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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

Mukhi asks Aru why had she been lying to him, she has been staying in the same Dharamshala. Aru counters and asks why this matter to Mukhi where she stays. She says she would explain to Mishri about the matter but Mukhi wasn’t ready to listen to her. She gets a call from her boss, Roopa’s bua was there and questions Aru where had she been when Roopa got married to Sameer. Boss asks Aru to come and meet him tomorrow in office. Later, Roopa’s father comes to his sister and happily assures he married his daughter and she is really happy. Aru turns to leave upstairs annoyed, Mukhi asks her an explanation and calls her a lawyer. Aru comes to Mukhi and asks if he hasn’t been lying, he always make up whenever he is about to marry a girl. He must question himself if he really want to get married,or is only showing it off for his sister. She tells him about Roopa’s bua’s complaint and her boss call regarding it. Mukhi watches her walk upstairs fuming and walks out himself.
In the room, Dharmi was crying when Aru comes in. Papa tells her to speak to Dharmi. She makes up to Papa that it was for watching someone marry in the Dharamshala.
Mishri brings Qulfi for Mukhi. He says he is calm, why should he be fuming for these city dwellers. Mishri says Aru never lied to them, a person always lie when he is afraid of truth. She is staying here only because of some family matter, she would never want to share the family matters with them.
Aru shows Dharmi the hotel keys and asks Dharmi if she went to meet Anshu. Dharmi was vengeful and says she won’t spare her so easy. Aru calms her mind by hugging her. Mukhi and Mishri enter the Dharamshala, they wave towards Dharmi but she doesn’t respond. Dharmi could see Mukhi go into the room and sends Aru into the room assuring she would be fine.
In the village, people come to Jumna and asks about Mukhi. Jumna asks who is questioning her. An old man speaks from behind that he wants to know about it. Arjun and Jumna look towards each other. Arjun says no one has the right to ask about whereabouts of Mukhi, the old man shouts he has as he was the Mukhi of this village earlier. Jumna makes Kaka sit and asks what is the matter for which he wants to meet Mukhi? Kaka says there has been a delay in Panch meeting for two weeks, and four incidents of robbery have taken place. They should either call Mukhi or send him to jail. A villager explains to Kaka that Mukhi has gone to shop for his sister’s wedding. Kailash wonders how could there be so many robberies when there wasn’t a single in a year in this village. The villagers were ready to guard for the village from this night. Kaka announces there would be a Panchait meeting in the next two days, and Mukhi must accept any decision taken there.
The next morning, Aru watches Mukhi workout with men in the Dharamshala. He spots Aru and begins his lecture about truth. Aru was curt. Mishri watches Aru come downstairs and comes to wish her. Aru apologizes for the lie, she tells Mishri she would have listened to Mukhi but he speaks a lot and ruins everything. Mishri assures Aru that Mukhi would surely apologize from her to make up for her office problem. Aru was sure he would never say a thanks. Both were shocked to see Mukhi bring two platters upstairs and knocks the doors of Aru’s parents. Mukhi announces to Mishri and Aru that its better for them to go and have breakfast in time. Dharmi join Aru and Mishri and they leave.
Jumna calls Kaka and appreciates his effort. Kaka asks Jumna what her husband is doing right now. Jumna says he is trying to connect to Mukhi but has not been able to. Kaka appreciates her trick of getting robbery in the village. Jumna was sure until Mukhi returns there would be some more robberies in the villagers, until the villagers go against Mukhi they won’t elect someone else as Mukhi.
Mukhi tells Mishri to eat fast, else Aru would be late. Aru says it would only be if she hasn’t already been fired. Mishri takes Dharmi to bring more bread. Mukhi sits beside her and asks for any help. He asks why she should pay the cost for what he has done. Aru didn’t do any bad to someone, she must also not get it. Aru promises to get Mukhi married at any cost now. Mukhi walks away and sits on the other side. Aru comes to sit beside him and says no matter how much he tries to flee, she would get him married. Dharmi hears Aru tell Mukhi he is rich and can look good. Mukhi says no one would marry a 42 year illiterate village dweller. Would she? Aru was speechless.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap :  Mishri tells Aru they only have three days to get a good proposal. Dharmi calls the girl’s family and falsely tells them that Mukhi is already married and has a daughter in village. She was sure not to let Mukhi marry anywhere else.

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