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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Aru speaks to moon outside. She says everyone has a different relation with moon, but she never demanded a partner for herself. She only happiness for her sister and parents, but all her happiness has faded today. She cries and throws her dress and bangles into the water pool.
Mummy and Papa were calling Dharmi restlessly. Rashika taunts there is nothing new in this, Dharmi had insulted them once before as well.
Uma and Sanvi come there. She says they must stay at their place like before, whatever happened was Dharmi’s mistake and not theirs. They take them along. Rashika says she must find out how Dharmi got a chance to get away from here so easily.

Dharmi and Anshu decides to go to Mumbai to start their new life.Rashika comes to speak to Rami but Rami instead suspects Rashika. Rashika takes a leave. Rami was alert of Rashika’s cunningness.
Rami comes to Mukhi and speaks to him about divorcing Aru as she was also betrayed in this marriage. Mukhi says she would get to know about his decision soon.

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The next morning, Mishri comes to Mukhi to speak when he was preparing tea. He presents her the tea and goes to Aru’s room. Aru was nowhere in the room. He comes outside where Aru slept beside a tree. She stands up at once. Mukhi asks if she slept here last night, and tells her to have tea. She denies having tea. Mukhi stops her as he wants to speak to her.

Aru comes to her parents, Uma and Sanvi were there and excited to see her. Aru hugs her Mummy. Uma says they have to go and drop her parents and Chachi to station as well. Aru says Mukhi decided they would go to drop them alone. At the station, Mummy kiss Aru’s forehead. Papa tries to speak to Mukhi, he says it was none of his mistake and tells him to call when reached. He helps them with their luggage into the train. Aru spots a bag left and takes it, Mukhi holds it saying he would keep it. Aru says she can keep the luggage. They remember in the morning, Mukhi told her to return with her luggage to Ahmedabad. Aru explains Mishri created the confusion. Mukhi accuses Aru that she could have asked him once. He says either she didn’t do it deliberately or her mind didn’t work. They argue for a while. Aru says Mukhi always considered her wrong, he is accusing her even today as well. She always face her problems no matter what.
Aru gets onto the train.


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