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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mukhi goes to get a water bottle from the shop. Lal ji cautiously drives towards Aru and signals the car behind. Mukhi watches the car approaching the jeep and runs ahead, pushing Aru out of the jeep but getting hurt himself in the clash of the car. Lal ji drives away while Aru runs behind it initially, then hurries towards Mukhi. She watches his body dripping in blood.
At home, Mastana opens the door and was shocked to see Aru standing on the door, filled in blood. Rami, Uma and Sanvi come out. Aru walks a few steps and fell down, faint. They ask about Rajan.

Some men carry Mukhi ji on a bed over their shoulders. Everyone cry. The men say he is injured badly but is breathing. Uma calls for the doctor. Rami was worried how Mukhi got hurt by Lal ji. Sharabi comes and says Lal ji called her. The doctor comes out, he tells them that Mukhi is badly injured. Rami asks about Aru, the doctor says she is in a state of shock. The doctor forbids them to move Mukhi much because of stitches.
At night, Sanvi sat in the room watching Aru and Mukhi sleep together. Uma comes to take care of them. Sanvi tells her to go and sleep, Mukhi and Aru would wake up in the morning now. Sanvi recalls how Mukhi broke his leg for her cat once, he never thinks about himself first.
Aru dreams of the accident and wakes up at once, her hand touches that of Mukhi. She watches him, tries to call his name then lay her head over his chest. Tears fell out from her eyes.

Rami forbids Lal ji to drink much, he won’t be able to control. Lal ji tells Rami that Mukhi saved Aru at the last moment. They have to keep Mukhi alive. Rami says Aru was already leaving Mukhi and the village, they should wait for some time and keep Aru reminded of her dreams.
In the morning, Uma comes into the room and finds Aru sleeping over Mukhi’s chest. Rami was curt then asks Uma to wake Aru up, Mukhi has got switches. Uma and Sanvi come to wake Aru. She was frightened at once then sits up. Sanvi asks how Aru is. Aru asks about Mukhi. Sanvi says he is injured, and got stitches as well. Uma cries wondering what if any of them had lost lives. Sanvi places a hand over Uma’s, then calls Aru to eat something.

In the corridor, Rami comes to Aru and pities how Mukhi was injured and Aru was also kept in the village. Aru was never interested in this wedding and was kept away from her dreams here. Aru tells Rami it was not an accident, it was an attack. Rami says this all never happens in Amboli village, the people here consider Mukhi a God here. Aru says she can recognize the eyes of their attacker. Rami clutches her fists tight. Aru recalls Lal ji’s green eyes, and discuss Rami about the spice vendor. Rami forbids her take any name until she is sure, else Mukhi would also not be able to stop the villagers.

Later, Aru comes to room after taking prescription from the doctor. Mukhi lay half fallen off the bed, still unconscious. Aru straightens him up carefully. She was about to leave when she hits her suitcase. She recalls a business offer she had, on the other side Mukhi’s care for her flashes through her mind. She recalls how he had always saved her. She picks her suitcase and says Mukhi has always been with her, she will not leave him in such a condition. She unpacks her luggage. As she opens the door, the laddu was still in closet. She thinks this is the reason she couldn’t eat this last laddu, her stay was here for some more time.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aru asks Mukhi to let her do the job, she gets bored since Mishri is also not here. She would also earn some money this way. Mukhi asks what she needs to earn money for, what’s his is Aru’s as she is his wife.