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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

During the function, Mukhi calls Aru towards him. Aru says she is going outside to get his child back. She says she has some rules, she never forgets promises, never takes favors and debts. Mukhi thinks her to be sensible. He asks Aru where she has kept Chammo. Aru says Chammo took her far away by running behind her, Mukhi tells Aru that Chammo is unable to tolerate the heat. Aru says it’s really hot, we must go in the evening. Mukhi insists on Aru to go now.

They come to a locked room, Mukhi unlocks the door and walks inside to unveil a bike. Aru cheers. Mukhi says even this is his child; he kisses the bike calling it Dulari. Aru compliments Dulari to be cuter than Chammo. Aru asks to drive the bike, Mukhi forbids her strictly and says he only brought her as they have to go to find Chammo.

Aru and Mukhi leaves on the bike together. People at village gossip that Mukhi is always seen with the younger sister, although he is marrying the elder one.
On the way, a man stops Mukhi and offers him cold water. He gives the credits to Aru for getting Dulari out and suggests Mukhi to appoint Aru in their Panchait, she solved their problem so easily. Mukhi was curt and gets to the bike again. On the way, Aru tells Mukhi about her dreams. Mukhi asks if she has decided her destiny, Aru says she wants to fly in air and not wander on the streets of their village. Mukhi says before going to clouds she must mind these clouds melt and come to earth again.

Shero tells the gossip about Mukhi and Aru to Arjun. Arjun says he is happy, at least if Aru points a finger towards him there must be someone in the village to accuse her as well.
Aru stops the bike in front of a hut. Chammo begins to Baa. Mukhi comes towards the hut and hugs Chammo. Aru assures Mukhi she fed Chammo regularly. Mukhi wasn’t ready to believe. Chammo goes to bang its head over the pillar, Mukhi was shocked to see the blood near its horn. Mukhi cries and fell faint. Aru cries besides him as he can’t die so easily. She soon realizes it had been day dreaming and Mukhi was standing in front of her. Mukhi wasn’t ready to let Aru ride Dulari. Aru wasn’t ready to take Chammo into her arms, and considered it better to leave by foot. Mukhi says his house is 4.5km away. She gets onto the bike, Mukhi places the goat into her arms while she was upset. Mukhi says he, Aru and his two children head to his house now.

Aru comes home concerned about her clothes. Mummy takes her inside to see the bride’s clothes. Dharmi looks towards the clothes and wonders how she would boast in front of Anshu if the clothes are so simple. Mishri notices her facial expression, Dharmi says it felt they would be designer clothes. Mishri promises to get the clothes of Dharmi’s choice. Papa owed it all to them. Arjun comes there saying he called Dharmi as his sister, he would take care of her choice just like Sanvi. He tells Aru to accept the clothes they brought for her as well.

Mummy tells Dharmi she must be thankful for what she has got, she must feel blessed always. Only a lucky one would get Mukhi. Aru tells Mummy Dharmi would be happy and take care of Mukhi and his two children, she makes fun of his children.
The next morning, Mastana comes home and announces that guests have reached. Aru and family were shocked to see Kaki there. Kaaki says Mukhi sent them an invitation. Aru was worried what if Kaaki tells someone about Dharmi’s past.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The villagers run behind Aru as she rides Mukhi’s bike. Aru gets confused and hits an electricity pole.

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