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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rami ben was trying to see who was sitting with Mukhi pretending to be the bride when Pandit asks to call the bride’s parent. Aru’s parents were on their way when Rami ben asks them who is the girl sitting in the mandap. Mishri tells her that it’s the bride. Aru’s mom asks Mishri that they should tell Rami ben but Mishri tells her to be calm she will tell everyone after the wedding. Rami ben wonders if the police caught Dharmi and Anshu before they could have cross the river. She calls Dharmi and Anshu but they didn’t pick up.
Dharmi tells Anshu that they should go to Mumbai. She has Jewellery worth one crore. Anshu was surprised and then hugs Dharmi.
The Pandit asks for her bride to put her hand on the groom’s hand.

Savitari asks Rami ben if she has seen Aru. Rami ben asks her that where is Uma. Savitari tells her that she went to see the decoration. Mishri comes and tell that Aru is in her room resting. Arjun tells Savitari that he is going inside, he will call Aru. Mishri runs to stop him when Rami ben stops Mishri. Mishri tells her that a lot has happened in her absence, she must wait.
Mishri stops Arjun who was on his way to wake Ary. Mishri asks her to go and meek Kaaka jee. Arjun leaves and so does Mishri, but as Mishri leaves the hallway Arjun returns to see if Aru was sleeping, he was about to take off the blanket when someone calls him.
Rami ben was still wondering about the bride sitting next to Mukhi. Aru had tears in her eyes while her mother was thinking when once Aru told her about her dreams she wants to achieve before getting married. Aru’s tear fell over Mukhi’s and as he was putting Vermalla. Mukhi notices that and ask Pandit if he could wait as he wants to talk to the bride. Mukhi takes him aside. Mukhi tells Aru that he was angry what what she did and that he was a little angry. Mukhi tells her that he knows that she had big dreams, he will help her fulfil them and will be by her side forever.

Rami ben was confused to see Mukhi talking to the bride and wonders that they might know each other. She was confused that who Darmi came back. She blames Aru for it but didn’t know where she was.
Aru wipes her tears and take Mukhi back to the Mandap with her.
Kaaka was telling Rami ben that the ice cream is very tasteful she must try it, at last it’s her brother’s wedding. Kaaka taunts her that she used to say that she will never let Mukhi marry but she failed.

Aru and Mukhi where taking vows
Rami ben asks Arjun where is Aru, he went to take her. Arjun tells her that she is not feeling well.
Rami ben went to the room where she sees someone sleeping, she wonders if Aru is sleeping here than who is there with Mukhi. Rami ben was about I take the blanket when she hears some footsteps. Sharabi was about to tell her what happened but then she sees Mishri coming and changes the subject. Rami ben asks Mishri that is she been acting weirdly. Mishri tells her to calm down she will explain everything to her later. Rami ben asks if Mukhi knows that her bride ran off how is he ready to marry her again.
Pandit tells them that the vows have ended. Rami ben tells her that it’s time for sindoor. Rami ben gives Mukhi sindoor. Mishri stops her by saying that she cannot allow everyone to see the brides face as it will end the fun for Muu-ddekhai. Rami ben shuts her off but Pandit takes Mishri’s side.

They settle down. Mukhi applies sindoor over Aru. Pandit tells them that they have been married know they must take blessings from their elders.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mishri tells Mukhi and Aru to go but Rami ben stops them saying she cannot stay any longer, she must see her sister in-laws face.

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