would think good for her. Tulsi decides they have provided enough chances to Karan already. Mr. Bhalla feels helpless about Tulsi.
Gaurav takes Tulsi’s call as Simmi’s mothers. She asks for his help and says Karan has hurt her daughter, Mr. Bhalla feels he would improve but she doesn’t think so. Tulsi asks Gaurav to get some proof against Karan, can he prove Karan would never improve. Gaurav assures to bring any objectionable news about Karan to her. Later, Gaurav calls his man for something important, he was happy about his fate change soon. He is going to write the new chapter of his life now.
Ishita tells Raman to stop the car a bit far away, Mani would question her otherwise. Raman hands her a gift as valentine’s replacement. Ishita says it wasn’t needed. Raman says he needs to prove to her he loves her, and asks her to return home. He feels really lonely without her and children. Ishita says not now, she loves him dearly and miss him but wants him to change for real. He is nice, and loves her; would this romance continue in time of some distress. Whenever there is a problem she turns out to be a step mother for her children. He forgets all their love. Raman apologizes. Ishita says right now her children miss everyone, she has turned to be a villain for them; but she wants their life to be stable. She doesn’t want their children to see them fight and argue, but she wants Raman’s love to persist. Practically, Shagun also needs her care. Mani’s behavior has changed a lot towards her. She was happy about Gulabo bring there, and argue to Raman when he sarcastically says she must be nice. She finally takes a leave from Raman, thanking him.
The next morning, Raman tells he would speak to Gaurav and Karan.
At Mani’s place, Ishita smiled without a reason. Ruhi asks for bread but she doesn’t listen. Shagun teases her by calling loud that Raman is here. Ishita was shocked at once. They all tease her. Gulabo arrives enjoying Ishita’s shyness. Shagun and girls ask her about all the details of last night. Gulabo comes to ask why they are teasing her, she was sure Ishita must have great time with Raman. She asks Ishita about the details as well. Ishita blushes.
Shagun asks Gulabo about her documents for police verification, it’s a rule of society. She tells Gulabo to go with her driver and get them. Gulabo was nervous and thinks for a while. Niddhi notices her worry and asks what Gulabo hiding is.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tulsi tells Mr. Bhalla to see what a change Karan got. They all tell him to go. Shagun asks Karan to leave. Karan wasn’t ready and attacks Ananya. Ishita tells Karan to leave, they have already seen what he does.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Details

Ye Hai Mohabbatein is an Indian soap opera which first aired on Star Plus on 3 December 2013. It was created by Ekta Kapoor and is produced by her production company Balaji Telefilms. The show stars Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel.

The story is partially based on Manju Kapur’s novel, Custody.Set in Delhi, the show follows the love story of Tamil dentist Dr. Ishita Iyer and Punjabi CEO Raman Kumar Bhalla.


Gautam Ahuja
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Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min