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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Aru watches Rami leave the house and goes behind her as this might get the Haldi ritual delayed. She watches Rami carry a tray to a nearby house. Aru wonders why Rami was going in there. Anshu blackmails Rami to get him receipts, else people might question where he came from; and tomorrow Dharmi would also reach here.
Mukhi puts on turmeric over Mishri, he takes her promise if there is any problem in her life ever, she would discuss it with him. Mishri gets weepy. Sanvi gets Mukhi away from Mishri to carry on the ritual. Uma says now Mishri would go abroad and apply creams there. Mishri looks around for Rami and Aru. Mukhi says she is strange, she sent him and has left by herself.
Rami opens the door to Aru, Anshu hides behind the door. Rami asks Aru if she was following her. Aru says she came to take her for Haldi ritual, but what’s Rami doing here. Rami gets angry that she has taken care of this village and has a lot to do. She comes along with Aru.

At night, Mukhi sends Arjun for sweet. He gets aside and takes a drink from Mastana. Uma comes downstairs, Arjun shows off a bracelet to her. Uma asks Mukhi about Sanvi. Soon there were crackers, everyone hurry to receive the groom’s family. Rami compliments Deep saying Mishri is watching him and takes a chance to catch his nose. Sanvi and Aru bring Mishri downstairs. Aru signals Mukhi not to cry but to smile. Aru teases Deep not to stare at Mishri, she would get a bad eye. The vermala ritual takes place. Deep’s friends carry him, Mukhi carries Mishri to make her win. Aru recalls her Vermala with Mukhi and leaves the stage. Mukhi notices this and comes to her, calling her Aru. Aru turns to him. Mukhi joins his hands to Aru for what she has done to Mishri. Aru holds his hands then takes hers off saying he can thanks her later, Mishri is leaving today only.
Rami comes to Sharabi and speaks to her.

Pandit asks about goudh. Aru goes to bring it. Sharabi brings a letter for Aru saying someone sent it. Aru reads the note from Anshu that he wants to meet her and speak to her about Dharmi. Aru was worried and goes outside, sending Sharabi for the gourdh. Rami winks at Sharabi.
Outside, Aru spots Anshu alone.
Sanvi says Mukhi and Aru would do the Kanyadan. Mukhi notices Aru wasn’t there around. Sanvi goes to look for Aru. Rami thinks Sanvi would never find Aru, she has complete trust over her Lal ji.
Aru slips by the well, Lal ji comes to push her into the well and throws her inside. Aru’s shoes got off nearby. Lal ji says people often slips near well but he threw oil here deliberately.

Everyone was waiting for Aru. Sanvi comes to inform Mukhi that Aru is nowhere around. Mukhi was angry that she got away when needed. Rami was worried what if Aru also ran away like her sister. Mukhi remembers Aru’s promise not to leave till Mishri’s wedding. Pandit asks them to hurry. Mukhi goes outside looking for Aru. Rami wishes Lal ji has completed his task. Lal ji just entered the main door and hides himself from Mukhi who was coming outside. Mukhi asks everyone around about Aru. Chammo comes to drag Mukhi towards her, Mukhi resists.
Mishri and others were upset. Rami watches Lal ji who calls her inside. In the room, he drags Rami towards him and tells her Aru is gone. A smile spreads over Rami’s face, she was sure Mukhi won’t do the Kanyadaan of Mishri. She goes to do the Kanyadan of Mishri.
Downstairs, Deep’s parents ask someone to go and bring Mukhi and Mishri. Pandit ji says only a few minutes are left for wedding timings. Rami comes and says she and her husband would do the Kanyadan. Mishri argues this is Mukhi’s job. Rami says Mukhi has gone to look for Aru. They sit together. Kailash suggests they must wait for Rajan, Rami tells him to worry about Mishri now. Rami asks Mishri to place her hand over hers for the ritual. Mukhi announces that he and Aru would do Mishri’s kanyadaan. Aru stood there dripping in water, hand in hand with Mukhi. Rami was shocked to see them.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mishri takes Aru’s promise to take care of Mukhi after she has left, she gives Aru’s hand in Mukhi’s.