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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

At home Mukhi ji asks Sanvi to teach him make Qara for Aru. Sanvi says she would be even better if he makes it himself. In the kitchen, Mukhi ji tells Sanvi they got wet because Aru forgot to take the umbrella. Sanvi asks why they went to city. Mukhi says they went to DMO Office. Sanvi says DMO is abroad these days. Mukhi asks how she knows about it. Sanvi makes up that they told her when she was getting the clinic constructed.

In the room, Mukhi ji tells Aru to drink the Qara, she made it when he had cold. Aru recalls he never liked it. Mukhi ji says it’s different than what Aru gave her. He shuts her nose and makes her engulped it. He tells her to take the steam and sleep then. She denies, he complains she never listen to him. He knew already she won’t listen to anyone. Aru says she doesn’t have enough patience, she went with him just to see if the work is done. Mukhi ji points about all the romance she did with him before going. Aru says now she will do this work in her way.

Aru takes promise with other village ladies, they repeat a slogan ‘Toilets will be constructed, thoughts would be changed’.
The next morning, Mukhi ji looks around for Aru. Mastana tells him Aru left somewhere early morning with other women.

In the district office, the staff was suffering while the women made a queue outside the toilet there. Aru taunts district officer Mishra and tells him to go outside into the fields. He finally decides to go there. The women make fun of Mishra ji in the fields, then decides he has learnt his lessons. Mukhi ji comes behind.
In the office, Mishra questions why Mukhi ji did this all. Mukhi ji accepts the way was wrong, but stands with the ladies as their demand isn’t wrong one. Aru says she thought Mukhi ji won’t stand with her, Mukhi ji says he promised to be with her; though he has problem with her way. Mishra taunts Mukhi has forgotten any justice, he would stand with his pretty wife whom he got at such an age. The staff their laughs. Aru attacks him but Mukhi ji holds her back. He tells Mishra, Toilets will be constructed, thoughts would be changed’. They walk outside the office together, hand in hand.

Rami sat with Swami. She tells him they returned home hand in hand from district officer. Aru is turning into Mukhi’s target. Baba tells her to stay patient. Rami was afraid what if its late. Baba says till Amawas, it would be something huge. Rami turns to leave, Baba confirms if they tied the relations? She must not let them be physically close to each other, their children would cause her destruction.

At home, Aru complains Mukhi ji why he didn’t reply that officer. Mukhi ji tells Aru he would speak to her and get the work done. They hear police mobiles. Rami comes to take Mukhi ji to see police came towards their house. Mishra ji came with the police and tells him about Mukhi ji who offered him bribe for getting the toilets constructed. When he denied the bribe, he sent ladies with his wife who not only used their toilet but also caused destruction. He shows some fake photos of the office. Mukhi ji takes the phone. He tells the inspector they didn’t cause any destruction. Aru calls him a beast. Mishra first attacks Aru then hides behind the inspector. Mukhi doesn’t let him speak anymore. The inspector tells Mukhi they are aware he filed an application that police must not come to his village but now they must arrest him.

A car comes towards the village, the DMO comes out from it. Aru was about to surrender in front of inspector. Mukhi agrees to go with him, he assures Aru he only has to go towards the jail. The car stops by, a man appears out of it.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A lady asks Mukhi ji if he has prepared to participate in Savan festival. Mukhi ji sings to Chammo if its his age for all this?

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