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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mishri was shocked to hear that Rami had attacked Mukhi ji, she threw a nearby drum so that Rami leaves him. Dharmi says it was Rami who helped her run away at the time of her wedding with Mukhi ji, she had given her jewellry of 100 crores. Rami has been behind her kidnapping as well. She says she was so ashamed of her acts and wanted to make everything good in their lives. She created all this drama in the recent days only because Rami was around. Mishri cries but Mukhi ji says she and Aru are with him now. They plan what to do next.

At night, Mishri comes to sleep with Rami as she is missing Mukhi ji badly. Rami wakes up as she feels someone dragged her blanket, she hears Mukhi’s call. She was afraid and asks Mishri if she heard something, Mishri denies. Rami hears the voice again and goes outside, she feels a shadow on the wall but no one was there. She turns to go to her room when Mukhi ji comes in front of her. She turns around again and Mukhi ji had vanished.

In the room, Aru laughs hearing Rami was afraid. Mukhi ji was upset that she is his sister. Aru forbids him to overthink about it. Mukhi ji asks if she was doomed hearing about the news. Aru says had he not come in time, she must have died. Mukhi ji asks if she loves him so much. She says their breaths have been connected, these threads would always keep them connected. She takes his attention to the jhumkas she was wearing. They spend intimate time with each other.
The next morning, Rami calls Sharabi to bring a tablet. Aru comes to her room and says Mukhi ji is fine, he is returning as he had to go to District office. Mishri also comes there and cheers. Rami was in disbelief that Mukhi is fine and says this is rubbish. Aru and Mishri discuss about celebrations for Mukhi’s return. Rami thinks they have gone crazy, any dead never return.

In the celebrations, the villagers had gathered. Aru compares the stage drama about Mukhi ji’s life. The drama starts with the morning event, Mukhi was waiting for his sisters to come for Rakhi. Aru becomes Rami and says Mishri is abroad and can’t come. Aru comes to ask Arjun for help, she hands him the platter with the same cloth as Rami had held. Aru who played Rami forced Arjun to attack Rami. Arjun wasn’t ready, he gets emotional and spits it was Rami who killed him. Every villager turns to see Rami. Arjun runs from the venue. Aru continued the play and attacks Mukhi ji, just like Rami did. Mukhi ji appears from behind the curtains and walks towards Rami. Rami shouts she killed Mukhi with his own hands. Dharmi comes to stand with Aru and says she will never betray her own sister, like her. Mukhi ji asks Rami if she tried to kill him only for the land, property or the throne. He hands her a file saying this all has been named after her, she could have asked for it. She must keep it to herself, they are all leaving. He holds hands with Mishri and Aru and everyone leave.

Rami cries wondering why she is in so much pain. She throws the file away and fell into his foot, she cries that she did this all out of her greed and holds a knife to kill herself. Mukhi ji says she has to live, for the sake of her daughter. He kept it a secret for last 20 years, she gave birth to a daughter and not a son, and she was alive. He points towards Mishri and says she is her daughter. Everyone was shocked. Mukhi apologizes Mishri for the lie, Rami is her mother. He did everything as he considered this was right at that time. He only wanted that Rami’s past doesn’t ruin her future, he told her that she gave birth to a son and died. He mocked the adoption only not to keep her daughter away from her. He apologizes Rami for all this, but he loved her daughter more than anything. Rami says she hated her so much, would she ever forgive her and hug her by calling her Maa? Mishri calls Maa! And comes to hug Rami. Everyone cheer as Rami cries and asks Mishri for forgiveness. Mukhi ji takes Aru’s hand to go. Rami calls from behind, No! He can’t leave her, she begs him for Rakhi’s gift. The villagers stop Mukhi saying he can’t leave the village. They ask his promise to never leave the village. The ladies want to fulfil the dreams and set up dupatta factory here. Aru says they have to take the village towards progress and development. Everyone dances over the beat of drum on the occasion.

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