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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mishri comes there, Aru introduces herself. Mishri says she thought the beareu would send someone mature. Aru was about to tell Mishri what Mukhi understood. Mukhi forces Mishri to go and get detergent and asks Aru if she has lost her mind. Mishri comes to inquire about it again, but Aru makes up it was nothing. She takes Mishri aside to talk to her. Mishri asks if she can really find a proposal for Mukhi. Aru promises to make wonders, she boasts she is the best and tells Mishri she found Deep for Mishri. Mishri cheers hearing about it.

In the bus, Aru gets a call from Gautam and tells Aru he has taken the order of dupatta along with ten thousand advance.

There, Mishri asks Mukhi why he thought about coming to market. Mukhi says they have to shop for her wedding and return to village. He wasn’t sure Aru can find a proposal for him because of her age. Mishri says it’s her work and she would do it well. Mukhi asks who would find a proposal for Aru.

In the bus Aru thinks if she finds a proposal for Mukhi and complete the dupatta order, her wish for buy her parents a house would be fulfilled. She travels to see a flat whose rate was 8 lacs. The guide takes her to another flat. The guide tells Aru this flat is really expensive only because of a window in the kitchen. Aru envisions her mother smiling at her in the kitchen, Dharmi happily walking to her and Papa reading newspaper in the balcony. She tells the renter she wants this flat. She says she would get her parents tomorrow to choose this flat, he must realize the value of a window in kitchen had he cooked in one without a window.

Mukhi calls Deep’s father and asks about his health. He demands Mukhi to fix the wedding date at his earliest, they don’t feel happy without Mishri. He shares with Mukhi that Deep’s uncle married in court and before they get disgraced in the society they need to marry Deep and Mishri. Mukhi was worried that Mishri wants his marriage in adult age, her in laws would have an objection with this as well. Mishri comes there, Mukhi asks her for a glass of water. Mishri was worried as he had been sweating and makes him sit for dressing. Mukhi asks her to listen to one of his demand and leave the idea of his marriage. Mishri says its for his betterment. They argue about it, Mishri calms him down and asks him to sit; then inquires what the matter is. Mukhi wasn’t ready to tell her and tries to make her up. Mukhi says Aru won’t be able to find a proposal for him. Mishri asks if he likes Deep. Mukhi happily says he is superb, Mishri tells him Aru found Deep as well.

Aru returns home where a competition of Pani Puri was going on. She calls her Papa inside for a while. Rashmi offers to help and says she would take care of Aru if Aru takes her care. Dharmi comes to the room and speaks to Anshu, she cries and asks him to meet her for once. Anshu agrees and tells her to write an address. Aru comes to the room and inquires Dharmi what it is. Dharmi was silent for a while.

Mummy and Papa comes to the room, Aru makes them dream of their new house. She makes her family have chocolate, then brings out the file from her bag announcing they are buying their own house. Her family was offensive, Papa shouts what Aru has done to his left over money. Aru says they are truly buying their own house and shows the catalogue of the new apartment. Mummy confirms if really theirs. She turns to inform everyone about it, Aru tells her to let the deal finalize first. Dharmi notices it’s her boss’s phone. The boss informs her that Mukhi has dismissed her from his work. Aru was worried that 1.5 lac for her advance had to come from Mukhi’s work.

PRECAP: Aru comes to Mukhi to question him. Mukhi tells her to leave, Mishri comes there. Aru says he dismissed her from work. Mukhi considers Aru ineligible for work.

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