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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 13th April 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

In the hospital, Dharmi wakes up to see Mishri and Mukhi there. Anshu had just arrived and comes inside asking what is going on, he says someone had called him. And who wanted to speak to Tara. Mukhi asks who Tara is, he had called him. Dharmi tells Anshu to speak to Mukhi with respect. Anshu says they must have called her parents, and where he found his number. Mukhi says the number had been written on her hand. With his talks, Mukhi suggests he is her husband who left her for a rich woman. Anshu accepts being her ex-husband, but who is Mukhi. Mukhi says they don’t leave anyone on road side. Anshu asks if he is so pity of Dharmi, why he doesn’t marry her. Mukhi was about to reply when Aru comes demanding what is happening here. Anshu says this man is lecturing him continuously.

Mukhi offers Anshu a glass of water which he denies. Mukhi asks if he won’t know why Dharmi fast so much that she fall faint. Anshu asks why would he concern and asks why Mukhi doesn’t marry her. Aru tells him to leave and not tell Mukhi to marry Dharmi. After Anshu had left, Aru shouts at Mukhi not to begin his lectures here, she doesn’t want anyone to interfere in their personal matters. Mishri takes Mukhi outside. Aru thinks she is sorry, she had to send Mukhi away from such condition; she knows him enough already that he would have agreed to marry Mukhi. Dharmi asks Aru what is this all, Mukhi helped her.

Aru asks Dharmi what she wants to do, where he found that number. And why she was murmuring Tara. She understood Dharmi’s game and questions when she remembers Anshu’s number why she had written it on her hand. She wanted Mukhi to see this all and says there is surely something in Dharmi’s mind. Dharmi looks towards Aru and says she wants to marry Mukhi. Aru was shocked. Dharmi asks what’s wrong with this, she recently met Mukhi and was in madly love with Anshu then why she wants to marry Mukhi. Aru says Dharmi isn’t the right girl to marry Mukhi, as there is something else going on in her mind. Dharmi only stares at Aru. Aru goes to get her reports and plan her discharge.

Outside, Aru apologizes Mishri. Mishri says Mukhi is always taken wrong whenever he helps someone. She says she knows Aru enough that she doesn’t want someone’s interference in her personal matters. She says Mukhi is different, he is filling the bills of hospital to save them any trouble even now. Aru must apologize Mukhi not her.
Aru looks for Mukhi ji who was furious at her. Aru was disgraced as he turns around at her. She throws a water glass over him and says she stopped him there only to save him from marrying dharmista. She held her ears to Mukhi in apology. Someone brings her out of day dreaming, it was a nurse who gives her Dharmi’s discharge slip. Aru watches Mishri and Mukhi leaving the hospital corridor. Aru was determined to get him married within next two days.

There, Dharmi was determined to marry Mukhi in next two days and 11 hours. If Anshu can marry a rich girl, she can also marry someone really rich. On the way, Aru tells Dharmi there is no need to show case your problems. She has been struggling to set her business up, Dharmi would get the best proposals when their business empire is set. Aru gives her lipstick to her and makes her up. She looks up in the bag, the hard drive wasn’t there. She recalls asking Gautam to bring it, he stuffed it in his pocket and had gone to park the bike. She tries Gautam’s number but it goes powered off. She goes to look for Gautam and finds out no one knew about Gautam there. The tailor didn’t recognize their dupatta’s order. Aru was tensed when she finds out Gautam hadn’t given any order and had taken every of Aru’s penny along as well. She reaches Gautam’s house to find it locked. A neighbor tells Aru Gautam and his mother have gone out of town.
At Dharamshala, everyone was playing. Papa offers Aru to play but Aru makes up that she has something important to do. Mukhi asks if she can play Gilli-Danda, he thought she can only play with her tongue. He says a person must have faith over himself, the stability and taking the correct aim to win a game.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru was about to hit Mukhi’s bike. Aru asks Mukhi for a lift and deters to get it.

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