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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rami argues to Aru if she doesn’t hold Mukhi’s consent and decisions important. She says she won’t let Aru take a wrong decision in absence of Mukhi. She says the residents of citizens are always creating problems. The villagers agree to Rami. Rami doesn’t let Aru speak in between, she says Aru doesn’t know about the rules of citizens and the sentiments of these people.
Mukhi wakes up in his bed. He has severe head ache but gathers his courage. Mastana brings water for him and tells Mukhi that Aru and Rami are in Panchait. He narrates the whole story to Mukhi. Mukhi tells Mastana to take his car.
Rami was preparing for cremation of the corpse. Aru insists they must inquire about who is the enemy of Mukhi. Rami only wish her Lal ji’s last rituals are performed well. Rami snatches the wooden log from Aru pushing her away. Mukhi had reached the Panchait, Aru fells over Mukhi. Rami had burnt the corpse already.
Mukhi hears to Panchait. Rami and people insist that Aru was taking decisions against his consent, she wanted a postmortem for the corpse. Aru says the man entered his house with a bomb, wasn’t it important for his family to realize he is not alive anymore. Mukhi announces he didn’t nominate anyone to take decisions in his absence. Rami took a decision and burnt the corpse with villager’s consent before he could reach, Mukhyani wished they must have involved the police and recognize who the man was; what wrong did she say? Rami says this is Mukhi’s decision that police doesn’t come to their village. Mukhi explains he believe in crimes of theft and robbery people must get a chance which police doesn’t lend, this was a different case. It was about bomb blast. This time, Aru was taking the right decision and police involvement was important.

Rami asks if Mukhi is disgracing her in front of everyone. Mukhi says its about the decision she took without him, it seems Aru’s decision was the right one. He asks for Aru’s hand, she was in a state of disbelief and holds it. Rami was hurt. Mukhi announces he is thankful for Aru, she thought above the rules made by him. He goes to speak to the people of Panchait. Ladies from factory come to Aru and says her husband was her side against all odds, he is a gem of a person. Aru visualizes Mukhi ji in a suit walking towards her and was lost in thoughts about him. He walks to remove the hair strand off her face which she enjoys. She soon realizes it was a day dream and smiles watching Mukhi still in Panchait.
Aru comes to her room and wonders what is happening to her. She decides it is because of the ladies who stuffed her mind with all this. She clarifies to herself that he would never wear suit and will always be in his usual get up. Mukhi comes from behind and asks if she is speaking to herself. Aru says she had been practicing to thanks him. Mukhi asks Aru if what she did was right, how he got sleepy. Aru was speechless, then says he needed help. Mukhi asks her help to fold his turban. Aru says he wasn’t angry at her and sided her in front of everyone; she would do something for him as well. He knows well Aru always fulfil her commitment. She at once visualizes Mukhi ji in another dress, she had walked closer to him. Mukhi ji says she would fall in love with him if she continue staring at him. Aru comes out of her day dream and tells herself to control.

In the factory, Aru watches a girl injured by scratches of hand. People there say it’s the ghost at the path behind. Aru says there is nothing like a ghost and sends the lady to dispensary for dressing. She comes outside and watches the two pregnant ladies without their bellies showing. She wonders how this is possible. The ladies run away as Aru follows them towards the same path behind the factory. She wonders how strange is the day today; first Mukhi as her hero, then ghostly attack over the lady and now magic delivery of these pregnant ladies.

At night, Aru returns home. She speaks to Mukhi but finds him smiling as he was reading the diary. Mukhi hides the diary at once, watching her approach him. She asks to see the book that brought such a sweet smile over his face. Aru tries to snatch the book asking if he can’t even show the book to his wife. Mukhi pins her down on the bed saying she must not try being a wife; his grandmother said one must not share everything to a wife. Aru tells him to decide if he is hiding because he doesn’t consider her a wife or because she is a wife. Both realizes the intimacy they shared.


Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun and Rami hurry their workers to get the work done as they were filling their pockets with powder. Aru comes to the factory at night time.