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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

There was a man coming out of the prison. He was covered in black clothes wearing gold chain and earing. Rami ben watches him eagerly. That man goes toward a crying dog and kills him by his neck with his bare hand. Rami ben tells him that he is a very nice person but her brother sent him to jail for fourteen years. That man applies sindoor to Rami ben.
Aru asks Mukhi why isn’t the light coming. Mukhi tells her to ask it when it comes, Mukhi tells her that there can be load shedding in villages just like the big cities he tells her not to worry. Aru thinks to herself that why shouldn’t she worry what if Mukhi took advantage of the dark, she went to find a match box. Mukhi tells her not to move much in the dark. She hits something hard. Savitari and bhabi laughs who were standing outside the room. Aru hits a vase, it breaks, she moves when a piece of it gets in her foot and she shouts. Mukhi puts his hand over her mouth to shut her up.

Rami ben tells that man about Aru how spoiled her entire plan off not letting Mukhi get married ever. Rami ben tells her that she was never thought that Aru would ever marry Mukhi. She failed her entire life work.

Mukhi takes her hand off Aru’s mouth. She tells him to look at her wounded foot. Mukhi leaves, he turns on the Candles. Aru was suffering with pain Mukhi asks her to take it off. Aru gets shocked, asks him what he met. Mukhi explains that he met the jewellery. Aru runs off and was about to fell when Mukhi grabs him, take her to the bed and tell her to shut her mouth for a while. Mukhi tells her that what he ment was her to take off these heavy dress, she has done all for today. Mukhi takes the piece of glass out of her foot and leaves.
Rami ben was telling that man that while searching Aru’s room she found that her name also starts with D. She tells him that we must remove that girl from our way. She tells him that they will take their revenge together. He burns the photo.

Mukhi was walking in his room while Aru wanted to sleep. She asks Mukhi to sleep on the bed she will sleep on the couch. Mukhi yells at her not to move. Aru tells her not to be his husband. Mukhi twists his moustache, run towards Aru. Aru requests her not to do anything she is twenty years younger. She starts making weird noises and faces, stops and tells Mukhi that sometimes a ghost gets inside her. Mukhi stares her a says that ghost does not have the courage to get in her.
Mukhi grabs a pillow and leaves the room. He was sneaking out of the room. Aru thanks that know she will be able to sleep peacefully. Mukhi sees her family and runs back to the room. Aru tells Mukhi that she likes to sleep alone. Mukhi opens the terrace door telling her that he will sleep there from now on she should lock this door. Aru refuses saying that she knows that she lives in a house not in a forest. They both went to sleep.

Mukhi wakes up thinking about Aru. Mukhi gets shock to know the time. He washes his face, he was worried that everyone would know that he slept out outside. He comes inside and finds Aru sleeping. He cleans up the room, changes his clothes. The alarm speakes but Aru dose’t wake up he leans the alarm clock nears her when she grabs his arm.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Someone knocks the door. It was Rami ben, she reminds Mukhi about the panchait.

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