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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mukhi laughs at what Aru says. Aru says this is the magic of gulab jaman. Mukhi wish he had eaten one, this must have brought him happiness from inside. Aru offers him the bowl but it was empty. Mukhi says Aru ate it, he has eaten it. Sanvi hear their conversation. Aru thanks Mukhi for not being angry at her because what Dharmi did, and freed her; now she would return to her city of dreams. She says it would take some time then she will return his stolen money. Mukhi says he would never come to ask for it at her door. Aru says she won’t mind if he comes, atleast she will get to meet him. She heads towards packing and saying good byes. Mukhi forbids her tell anyone that she is going, else they would not let her go.

In the room, Aru hears Chammo’s baa. Aru comes to open the door of terrace, she thanks Chammo for saving her life and finally gets courage to touch and caress her. She says she would miss everything, house, Chammo and Mukhi ji.
Sanvi comes to speak to Mukhi that Aru is perfect for him. Mukhi ji asks if he is good for him. She is young, she has dreams; she worked hard in Ahmedabad to fulfil her dreams. Those can never be fulfilled In Amboli with him.

Sanvi comes to Aru and says she would miss Aru. Aru says she will also miss them all. Sanvi asks her to stay then, Aru was left silent. Sanvi says alright she can come anytime she miss them. She hands Aru Laddu and Namkeen. Aru asks how she knew she like this. Sanvi says Mukhi told her that Aru likes these. She turns to tell Aru Rajan is a nice man, only few men are as nice as he is. She turns to leave, upset.
Mukhi enters the room and finds Aru pasting notes over the mirror. He asks what she is doing to his room. Aru’s hands were filled with notes, while pen in her mouth. Mukhi removes the pen. He reads the notes reminding him of his medicines and other schedule. Mukhi says he didn’t like this all, she must not try to be his wife. Aru throws all the notes on floor and sits on the bed furiously. He tells Aru to keep her bag packed, they will leave early. Aru says she would leave by herself, she belongs to big city and used to travel alone. He says she is his responsibility until she is here. Aru forbids him try being a husband.
Both Aru and Mukhi were sleepless on their places.

The next morning, Aru turns to look at the room and goes to pick her bag. She finds the fifth laddu in the closet and was about to eat it. Her phone bell rings, she leaves the laddu there. It was Mishri who tells Aru she is on the way. Aru asks how she called her, couldn’t she connect to Mukhi? Mishri asks Aru if Mukhi is fine, she had a bad dream. Aru and Mukhi were on roads and going somewhere.

There, Lal ji turns to leave and tells Rami today Mukhi would lose his wife, Aru will not be saved today.
Aru assures Mishri it’s only her fear, nothing will happen to Mukhi. Mishri says she left Mukhi only because of Aru. Aru asks her to put the call off.
On the way, Mukhi asks Aru to speak something. He got used to her chatter whenever she is around. Aru cheers and asks if he would miss her. Mukhi says yes, he would. Their car over take a truck that Lal ji was driving. Mukhi says his home would be lonely as Mishri and Aru both left. Mukhi says he is happy that he would get his room back, Mishri used to ask till when he would keep on coming down from both sides of the bed. Aru shows Mukhi a video Mishri recorded for him. Mukhi was excited and cries watching the video, Mishri said she is relaxed that Aru is with him and she herself is a call away from Mukhi. Later, the video plays Aru’s talk.

Aru tries to snatch the phone but Mukhi stops her. Aru said, Mukhi would never do what she would ask him for, he would always call her duffer for any of her suggestions. Mukhi smiles and returns the phone back to Aru and says Mishri told him not to be angry. Mukhi asks if he really speaks so angrily. Aru avoids and asks Mukhi to buy her a water bottle. Mukhi notices a fast driven car.
At home, Rami was angry why Aru took Mukhi with her to temple. Sanvi says Aru would not return anymore. Mukhi is going to drop her to station.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru comes home filled with blood. She faints on the doorway. Mukhi was brought on a bed carried by some men.