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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mishri wakes up and wipes Mukhi’s tears. Mukhi says he never married and has no children, Mishri’s is his daughter. When his daughter would marry, he would be hurt. Mishri says she doesn’t want to leave watching his crying face, she wants him to begin his new life with Aru. Mishri would live happy if they both are happy. Mukhi takes a leave to send tea for Mishri. Aru hides herself. Mishri says Mukhi is still like a child, someone must stay with him to take care of himself. Aru was passing by, Mishri calls her inside.

Mukhi was ready and calls Mishri to hurry up, he would be late. Mishri comes with Aru and says today Aru would tie his turban. Now, Aru would be with him after she has left. Aru attempts twice but fails, Mukhi says he would do it by himself.

In the room, Rami tells Lal ji they must think something permanent about Aru as she is super smart. She gets Anshu’s call.
Mukhi was coming out of the house when Anshu watches the house, he sends the guiding child away and hides himself from Mukhi. Rami asks Anshu why she called him, Anshu calls her outside the house to meet him. Kailash comes outside and asks Anshu who is he. Anshu tries to make up he came to meet… he poses to have forgotten the name. Rami comes out and sends Kailash away. She recognizes Anshu as telephone engineer. After Kailash had left, Rami scolds Anshu to have come here. Anshu asks Rami for receipt of jewellry she had given to Dharmi. Rami was afraid what if Mukhi and Aru recognize him, she says Aru married Mukhi and is now the Mukhiani of the village.

Aru watches Anshu’s shadow in water downstairs. She hurries downstairs. Rami was cautious about someone. Anshu warns Rami he won’t leave until he gets the receipt. Aru hits Rami on the door and asks about the man, Rami asks if Ramlek bhai, phone operator. She tells Aru Rajan belongs to this village, Aru asks if Rajan or Ramlek, Rami replies his name is Rajan Ramlek and goes inside.

At night, Rami gets food served for Mukhi. Mukhi asks about everyone. Rami says they are sitting with Mishri. Mukhi speaks to Rami about the spice vendor. He tells Rami that villagers have seen Lal ji in the village, he was also used to saying Hari Om after having finished his meals. Rami gets weepy and asks if he suspects her, she had given her life to this family and married the one he wanted her to. Now he is saying Lal ji was there in her room that day. Mukhi apologizes, he says he knows well what Rami did for this family. No one can question her respect in this family. Rami wipes her tears thinking Aru creates problems everywhere.
In Haldi function, Rami tells the ladies to sing aloud. Their songs must reach the nearby villages. Mishri arrives with the ladies. Aru comes downstairs and reads a poetry verse for Mishri, they all cheer. Mishri says this is an old verse, Aru says this turmeric would turn her skin fresh. Uma laughs this is how Aru’s skin was refreshed. Aru says she had no Haldi. Sanvi suggests about celebrating hers today, Aru disagrees as it is Mishri’s day.

Mishri says she would get the first turmeric by Mukhi’s hands only. Aru comes looking for Mukhi, he sat in his terrace with Mishri’s old toys. Aru tries to take him downstairs. Mukhi asks if Mishri would really go? Aru says Mishri insists to have her turmeric with his hands. Mukhi says he would break in front of her, break into cries and he doesn’t want to cry in front of her. Aru says when she married Mukhi she missed her parents a lot, she called her mother but her mother told her those who are close to hearts never go apart. He must think her life would improve after her wedding, she would rule a huge house. Mukhi wipes his tears and comes with Aru. Aru turns to watch the toys and watches Rami going outside.
Sharabi brings a letter for Aru. She read its Anshu.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru goes behind Anshu in the dark, Lal ji hits her head from behind.