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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

It was night. Aru complete her chores while returning home. At home, Dharmi was practicing dialogues in village girl’s tones. Rashima scolds her for doing it wrong. Aru goes to the kitchen uninterested to prepare tea for herself. Rashima comes to pour sugar in her tea and demands her to increase house rent. She tells Aru about loving them a lot. Aru asks where she must get the money to increase the rent. Rashima asks what if she rents this house to someone else. A man comes from behind asking what she has been talking about.

Mukhi comes to the hotel, Mishri asks about his visit. He says it was splendid and narrates about a girl throwing off his shoes in the bin.

Rashmi was silent watching Aru’s father and says she was insisting on preparing tea for Aru. Papa comes to prepare tea for Aru instead and asks about her mother and Dharmi. Rashmi says they have gone to Pandit for their wedding proposals. Papa gets upset had he given a dowry to Dharmi, she wouldn’t have got divorced. Aru hugs Papa and forbids him discuss about it. Aru turns to go inside. Rashmi reminds her of her increase in rent silently.

Mukhi was upset at the thought of Mishri going far away from him. Mishri asks how she would leave this way.
Dharmi and Mummy come home crying, Dharmi cries hard as Anshu and his mother met them in the way and handed them wedding cards. Rashmi spices up saying no matter Dharmi lacks something still she isn’t a bad girl. Dharmi cries if Anshu married her for dowry, she can’t live without him. She was ready to do anything to get Anshu. Rashmi wonders how they would find a boy for Dharmi if she gets crazy and goes inside. Papa comes to hug Dharmi.

Outside in the hotel garden, Mukhi helps the gardener in planting in pots. Mishri comes to ask him get ready, as the beareu must have found a girl for him.

Aru was going to work when Gautam meets her on his bike and offers her a ride. Aru denies as she has to sell dupatta. Gautam tells her he had to cancel an order as all his workers are going village for festival. Aru promises him to get the work completed, he must take it at once. She looks for her diary in the bag and wonders where it must be.
Mishri and Mukhi stops a rickshaw on the way. Aru comes nearby for the same purpose. Both head to hire the same rickshaw. Mukhi watches Aru getting into the auto before him and runs behind her. He runs behind her but she doesn’t pay attention. Mukhi was curt that she now took his shoes.

Aru comes to office where everyone was being insulted by their boss. The boss spots her and calls her forward. He hands her the case of Mukhi, and sends her to go and meet the guy. She reads about Radhan Raaj Katala and was shocked. She comes to the boss and reads the profile wondering where she must get a girl for this uneducated man. The boss gets a call from Mishri Raj Katara, he promises to try their best but it’s really difficult. Mishri promises them three times commission, Aru happily takes the case.

Aru reads the address of hotel calling him really modern, but her boss brings her the new address. Aru comes to an old street in auto and finds the Dharamshala. She reaches there and looks around in a shocked way. She asks a man about Mukhi but everyone was in a hurry. She finds comes to ask Mukhi about himself, Mukhi asks if she is in a real hurry and turns to get shocked watching her there. He hides his torn shoes as the first instinct and comes to her asking why she came here. Aru asks if it means to him and asks about Mukhi. Mukhi asks if she is asking for help, or is ordering her; he is Mukhi? Aru was shocked and thinks she is done now. He would die bachelor but would never marry her found proposal. She tells Mukhi she was sent by the beareu. Mukhi says she is such a little girl, has she seen her age. Aru says its 21 years old and can do everything well. Mukhi considers it useless to speak to her and asks about her parents. Mukhi says proposals are tied between families. Aru clarifies she has been doing this alone for years, and says its her job. Mukhi smiles understanding, Aru now understands what he understood. Mukhi turns around to wash his clothes. Aru was worried who would marry him.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Mishri assures Mukhi this girl would look for a girl as she was the one who found Deep as well.

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