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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman will you become fashion designer. He says I have time and money, I can become fashion designer, new youth has come for business, I can identify new trends in fashion. She says fine, when are you resining from office. He says why will I resign. She says how will you work, you will need training, you have to leave office. He boasts of himself. She says CEO guys are humble, don’t be overconfident, nervousness is imp in starting new work. He jokes. She says I will become your model. He says no, are you mad to become model. She asks what shall I do, tell me what’s the matter, you never talk such weird things, you maybe in stress.

He says how do you know and hugs her. He says promise me you won’t leave me, just you like me, some people think I got old and my ideas are not relevant. She says its their loss, you are Delhi’s best businessman. He says point is why are people feeling so, a man said he will work with Adi, his ideas will connect with youth. She says I did not see young businessman like you, you are handsome, your heart will always be young, your thinking won’t get old, I feel happy that they chose Adi. He says I know, I m proud of Adi. She says Adi and Ruhi are managing business, you can relax, you are getting time. He asks what shall I do now. She says do what I m doing, give then space, trust them, Aaliya is making prasad for Amma, I did not call her, its difficult. Aaliya checks at the door and sees Amma. She says how to tell her prasad got burnt, I have to stop her from coming inside.

She wears shower cap and hides. Amma says sorry to disturb you, are you fine. Aaliya says yes, sorry, I was having a bath. Amma says I came to ask if you need help. Aaliya says no, its done, don’t take tension. Amma goes.

Raman says now I understand what you are going through, if anyone else does our work better than us, how will we feel, we don’t want to leave our work, we get habitual and then find it hard to change. She says change will come in life, we may not be impressive always. Our children will change, situation will change, one thing won’t change, that’s us, we will always be this, our companionship will never change, we will always be friends. He says you are getting romantic with age. She says I m still young. He says let’s go for lunch. She agrees. She says I m worried if she got dried coconut or not.

Aaliya asks guard to go market and get vegs. He says sorry, I can’t leave duty and go. She says everyone will be coming in some time. She comes home and says door got locked, keys are inside. She worries. Mani calls her. She asks for Shagun. He says she is not at home. Amma asks Aaliya why is she standing here. Aaliya says I went to market, I came back and saw door locked. Amma says I will get spare keys and goes. Mani asks Aaliya what happened. Aaliya tells everything. Ishita says our role reversal happened, kids are working and we are romancing. He says its good Adi managed office.

Aaliya asks Mani to help her. He asks her to ask Ishu. She says she is annoyed with me, I can’t tell her. He says I have a solution, my friend’s mum will make it, I will send it there. She thanks him. The man gives her the parcel. She puts the dish in the bowl. She talks to Mani. She says I feel bad to cheat Amma, but I can’t disappoint her, thanks for solving my problem. Ishita comes and asks whom are you thanking. Aaliya says I was thanking Mani, he was giving me company. Ishita says you should have called him here. She likes the dish. Aaliya thinks Ishita can catch my lie. Ishita asks her did you get ingredients in market. Aaliya says no, everything was at home. Ishita asks are you sure. Aaliya says yes, why. Ishita sees the burnt vegetable dish in the dustbin.

She asks Aaliya what’s all this. Aaliya says sorry, I lied, Mani sent it, I was making it well, my friend called and I got distracted, it all got burnt. Ishita says you did big mistake, I m very annoyed. Aaliya says sorry, don’t get angry, I know I did mistake. She cries.

Ishita says why are you crying, I was joking, why did you get tears, everyone does mistake, I have wasted much flour till now, Amma taught me a lot, its okay, relax. Aaliya says sorry, Amma got vegetables from temple, I burnt it. Ishita says its alright, we all do mistakes, lying was wrong, if you told this, we would have helped you. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I would have helped you. Ishita says you can share anything, you test us, we will help you.

Aaliya says sorry, I will be careful next time. Ishita says you don’t hide things, why to hide if we are in one place, what changed after marriage, just inlaw word came between us, our old relation did not change, Mrs. Bhalla is my mum, I share everything with her, she solves many things, she supported me, not Raman, we can also be like this. Aaliya says sorry. Ishita says we will make dish now, else Amma will feel bad, you make Amma busy in one hour. Aaliya says fine.

Aaliya goes to Amma and asks for Roshni. Amma says she always studies hard. Aaliya helps Roshni. Amma asks for dish. Aaliya says Ishita said if you make paisam along with dish, it will be good. Amma likes idea and goes to make paisam. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla make dish. Amma likes the dish and praises Aaliya. Aaliya says ask Lord to forgive me if I did any mistake. Ishita says go and pray for us. Aaliya says I m lucky to get a Saas like you. Ishita says everyone should get cool Saas like mine, its partner work, I m very lucky. Mrs. Bhalla says enough, will you cry. Ishita says no, you will make anyone smile. She asks Aaliya to learn, jodi should be awesome like mum and daughter, not Saas bahu. Aaliya says yes.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ishita says why do you think Dhanraj ruined your idea, I think he gave a idea, you launch your idea as he said. Raman says I don’t have such infrastructure to launch my idea.