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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla says it should be Adi and Aaliya’s fav food. Ishita says we will manage it. Roshni comes and says Ishi maa, nothing is fine, my exam is today, I got message from centre, I forgot everything. Ishita says don’t panic, I will help you, but I had to prepare breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla says I will manage cooking. Mihika comes to help her. Raman asks Adi to come fast. Adi says we came to take camera. Aaliya says I checked the weather, its so good, I packed all clothes. Raman says kids are not going to school. Adi asks what were you doing some time back. Raman says I m checking if you are forgetting things.

Everyone see off Adi and Aaliya. Mihika says I m missing them. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla praise Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla says I got tired, I will sleep, till when will Roshni come. Ishita says she will come by 3. Roshni comes home. Ishita asks how was your exam. Roshni says I failed in the test. Ishita asks how do you know so soon. Roshni says they checked online and said test scores, I should have not seen this dream. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita pacify her. Roshni says I will work hard and study, I will prepare for IAS along with other courses. Ishita says we will get some sweets for you. Shagun gets Adi and Aaliya home. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya why are you crying.

Aaliya says during checkin, we got to know about documentation problem, so I can’t travel, Adi and my honeymoon cancelled. Adi says we will plan again. She says no, I was careless. Mrs. Bhalla says its small thing, see Roshni failed and came, how she is smiling. Aaliya says we thought our mood will change there, we could enjoy, why are you comparing me with Roshni, she went for exam and I went for honeymoon. Mrs. Bhalla says no, her one year got wasted, you can go after 10 days. Shagun asks why are you giving Roshni’s examples. Aaliya asks Shagun to let it be and goes to room. Adi says you know Aaliya was excited about trip, Shagun was angry as she did not check documents, so they reacted like this, you make your mood better, but your anger is justified.

Aaliya comes and apologizes. Mrs. Bhalla says no need to apologize. Aaliya says sorry, I spoke badly, since marriage happened, nothing good is happening, I thought things will be better if we go on honeymoon. Shagun says its my mistake, you scold me and not Aaliya. Ishita says it happens, its marriage house and things miss out, Aaliya understands, Mrs. Bhalla’s anger will end soon. Adi makes Aaliya apologize again. Mrs. Bhalla stops Aaliya and hugs her. Everyone smile. Mr. Bhalla asks Adi not to worry about women, they change emotions soon.

Everyone dine. Raman comes and says there is a good news, someone told Mr. Grover about Adi reviving a sick unit, he wants to give next project to Adi, I agreed. Adi asks are you sure, its Ruhi’s project. Raman says so what, you also worked on it, Ruhi will see other project, don’t refuse to client, you have to give presentation tomorrow. Ishita says congrats. Raman asks them to have sweets. Aaliya says its good we did not go on honeymoon, else how would Adi get this opportunity, right Papa ji. Raman says who Papa ji, Papa is enough, I look young, you call me uncle. Ishita jokes on Raman. They laugh.

Its morning, Adi talks about work on call. Ishita says I m very happy for you, did you prepare for presentation. He says yes. She selects clothes for him. He says its perfect. She says I will get a tie from Raman, I know you wear formal clothes always, go like a gentleman today. Adi says thanks, you sorted everything. She says I m your mum, I want your presentation to go well. She goes. Aaliya comes and sees the clothes. She asks will you wear this in presentation, its old fashioned, you said your meeting is with international clients, wait I will see something else. He says Ishimaa got this. Ishita comes and looks on. Aaliya says I know, but I think you should wear this. Ishita says sorry, but Adi never worn red tee. Aaliya says things changed in corporate houses, I think this will suit Adi. Ishita goes. Aaliya asks Adi to get ready. Adi says its good they did not argue over clothes.

Ishita goes to Raman and tells about Aaliya’s choice. She says Adi has never worn such clothes, red tee and jeans. He says Adi is not Aaliya’s husband, not just your son, its good husband listens to wife, you will look uncool Saas, let him free. She says I m the coolest Saas, its imp presentation, how will he focus on work if he is not feeling comfortable. Raman asks her to leave Adi. She goes. He says she won’t change. Bala sees Adi and compliments on his new look. He says I m going your office to renew the computers contract. Ishita calls out Adi. She gives him clothes and says take this. Adi says its okay. She says I know you wear formal on imp presentations, I liked this that you did not hurt Aaliya’s heart, I m proud of you, I want you to be comfortable, wear same clothes while coming home so that Aaliya does not feel bad. Adi asks how do you know everything. She says I m your mum. Adi says thanks, love you. She says love you too. Adi and Bala go. Raman asks Ishita why are you interfering. She says no, I thought of Adi’s comfort and Aaliya’s heart.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raman asks why did you interfere, Aaliya got to know Adi did not wear her choice of clothes, they had a fight. Ishita says I just wanted Adi to be comfortable. Adi and Aaliya argue.