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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mukhi recalls Chammo took him near to the well. Mukhi noticed Aru’s shoe lying near the well and looked into the well for Aru. He had jumped in to save Aru, brought her out of the well and pushed her stomach to make her spit water. Aru got conscious and nodded that she is fine.

Mukhi and Aru come to the stage in wet clothes. They do the kanyadan of Mishri. Mukhi covers Aru with his shawl, she was moved by his gesture. Later, Mishri takes blessings from everyone. Mukhi leaves the stage and walks aside. Mishri hugs Aru and looks around for Mukhi. Aru signals towards a corner. Mishri goes there. Mishri says she would be where Mukhi is; Mukhi corrects now Mishri is married and would be where Deep is. He says a daughter walks with father only until a prince comes to hold her hand. He gives Mishri’s hand in Deep’s, he requests Deep to try and not to make her cry. He isn’t sure Mishri would never commit a mistake but the marriage connects two people. They must understand each other, what they say and what they aren’t able to say. Mishri hugs Mukhi ji, she asks Mukhi for a promise as well. Mukhi allows anything. Mishri calls Aru who walks towards them. Mishri holds both hands and asks Aru for a promise to take care of Mukhi ji after she has left, Mukhi is only old at age but from heart he is still a child. She asks Mukhi to promise her never to be angry at Aru or scold her, he must understand what she says and what she has not been able to say. She would take care of him after her. Mukhi remembers the affairs between him and Aru. Mishri gives Mukhi’s hand in Aru’s, she says she is handing her brother’s responsibility to Aru. Both Mukhi ji and Aru look towards each other.

Mastana comes to decorate the bidding path with rose petals, Mishri loves rose petals. Mukhi watches the bidding ritual being taking place, he asks for Mishri’s hand. Both cry as they walk the aisle. Mishri takes a leave from Mastana by playing their conventional clapping game, she hugs her sisters, Sanvi and then Aru. Mukhi watches this from near the car. Mishri tells Aru she doesn’t understand why she isn’t happy. Aru assures Mishri not to worry, she is here. Mishri asks Aru to do a visarjan of the Pooja she did for Mukhi’s life. Aru assures she would. Mukhi recollects flashes from Mishri’s childhood and he watches her walk towards the car. Mishri runs to Mukhi crying aloud this time.

Mukhi walks behind the car and goes with the car. Sanvi stops Aru from going behind and tells her to get Mukhi sometime. A piece of his heart has left him.
In the room, Rami says Mishri has left but Mukhi’s shield is still there. Lal ji wonders how Aru came out of the well. Rami was determined to kill Aru while she goes for Visarjan of Pooja.

At night, Aru comes to Mukhi with gulab jamun. She speaks to herself that she would make Mukhi up. She comes near to Mukhi and asks why men don’t cry openly, she has always heard men are strong. She eats Gulab Jaman in front of him. Mukhi thanks her for making Mishri relaxed. Aru says she is also like Sallu Bhai, when she has committed, she can’t even stop herself. Mukhi ji laughs.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lal ji follows the car of Mukhi and Aru with a truck.